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Welcome Home Ruby Lynne | Macys Baby Girl Puppy

Welcoming home this beautiful girl we collectively named Ruby Lynne!

She’s bright eyed and full of energy. She’s precious! I’ve shared not that long ago that our Golden doodle Macy had her first litter of puppies. She had nine to be exact! So many. We had the opportunity to bring home a puppy if we liked and really took a long time to discuss this as a family. Each of us shared their thoughts and this discussion really lasted about a full year until we fully decided on what we were going to do. Really it was a big decision!

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30 Pawsome Dog Captions For Instagram

Oh my gosh you guys, I’m honestly always looking and trying to come up with the best dog captions for photos with my cute love bug Macy. I came up with a whole list so that you can save this and come back to just in case you run dry that I have been.

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Macy’s First Time Exploring Snow

To say that we’ve become obsessed dog parents wouldn’t be a lie. We’ve been spoiling this sweet girl since the day she’s come home with us. And since it’s become Winter and snowing we’ve been itching to get her into the snow. But sort of hesitated also because well we were frankly afraid of her running off on us and saying “See yah later” while we watch her bolt out of sight forever…

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10 Reasons Why Goldendoodles Make For a Great Family Pet

You all have seen our Macy girl and have been watching her grow. If you follow me on Instagram you’re probably know how much we love her with all the IG stories and posts. But guys, this dog is our dream dog. She’s amazing. She’s all kinds of goodness. This girl is a handful, yes. I’m not going to deny that for one minute. She’s a puppy still so she’s all kinds of trouble. But beyond all that trouble I’m going to dish out why I think Goldendoodles are a great family pet. Even more so a great families first puppy. 

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Our Growing Golden Doodle Macy Lynne | 5 Months Old


Crazy to think that our little fur ball baby girl Macy is hitting 5 months. We are still and more than ever in love with her. She has all those good qualities of a golden retriever and all the stubbornness of a poodle. Snacks are her best friend along with a lot and I mean A LOT of loving. She knows just how to pull on your heart strings and make you stop everything to cuddle up with her!

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