Welcome Home Ruby Lynne | Macys Baby Girl Puppy

Welcoming home this beautiful girl we collectively named Ruby Lynne!

She’s bright eyed and full of energy. She’s precious! I’ve shared not that long ago that our Golden doodle Macy had her first litter of puppies. She had nine to be exact! So many. We had the opportunity to bring home a puppy if we liked and really took a long time to discuss this as a family. Each of us shared their thoughts and this discussion really lasted about a full year until we fully decided on what we were going to do. Really it was a big decision!

By the middle of November the whole family took a road trip to Kelowna to visit Macy for the first time since delivering her babies. We saw them and just fell in love. It was an incredible moment for all of us to witness Macy with her puppies. The connection and bond. It was totally heart melting. Quite soon after leaving this visit Drew looked and me and we just knew in our heart that we were eventually bringing home a puppy. The kids got attached, we got attached. It was just this gut feeling we had!

So end of December about two weeks ago, we picked up our Ruby girl and brought her home. It was a very exciting moment. She’s still so small and so sweet. Just Drew and I went down and picked her up alone just to bring her in our home slowly and with calm energy. The kids and Macy met us at the door and we let Macy have her moment with Ruby to settle and connect. They instantly started playing! At the first meet we both felt a little nervous how Macy would feel and if it would mix up the dynamic a little. Which it did but not for the worse. Slowly we did start to see a change but honestly such a good one between the two.

For the first week we made sure to take time and give each just alone time with us. We wanted to make sure we all bonded with Ruby and also make sure Macy bonded with Ruby. So we really are making sure each gets it’s quality time with each other to create that bond. So far it‘s been working out quite well. This time around we feel so much more comfortable bringing on a puppy, we really learnt a lot after bringing Macy home. We just got right back into the vibe of things with puppies again. This time around I defiantly notice a huge difference with the kids. They are so much more helpful and in the know of what to do. They are doing amazing helping us raise these dogs

Small things we picked up on is separate feeding times. Each dog likes each other food but Ruby needs to make sure she stays on her puppy food routine. Toys as well we separate toys and treats. Sleeping they’ve been good together not always snuggling up together but both finding their comfy spots just nicely. Ruby is getting her crate time which has been working out wonderfully to. That’s something we love about Golden Doodles. They are just so well at training and snuggling!

All in all the transition has become such a breeze. Our hands are defiantly a lot more full but it’s been a lot of fun. Plus, who could resist these sweet little faces and warm cuddles!

Keisha lynne, xx

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