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Holiday Gifts For The Techy Family

Getting together with the family means that a lot of the time we need to have a similar interest in something. Well, we have started to become a very techy family! There’s something about it, we all love learning about new devices and learning how to use them together. We all get super excited when we actually get them figured…

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Holiday In Heels | Up Above It All

Oh gosh, I know I said it, the word every women dreads… HEELS! Terrible things. I will calmly admit I actually only own two pairs. Thats it. I’ve maybe worn the one pair like twice in the last three years…hahah  Buttttt that feeling I get when I do suddenly and randomly wear them, feels SO good.. not for long but…

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Streamer PomPom Garland | DIY

Who’s down for a easy DIY?? I usually go through waves like a roller coaster. Sometimes I just crave them and itch for a new one and sometimes I want to stay far away from a DIY as much as possible! Haha But once I do accomplish a really cute one it really makes me happy and thats when I…

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Giving Used Candle Jars New Life | DIY

I’m a candle addict! I loveee candles and I love the glass jars that some of these candles come in. So overtime I’ve been using my candles down to the bitter end and I’ve been sitting them aside for a rainy day project. I finally marked something off my to-do list the other weekend and put them all together and…

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Merry & Bright Family Event | Sevenoaks Shopping Centre

The Holiday festivities have begun!! Wahoo We kicked off our first Holiday event last weekend at a local FREE Family Interactive experience at Sevenoaks Shopping Centre. We brought both kids with us and they both had some fun at each station. Thats one thing that we love most about going to events like this is  that it targets both age…

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Coconut Cranberry Bliss | Holiday Mix Drink with Patron

This is the first Holiday post of the year!! Hard to believe Christmas is so near, I’m still trying to get over leaving Summer behind. Either way it’s coming, and I better be prepared in some way, shape or form. So starting with a little celebratory drink. Something easy, something that chances are you’ll have the ingredients already in your…

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Buy This Cup, Plant a Plant

Buy This Cup, Plant a Plant | 7-Eleven Saving Grace with Coffee We all know that our love for coffee runs deep and strong (pun intended). We need some sort of caffeine to get through the crazy week ahead with early mornings, school routines and extra activities. We’re always on the go! I solely rely on my coffee at home…

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Modern FarmHouse Coffee Bar

But First Coffee… does that saying ever get old?? Not for me, this is my everyday. I love coffee and I especially love my Nespresso Vertuo. It is like drinking a tiny cup of heaven every single day and I would NEVER go back to anything else. Its the quality of coffee and the taste of each cup that makes…

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