Easy DIY Blanket Ladder

Fall is around the corner and we are gearing up for cooler & cozier evenings inside. Every Fall and Winter we bring out the blankets we have stored away awaiting these cooler seasons. A lot of the time we run out of storage and I’ve always loved the concept of blanket ladders around a living room or bedroom. Easy to spot in a room and to snag one off for the kids and ourselves.  

Drew and I decided to put our handy work together and created one for our own home which was easy to make and budget friendly. We found everything we needed at our local Home Hardware store Blackwood Home Hardware in Abbotsford.  

First, I came up with some measurements and a template plan that seemed to fit our design. Then headed in the store for supplies, which really wasn’t a lot! 

 I got them home and Drew got to work on crafting it together.  


(2) 6ft long 2×3  

Beauti- Tone Paint Sample Can  


Wood Glue 

1” Drill Bit for Dowel  

1 x 6ft long 1” Round Dowel 

Paint Brush 

Painters Tape  

Mitre Saw 

What to Do:  

1. Cut a 10 -degree slant at the bottom of both of your 2×3’s. So that when it stands up against the wall it can stand without falling over too easily. It sits itself nicely on the wall and floor.  

2. On both sides of your 2×3’s measure 1ft apart and mark centering up the marks with the adjoining side. This will be where you make your drill holes to fit the dowels.  

3. Next cut your dowels 15” long. We made 5 cuts with ours.  

4. We covered the ends of each dowel with wood glue and placed them in the 2×3 cut holes marked out. Holding them together and hammering them in tightly. Another option you could do is to also screw them in from the other side.  

5. Once it’s all in place and dry for 24 hours we measured half of the ladder, taped it off and started to paint just the one half.  

6. After the paint seemed to be coated and dry, we used poly and covered the entire ladder to protect it.  

I absolutely love the look of it and how it turned out. Having the one side painted gave it a soft and modern look. Such a fun twist on a blanket ladder. I really do appreciate the dowel look as well because it softens the lines and helps the kids when they pull the blankets off. Seems to be such an easier process! 

Keisha Lynne, xx

{Disclosure this post was sponsored post as part of an collaboration program, however all opinions are my own}

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