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Keisha+Drew-19To all of you who know me, know that I’m a complete Affection Junkie! I get a high off of hugs, compliments and saying ‘I love you’! It’s a total thrill for me, especially with my littles and Drew. They don’t seem to mind it, it’s become the ‘norm’ around here. I take great pleasure in knowing that I’m raising little Affection Junkies.

If I just met you I will hug you, if I already know you I will hug you, if your my family be prepared to be squeezed and mauled. By all means I give my littles their space, but it’s so hard. Their little arms wrapped around you, their sweet baby smells and soft words of ‘I love you mommy’! I can’t get enough.


On some nights I sneak into their beds and stroke their hair and just stare at them kiss their cheeks and fall asleep. Every night that goes by their tiny little faces grow and grow.

Maybe I’m needy, just a bit. Yes, it may seem like to much. But I do it more for then just my own satisfaction. I do it for my littles, I do it so that every minute that goes by they know that their loved. That they learn the value of a deep hug, to know how to show undying love and signs of appreciation. I want them to carry on love and affection.

Also, as a mom, I’m just taking full advantage of the age when it’s still cool to hug and kiss your mommy. I want to take every minute I can to soak in their smallness. It will only be a matter of time before they both outgrow me and I’ll be the one on their lap instead of them on mine! For Drew, he gets a whole lotta love. After many, many years of my outpour’s of love, my bald headed man is just as much as a mushy-mush as me! Don’t let that straight face fool you, he’s got a little sweet spot!


I’m not ashamed, I don’t try and hide it! It may get annoying but I don’t care, one day they will thank me just like I thank my mom. She is the queen of affection and what use to annoy me I now sometimes miss! Take this day and squeeze your babies tight. Smother them in love and kisses, love them with all you’ve got!

Keisha Lynne, xx


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