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Our entryway has been an empty room in our home for a long time now. It was a clutter only zone for jackets, shoes, and bookbags. The dumping ground for everything! I’ve been trying to figure out how we could really utilize this space and organize it to make life just a little easier when coming and going. Especially in the mornings on the way out the door for school. Drew and I were super excited to get started on making this happen with Home Hardware. Our building gurus! It was an easy enough process that I’m  going to share with you today. Everything we used was found at our local Home Hardware!  



(5) 2 x 4 Pine 

(1) 4’ x 8’ sheet of 6mm beadboard 

(1) 4’ × 8′ sheet of 3/4′′ MDF 

(4) 9.5” x 9.5” Pine Corbels 

(1) 8’ Lattice Moulding 

(2) 1’ x 10’ Pine 

(4) Cast Iron Wall Hooks 

Kreg Tool 

Brad Nailer 

BeautiTone Designer Paint & Primer 

Paint Brush 

Small Styrofoam Paint Roller 

2” Screws 

Polyfilla Spackling Wall Compound 

Wood Glue 

What To Do: 

1. First thing  we started with was our frame. Building it with our 2×4’s to outline how big we wanted to make it for the space. It’s 6.6ft tall and 4.5ft wide. Drew made sure to screw in the centre 4 pieces so that we could screw in our  MDF and beadboard to attach. 

2. Next we cut our MDF to size  for the top and bottom of the bench. Smoothing and sanding down the edges of both. 

3. Once that was nicely secured down., Drew cut a larger sheet of both MDF board and beadboard. First applying and securing the wall of the MDF with screws  and wood glue. Then on top of that nailing in the beadboard. We really wanted to make sure that it was strong and durable. 

4. Around the sides of the beadboard Drew went around with the lattice moulding, cutting each piece down to hide the edges that were gaped open. With his brad nailer, he secured those down. 

5. Along the sides of the bench, we couldn’t decide completely how to fill in the hole. We took some extra pieces of our beadboard and cut them down in a square big enough to cover it on each side. 

6. For the top we went with a pine 1×10 and created a little shelf with that, screwing that in. We then went around the entire hall tree and filled our holes with nail filler and poly, making sure it was completely covered and no raw gaps were showing. 

7. Once that dried for 24 hours we began to paint it. I went with a pretty BeautiTone seafoam colour called ‘Beauti-Ful’. I did three coats of this colour. 

8. Drew then went over with his level and made sure to  level all four of our hooks in the centre. 

All in all, this was one of the biggest woodworking projects we have done. I’m quite proud with how it turned out and love how Home Hardware really helped make this all happen with everything we could find in store. You can really be creative and adjust to how it fits for your space and how you like. Adding in fun details and playing with colour. Really making it to fit your family’s lifestyle as well. 

Having a hall tree homemade rather than store-bought really is a lot more meaningful to me. Watching my husband transform this small thing into something so big and so cool is a really self-empowering feeling for him and myself. We came together as a team and really made it happen. I also feel a sense of ease knowing how strongly this thing is put together. I have no fear of it ever coming apart or being destroyed by children! It brought us out of our comfort level just a little and created something that could come with us to any home! It feels so nice having this hall tree to keep all of our things organized and cleaned up. It makes this space complete with its cozy feel too! If you have any questions on what we did or what you need, please feel free to reach out! 

Keisha lynne, xx

{Disclosure: This collaboration was apart of a sponsored partnership. All opinions and reviews are that of my own}

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