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Gahhhh, you have no idea how long it took me to finally try this and figure it out. I’ve been eyeing them up since last Christmas. Miniature Cookie Homes for the edge of your mugs for Hot Chocolate. I was looking for the right place that sells them, or even get my hands on the actual cookie cutter itself. It was a tough one, so over the weekend I just decided that I was going to create the cookie stencil and try it out for myself.

Normally, you would see these cuties as little gingerbread homes. But unfortunately I didn’t have all the supplies to make gingerbread cookies. I had to improvise and used what we did have, which was enough for Snickerdoodle cookies. So if your like myself make whatever cookie dough is easy that’s relativity plain works just as great to.

Once I had my cookie dough made and rolled out I started the home building, which was cutting our my pre-measured stencils from paper. It took me a couple trial runs with these. Mostly trying to find the right shape and size. The smaller the better, but also keep in mind to keep the door sizes a little bigger to fit through the rim of your mug. I would recommend hitting the 2-3 cm size for walls, roof and fronts of the home. That’s one learning lesson I had. I made three homes. I used my pairing knife and cut the stencil of the roof, walls, front and back of the homes. Baking them for only 7-8 minutes.

Another tip, would be to use actual frosting and not just icing. Frosting dries easier and a better grip to keep the structure together. I also stuck the cooked, built homes in the freezer for a little bit to keep its shape nice.

Once I had them built I brought them out for the kids to add icing after and decorated them! They were seriously so cute and so yummy. It was such a fun added bonus to our evening hot chocolate. Anything thats miniature is a win in this house hahaha. For any stencil questions, what the video below I left the measurements I used in that. To be very honest, if I could make this diy work than I know you will be able to as well!

Keisha Lynne, xx

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