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No Bake Peanut Butter Confetti Squares

We started the Christmas baking or in this case, no bake! hahaha These are both mine and Drews favourite. This recipe turned out way better than we both anticipated and so thankful for that! hahaha In the past I’ve tried with a few other recipes and failed big time. So this is a no fail recipe to.

Kids DIY Potato Stamp Wrapping Paper

I was feeling a little reminiscent this weekend I think. I had thought of an old creative project we used to do as kids whenever there was a present to wrap. Using potato stamps my mom used to carve out for us, paint, markers and brown plain parcel paper from the Dollar Store. I always loved this so I just…

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Family Photos 2020

Well, we managed to fit in some family photos! It’s usually not the easiest thing for our family to get organized to do but once we finish our session we always walk away high giving each other that we accomplished it! I love having photos and every year watching these little ones grow up makes my heart melt a little…

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IRIS’S No Matter What Guarantee

To all of you families that have members that wear glasses, especially little ones then this is something you will want to read about. Seven years ago when Owen first started wearing glasses, we made the choice to go with IRIS. Very thankful since that first day that we did because of their No Matter What Guarantee. He was only…

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How To | Mini Cookie Hot Chocolate Homes

Gahhhh, you have no idea how long it took me to finally try this and figure it out. I’ve been eyeing them up since last Christmas. Miniature Cookie Homes for the edge of your mugs for Hot Chocolate. I was looking for the right place that sells them, or even get my hands on the actual cookie cutter itself. It…

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DIY Letter Ledge

Hey you guys! I’m so excited about this DIY and it’s taken me a little while to share it on the blog. After weeks and weeks of gushing over letter ledges online, I seriously had the hardest time finding shops in Canada that made these. So Drew and I decided to try it out for ourselves.

Top 6 Sunglasses Picks for Dads Personality | Christmas Gift Ideas

Do you remember that time I told you that I was addicted to purchasing sunglasses?? Well, it’s true for Drew to. We love to visit IRIS to pick out our favourite sunglasses. We have a great time every Summer and Fall finding the best pairs that protect our eyes.

Making Time For Mom’s Eye Health

Today I finished my yearly eye exam with gold stars! Felt so good to hear all the cool facts about my eye health and where they’re at today. 

Pink Heart Cardigan | Chic Wish

You guys!!! This Pink Heart Cardigan was sitting in my Chic Wish cart for what felt like a million years. I sat pondering and debating actually purchasing it for a really long time before I clicked “pay”. Like many of you probably would have felt. I was SO nervous of what might actually come, would I like it? would it…

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Fairmont Banff Springs Family Destination Home Away From Home

Daydreaming about the Fairmont Banff Springs has been happening to me since Drew and I took our very first road trip to Banff, years ago, pre-kids! It’s always caught our eye, the beauty, how grand it is. A castle nestled in the landscape surrounding Banff. Last year when we brought the kids for the first time we took them to…

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