Macy is a MOM Our Girl had 9 Golden Doodle puppies

Well, the start of our breeding journey has been such a cool process!

We had always had it in the back of our minds since Macy first came home to us. We always just played with the idea. Knowing her personality and just the kind hearted pup she is already, we knew she make the most wonderful mom. Plus, how neat of an experience would it be to walk by her side watching it all become.

Macy had started all of her tests almost this time last year to make sure everything was good and healthy with her. Making sure everything would work as it should before getting started. Sure enough our girl is healthy as a horse! No signs of nothing which was really reassuring to us. Because we almost had our stomachs sink just thinking if there might be something wrong with her. But we got the good sign to go ahead!

Then came the waiting game!

With almost 8 months later she was finally ready to start the process and meet up with her boyfriend! haha Macy left us for a week to have a date with him. Then came home, you guessed it, pregnant! Which didn’t happen as so fast as I’m typing. It really did take about 3-4 weeks until we noticed her belly really growing. Then within a few weeks after that we could totally feel the little puppy babies in her belly just moving around. They were SO active. So busy rolling around day and night.

Each of us all kind of had our guesses on how many babies were in her belly. Ella and I guessed 5, Owen guessed 6 and Drew guessed 7!

The bigger she got the closer we got to the due date…

Due Date

Macy left us a few days before her due date. She had her puppies on November 2nd in the late evening. Macy had a total of 9 puppies. We couldn’t even believe our ears! We were so excited for her. She will be with the breeder for a total of 6 weeks while caring and nursing her babies. The whole family are already missing her like crazy and can’t wait for her to come home. It’s been a real treat though watching her be a mom. Because just like we knew, she’s an amazing mama!


The 9 puppies are all good and healthy, growing incredibly fast. There were 5 boys and 4 girls. All just the cutest. With a mix of coloured hair were noticing now that they’re getting older. They are about 4 weeks now. Eyes are starting to open, colours are popping up on their noses. Starting to bark and walk. While soon upgrading to a bigger puppy play place!

Visiting the Puppies

Just the other week. We had the chance to go up and visit Macy and the puppies for the first time. Which was such a treat. At the moment our roads from the BC flooding has blocked off our route to get they’re now. So we are super thankful we got to go when we did. It was just the best to see Macy and give her some special loving. She first jumped in the truck ready for a drive as soon as she saw us!

The puppies were just as they look, the cutest little things ever! Watching Macy just be a natural mom is so cute. She would just lay down and the puppies would wiggle their way over to feed. Then once she was done she’d just get up and go! hahaha

I’ve been sharing lots of updates on my Instagram @lovinglittlesblog so be sure to head over there for weekly updates!

Two Week Photos

Photos | Mackenzie Dempsey

Keisha Lynne, xx

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