Getting Ready For Back To School with IRIS Back To School Promotion

Book bags are getting packed up and the kids are gearing up for back to school in just a few short days! Que the excitement! From the parents haha

Every year around this time we are always getting our checklist checked off and visiting IRIS is always that one thing we do every year for both kids. Eye exams and any last minute prescription changes, lens and frame upgrades if needed. 

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The Importance of Ophthalmologists

Looking back 5 years ago – I wish that I would’ve taken eye care a little more seriously. When Owen was a baby we did all of the check-ups and appointments for his health and well-being. Except for one, his eyesight. Owen didn’t have his eyes examined until he was five years old and starting his first year of school. We just assumed that his eyesight was good since he showed no signs of struggling. Shortly after that exam, he was set up with a pair of glasses and ever since then, I’ve carried a lot of guilt around with me.

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Fashionable Eyewear with Clearly

Well I guess this is a step into the “Getting Older” direction. I officially have my first set of prescription glasses. Don’t be to fooled, they are a very low prescription but they are still making a whirl of difference for me.

It was not that long ago I started to notice something just a little off with my eyes. They were always dry, sore and sometimes it took a little longer for them to adjust. I kind of freaked out a little and my eye doctor told me there was nothing to worry about. That it probably just attributed to spending a lot of time on screens. Makes sense! Off I went with a prescription. I knew what to do and where to go for Owen. For myself, I was a little skeptical and very worried of getting stuck with an awful set of glasses!…

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