20 Fun Halloween Costumes with Glasses & Sunglasses

I LOVE Halloween and I LOVE dressing up. Our kids love to dress up and we totally get into the spooky spirit this time of year. Every year since Owens wore glasses we’ve always had to really brainstorm costume ideas that go well with his glasses. For the most part we’ve always just incorporated it into the theme of whatever he was going for but the past few years we’ve been getting creative!

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Getting Ready For Back To School with IRIS Back To School Promotion

Book bags are getting packed up and the kids are gearing up for back to school in just a few short days! Que the excitement! From the parents haha

Every year around this time we are always getting our checklist checked off and visiting IRIS is always that one thing we do every year for both kids. Eye exams and any last minute prescription changes, lens and frame upgrades if needed. 

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10 Healthy Habits for When You’re Working From Home | IRIS

Working from home is something that I never thought would happen but something I always dreamed of. I have been working from home for 5 years now and with this past year and the card that has been dealt for many of us, more and more of us are also working from home and although it can get a little tedious it is also a lot of fun. But there are always times where we have to remind ourselves to take those breaks and keep a healthy routine even when we;re working from home.

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The Possibilities are Endless with Topology | IRIS

IRIS has recently launched a new in-store service called Topology, a brand new personalized service that will offer much more to your eyewear shopping experience.

This service is a perfect option for anyone browsing for a new pair of prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses. You simpy, call and book your appointment at your local IRIS location.

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IRIS’S No Matter What Guarantee

To all of you families that have members that wear glasses, especially little ones then this is something you will want to read about.

Seven years ago when Owen first started wearing glasses, we made the choice to go with IRIS. Very thankful since that first day that we did because of their No Matter What Guarantee. He was only five at the time, Drew and I were very nervous on how his glasses would hold up for. Being a boy who loves sports and wrestling, we knew that there was no way those glasses were not going to be damaged. Just a thing with kids, it’s going to happen!

Sure enough, within the year they were damaged and replaced in no time. Owen has honestly broken his glasses a few to many times. Whether his fault, Ella’s, Macy’s (yup the dog) or Owens friends… Either way we’ve always had quick and easy service in getting them fixed or new ones right away. Which when you have a young child with glasses is always a really good thing to find a place like IRIS to go to.

Plus, it’s nice letting our little ones not feel stressed out when they do somehow break. It’s not a huge deal because we know IRIS has our back. The whole process is very much stress-free! Peace of mind for myself too. Whether it’s the dogs or the kids climbing on or around me, I reassured knowing that I’m covered.

Up to one year after purchasing any glasses no matter how they broke or got damaged IRIS will fix them for free. Yes, you heard that correctly for free! If they somehow manage to do the same thing in the second year of owning your glasses, then they will cover 50% of the cost.I know that it’s come in handy for our family and I KNOW it will be for yours as well!

Keisha Lynne, xx

LYA “Love You All” New Frames & My Top 5 Picks!

A few weeks ago, I was visiting my local IRIS location. Browsing my way through all the frames, trying to find the best pair to suit me and my style. When I stumbled upon a really cool, unique line named LYA. Interested in all of them, my curious self asked, what is LYA? Without hesitation the staff were very eager to tell me all about the new frame brand. LYA; “Love You All” is something the founder of IRIS, Dr. Francis Jean would often say and finish off with this beautiful saying. 

It was his trademark that IRIS wanted to continue to keep his memory. It is also their motto in how the company is passionate about people and helping! Designed by Catherine O, the same designer behind Ziggy, Jean Reno and JF Rey brands. 

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Back To School Tradition, Eye Exams At IRIS!

Yup, you read that right. Every year at about this same time of year, our whole family rounds up for our traditional eye exam at IRIS. It’s honestly a fun time of year too, because that’s when I know that school is about to start soon and that everyone is all geared up and prepared for the rest of the school year. Change up glasses or the prescription. Whatever it may be, everything eye related we get covered at IRIS.

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