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Finding Our Dream Sofa with GP Home Furniture & 7 Things To Keep in Mind when choosing

Upgrading our living room sofa was no joke. Drew and I had went back and forth debating it for a very long time. Not so much what we liked, because we both have very similar style in what we like. It was really the issue of finding one we liked or could find the right measurements for. You see, we live in a townhome and as most townhome residents know trying to fit a sofa up the stairs can be a challenge not to mention it not fitting through the sliding door (another fear of ours). So it took us a long time to decide on the perfect fit for our family in our living room space.

We had browsed many different options and a considerable amount of them just wouldn’t fit into our home. Until we got in touch with GP Home Furniture and chatted with them on ordering the perfect sofa for us. The time had come where there just wasn’t much more discussing. Our current sofa had literally been falling apart at the seams. The past year and a half isolated at home meant a lot more family hangs in our living room. A lot more sitting on our sofas. We really deserved to splurge on ourselves and treat our living room a little more special.

When we first moved it, we mad rushed for anything not thinking about what sofa we were buying. It wasn’t even an option we needed the furniture quick. So shamefully Drew and I found a cheap set at a discount place and said done at the time. Fast forward 6 years later that cheap and lower quality had proven itself to be a terrible idea. The springs were busting (yes, spring sofa) Seams were coming undone. The sofa was nearly impossible to clean because the casings didn’t come off. Yup, just think of those years of dirt with two kids and a dog clinging to this gross set.

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My Favourites | Throw Pillow Round Up

I made this kinda funny, well I thought it was funny tik tok the other day. You can find it on my Instagram also. The “sorry not sorry” for buying MORE throw pillows! hahaha I seriously love them and have an addiction. But not to just any I have a specific taste and style. When it comes down to it so do the kids and Drew.

A few things I like looking for are comfiness (if that’s even a word!haha) but how comfy it is and what’s it stuffed with. I think the soft feather fill is the favourite here. At GP Furniture they have so many of these styled pillows with funny cute quotes that put a smile on our faces. They are the perfect size to, not to big and not to small. Just right!

I also found that Article, had some really great styling pillows including Sheepskin Seat Pads, that sound amazing. They have some great colours and textures to. Another favourite place is Loloi Rugs, they also have throw pillows that are drop dead gorgeous!

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Living Room Essentials | WayFair

We have been slowly making our way into finally getting settled in our home, we’ve been living here for about two years now. But owning feels just a little different, we’ve been taking our time figuring out what to buy, where to put it and what looks good where! It feels like we’re starting to find our style in our home and making it ours. Month by month we’ve been piecing together each room in our house. Starting with the kids, ours, bathrooms, halls and now living room & dining room. I can’t begin to describe my love hate relationship with Pinterest. There are so many wonderful ideas that I love them all and want to use them all!…

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