Finding Our Dream Sofa with GP Home Furniture & 7 Things To Keep in Mind when choosing

Upgrading our living room sofa was no joke. Drew and I had went back and forth debating it for a very long time. Not so much what we liked, because we both have very similar style in what we like. It was really the issue of finding one we liked or could find the right measurements for. You see, we live in a townhome and as most townhome residents know trying to fit a sofa up the stairs can be a challenge not to mention it not fitting through the sliding door (another fear of ours). So it took us a long time to decide on the perfect fit for our family in our living room space.

We had browsed many different options and a considerable amount of them just wouldn’t fit into our home. Until we got in touch with GP Home Furniture and chatted with them on ordering the perfect sofa for us. The time had come where there just wasn’t much more discussing. Our current sofa had literally been falling apart at the seams. The past year and a half isolated at home meant a lot more family hangs in our living room. A lot more sitting on our sofas. We really deserved to splurge on ourselves and treat our living room a little more special.

When we first moved it, we mad rushed for anything not thinking about what sofa we were buying. It wasn’t even an option we needed the furniture quick. So shamefully Drew and I found a cheap set at a discount place and said done at the time. Fast forward 6 years later that cheap and lower quality had proven itself to be a terrible idea. The springs were busting (yes, spring sofa) Seams were coming undone. The sofa was nearly impossible to clean because the casings didn’t come off. Yup, just think of those years of dirt with two kids and a dog clinging to this gross set.

BEFORE aka The ‘Mistake Set’

Like I said we needed and owed it to ourselves to step it up a notch!

Visiting GP Home Furniture is like stepping into a dream of beautiful furniture surrounding you. I could spend a full day looking and browsing. The colours, the styles not to mention the thoroughly thought out layouts are just incredible. Any rooms dream set up can be found there. They were so awesome helping us customize our sofa. Choosing our own fabric, colour, styled seating, size for our room & filling. Yes, filling is an option as well. We also knew from our last ‘mistake set’ (thats what we call it) we needed to find a set where the cushion covers could come off so that just in case we could wash them in our washer & dryer. Again two kids and a dog, it gets messy!

AFTER The ‘Dream Sofa’

We figured out our dimensions to our front stairs, the sliding door and our room size to absoulety make sure that the one we did decide on would fit. Then we browsed the website and found the perfect 2-3 seating Mable Chaise in Moonlight. Customizing can be a little nerve wrecking I won’t lie, only because you are choosing everything from scratch in your mind. But trust me when I say GP Home Furniture literally has your back the whole way through and are very honest in helping you find the right pick. They deliver and even help put together, walking you seriously though the whole process.

A few things I do recommend….

7 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing The Perfect Sofa

  1. Room Size | Defiantly make sure that whatever you do choose fits the dimensions of the space it’s going in. Triple measure if you have to and even layout a blanket or pillows to subconsciously measure where it would sit. Thats what we did!
  2. Colour | We went with something more neutral that we knew would fit our style now and our style even if it changed throughout the years.
  3. Comfort & Fabric | This was important because our family love to unite to the living room and comfort was a big one. Ours includes a feather down insert with the cushion. It’s like sitting on a cloud. It’s so comfortable!
  4. Seating Space | Seating space was another important one to keep in mind, depending on your family size and gatherings. Going with more seating would be ideal. Our cushions are longer in size so it can hold the four of us.
  5. Where It’s Made | Because of our ‘mistake set’ we knew full well that this time we wanted to find a sofa that was manufactured and made in Canada. The BEST thing about GP Home Furniture is that their items are Canadian made and amazing quality. I highly recommend supporting local & support Canadian made furniture! You just can’t go wrong when doing so.
  6. Style | Sooo many different styles to choose from. This was another major issue we had was figuring out the best style. I think it be best to see for yourself and take all the other considerations listed to decide on what style would be better for your living room. We loved the chaise style so that we could stretch our legs out more.
  7. Fabric | At GP Home Furniture you can also choose your own fabric, there are many different kinds and they also provide samples that include colour as well so you can take home and see in your space. Also keep in mind, how easy it will be to clean!

It’s easy for me to say that our family, and I mean our whole family has been enjoying this sofa. This past heat wave we ended up camping in our living room and Owen had mentioned that the sofa was so comfortable that even after the heat wave he continued to sleep on it! It’s been such a game changer for our family movie nights and just the overall look of our living space in general. It’s something that I’m really proud of and know that I couldn’t have made it possible without GP Home Furnitures help! They go above and beyond for their customers to make sure they are not disappointed and that I appreciate so much!

I couldn’t have asked for a better seat to hang out with my family on! For an inquires be sure to check out their website & social media.

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Keisha Lynne, xx

{Disclosure this post was sponsored post as part of an collaboration program, however all opinions are my own}

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