Modern Farmhouse Dining Table + Bench | DIY with Home Hardware

Well I have been patiently awaiting the Holidays and it’s creeping up around the corner. Which has our whole family very excited because we love Christmas. The whole spirit of it, the energy and uplifting good we see around us. It’s an exciting feeling that is so powerful. But most importantly the best thing about Christmas is the good food, am I right?  

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DIY | How to make your own recipe book stand

This diy was SO easy you guys!

We used everything that we already had laying around in our shop. Scraps of plywood, paint, screws and wood glue. It was one of those projects that seemed so little but to me, had a big meaning!

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Wooden Tree Beaded Garland DIY with Home Hardware

The family fully decorated the home for the Holidays the other day and it’s pretty festive looking. Everyone is loving the cozy feeling of the lights, tree, and warm fireplace going. All while being cuddled up on the couch with our hot chocolates! It’s the best feeling.  

To add a little more Christmas decor to our home, we teamed up with Home Hardware and came up with a fun DIY plan, creating this Wooden Tree Beaded Garland.  

It was a really cute one to see come together and took us an afternoon to complete!  

What You Need:  

● Twine or Yarn  

● Wood Glue  

● BeautiTone Paint  

● Small Paint Brush  

● Wood Beads  

● 1/2″ Small Cuts Plywood (10×10” Square)  

What To Do:  

1. Cutting the trees! We cut the trees smaller, but you could make your cuts any size you’d like. We cut both sides at 4” and the bottom at 3”.  

2. Then drilled a small 3 cm hole at the very top of the tree to string in the twine.  

3. Glued a small bead to the bottom of the tree for the stump! 

4. I then placed the wood beads on a skewer and painted the beads and trees. On one side of the tree I used the bottom of my skewer stick and painted white dots. I left one side plain green too! I can turn them around for a change!  

5. Once everything was dry, I organized the sizes of beads and trees. I decided to leave a few beads plain. I loved the look of the natural wood combined with the colours of the trees.  

6. Then I strung them across and hung them!  

I love them so much! It looks so good all hung up. I’ve been playing around with where I love them the most,. Ffor now I love them hanging off our sideboard in the living room right where I can see them the most.  

Having everything come together for the Holidays is a lot of fun and being able to personally make something for our home with our own hands always hits differently! Something we created together! 

Keisha Lynne, xx

{Disclosure: This post was part of a paid collaboration. All reviews and views are that of my own}

Entry Hall Tree Storage & Bench

Our entryway has been an empty room in our home for a long time now. It was a clutter only zone for jackets, shoes, and bookbags. The dumping ground for everything! I’ve been trying to figure out how we could really utilize this space and organize it to make life just a little easier when coming and going. Especially in the mornings on the way out the door for school. Drew and I were super excited to get started on making this happen with Home Hardware. Our building gurus! It was an easy enough process that I’m  going to share with you today. Everything we used was found at our local Home Hardware!  

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Easy DIY Blanket Ladder

Fall is around the corner and we are gearing up for cooler & cozier evenings inside. Every Fall and Winter we bring out the blankets we have stored away awaiting these cooler seasons. A lot of the time we run out of storage and I’ve always loved the concept of blanket ladders around a living room or bedroom. Easy to spot in a room and to snag one off for the kids and ourselves.  

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3 Make Your Own Outdoor Lawn Games Washer Toss | Tower Stacking | Bean Bag Toss

We have been busy over here creating some fun outdoor games for our family to enjoy this Summer. Since we’ll be close to home, we tried to find some really fun things to do in the backyard on those warm Summer evenings to not only entertain the family but also have a little bit of fun. So we’ve teamed up with Home Hardware to create these three games and to also share with you some easy, budget-friendly ways to do these games and have a lot of fun with your own family and friends this Summer home hanging out! 

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Rocky Mountain Decals | Installing Removable Wallpaper Feature Wall | Before & After

This is our dining room! I’m getting right into the before here. haha This wall has been sitting untouched since the day we moved into our townhome 6 years ago. I absolutely loved the colour butttt, there’s always a but. The previous owners had left the wall in some pretty bad shape. Holes were surrounding this entire wall and I’m talking small holes and massive holes. Ones that could easily been seen when standing in the room. So it totally looked off. Not to mention that this room basically sat like a cave. Dark and gloomy. It really needed a refresher and some new colour as sad as I was to say good-bye to this deep blue. It had to go! We needed something brighter and fun.

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DIY Embroidery Canvas Abstract Art

Well this was a fun one to work on!

I’m so excited to share it. It literally takes all things that can be found at the Dollar Store, it’s that easy. I’ve been wanting to work on practicing my embroidery for some time now and I’m was really nervous to invest a ton of money into items in case I really sucked at it! haha

So instead I grabbed canvas, paint, thread, needles and printed off free printable patterns off Pinterest.

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IKEA Kids Play Kitchen Makeover

Spreading the excitement over here!

I found a steal of a deal over the weekend, and you all know that feeling of finding a sweet deal. It’s the best! Ella and I wandered into our local Value Village for a girls date and stumbled upon the IKEA Play Kitchen. We stood there pondering it for a good 15 minutes. Back and forth debating the idea of snatching it up. Was it nessacery, no. Did we really need it, not really.

But was the deal just to good to pass up, 100%. So we bought it! This bad boy and kitchen accessories came to a whooping $14.99.

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Wainscotting & Wallpaper | Office Renovation

Working from home really went into perspective for many of us starting last year. I have been really enjoying trying to figure out that new dynamic with the family home and trying to balance it all. My office, became more of my little oasis away and really needed a happy pick me up from the blaaahhh look it had.

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