3 Make Your Own Outdoor Lawn Games Washer Toss | Tower Stacking | Bean Bag Toss

We have been busy over here creating some fun outdoor games for our family to enjoy this Summer. Since we’ll be close to home, we tried to find some really fun things to do in the backyard on those warm Summer evenings to not only entertain the family but also have a little bit of fun. So we’ve teamed up with Home Hardware to create these three games and to also share with you some easy, budget-friendly ways to do these games and have a lot of fun with your own family and friends this Summer home hanging out! 

These three games, Washer Toss, Tower Stacking and Bean Bag Toss have been a huge part of my childhood. I can remember Summer evenings back at our family cabin by the lake, no social media, internet or even cell service. It was quiet and very laid back. Games like these kept all of us kids busy and having a playful competition with each other. They definitely bring back some warm memories for me and I really wanted to experience this with our kids as well!  

Washer Toss Game Materials:  

● 8-10 Washers  

● Paint or Stain  

● Polyurethane  

● 2 square pieces of 17” artificial grass  

● 2 x 17”x 17” Plywood Squares  

● Screws  

● Sander  

● Glue  

● Latch Locks 

● 2 PVC Pipe 3” round 4” height  

● 1- 2×4 Cut at 17” (8 pieces in total)  

● Paint Brushes 

What To Do:  

1. Make the cuts to the plywood and your 2×4. Sand them down. 

2. Make cuts to your PVC pipe at 4” high.  

3. Screw your 2×4 cut wood pieces together into two squares and attach each square to a plywood base.  

4. Stain or paint. Once that is dry make sure to give it a good coat of poly to seal it in.  

5. Cut the 3” circle in your artificial grass so that the PVC pipe will fit in. Glue it down to the bottom of the box. Do this for both boxes.  

6. Take your washers and give each equal set a good coat of different color paint. Each set is a team colour.  

7. Screw on your latches.  

Tower Stacking

What You Need:  

● Stain 

● Polyurethane  

● Sander  

● 7- 2x3x8  

● Wood Crate Box  


● Paint Brushes  

What To Do:  

1. Make your cuts to your 2×3 wood. Making sure to cut each piece at 7.5” long. There will be a total of 54 pieces. 

2. Sand down each piece really well so that it’s soft to the touch.  

3. Layout each wood piece and give it a good stain or coat of paint. If you wish to leave them to the natural wood look that works too.  

4. Either way make sure after each piece is dry. Then go over the 54 pieces again to apply a poly coat. Let dry.  

5. Take your wood crate box that you’ll use to carry the Tower Stacking pieces in and sand it all down really well. Give it a coat of paint and once that’s dry, apply a coat of poly to protect it.  

6. You can also use the wood crate to turn upside down and use it as a flat surface to tower up your Tower Stacking game! 

Bean Bag Toss  

What You Need:  

● 4 Hinges  

● 2 pieces of plywood  

● Sander  

● Paint & Paint Brushes  

● Polyurethane  

● Painters Tape  

● Fabric  

● Sewing Kit  

● Beans or Rice 

What To Do:  

1. Cut down the 2 pieces of plywood at 48” x 24”. Then cut 2 other smaller pieces at 24” x 10.5” plywood.  

2. Sand down all four pieces really well.  

3. Center off the top of your larger piece of plywood and circle cut 6”  

4. Paint each piece and pick out a preferred design with your painter’s tape. Paint your design and wait for it to dry.  

5. Once it’s all dry apply a coat of polyurethane.  

6. Once that’s dry, secure two hinges to the insides of both boards.  

7. For the bean bags, I sewed them each by hand but to make it a little easier, I found some thrifted pillowcases and cut out 4 corners of them. Filling the bags with beans I then sewed around the two open sides. So easy if you don’t have a sewing machine on hand, and repurposing is also a plus!  

8. This will make the game easier to move around and much easier to store away! 

The best part about these games is that you can create them and personalize them to suit your own family and backyard. Using the colours you like as well!  

Most importantly have fun!  

{Disclosure this post was sponsored post as part of a collaboration program, however, all opinions are my own}

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