We all do it…Spend long hours scrolling through Pinterest finding easy “Do It Yourself” projects. Pin them and put them in the back of your mind for another day. Most of the time I forget and never do them. But a couple of months back I actually accomplished one! This chalkboard DIY gave me chills of excitement when it was finished. Being a “DIY’er” becomes an addiction. Being able to accomplish a half decent project with a minimal budget is exciting. Once you perfect one your overcome with a rush. You need to do more!

But then it gets a little carried away. Then you’ll try to turn anything into a project. Thinking “What can I do with this bike tire, a coat hanger and white paint”. Hopefully, you or your husband will stop you before you try to create this madness. Trust me, been there and done that.

There’s also that self gratification of “I made that!”. That’s why I love a good DIY challenge. Don’t get discouraged by the FAILS. You will come across a couple that just don’t work. It happens. Move onto something different, something easier. I love the word EASY in anything I do.

I love picture frames. Ever since putting together Ella’s nursery I’ve become obsessed. Ornate, rustic, big and chunky. I gravitate towards them, buy them and save them for a rainy day. These two frames I found at a local thrift store. The small one for $2 and the bigger one FREE. I forgot to take before pictures but honestly both very ugly. The big one is an old oil painting and the small one was a glass picture frame.


I used:

-Foam brushes (From the dollar store. Try not to use expensive ones because the chalk paint is hard to clean off the brushes)


-Chalkboard paint


-White Paint


Honestly, I did it the hard way. If you want to buy chalk paint or plaster paint do that and you’ll save a lot of time and steps. This is what I had at home already so I used it!

Step 1: First take apart both pictures. Wash and dry them.

Step 2: One coat of prime if your using a regular paint. If your using chalk paint or plaster paint no need to prime or seal.

Step 3: Once dry. Paint two coats of white paint.

Step 4: Let it dry fully. Lightly do one coat of seal over the white.

Step 5: The big picture; I turned the oil painting onto the other side that wasn’t being used. Used a foam brush and did one coat of chalkboard paint waited for it to dry and did one more. Doing the same thing to the glass as well. You can paint over glass as well just making sure its completely dry.

Step 6: Thats it! If your impatient like myself, resist the urge to touch or put together right away. Wait for it to completely dry!





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