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The start of this year had brought on some exciting news for us… drum roll… we are officially members of the IRIS Vision year long family! We were thrilled with this news. I mean we have always been a huge fan of IRIS and a little sentimental when it comes to using them. They were the first place we had gone to when we first realized that Owen needed glasses. He was turning 5 years old and now 10!

Crazy to think how fast time goes by and how serendipitous this all is! But since our first visit with Owen we had always known that IRIS would be our first place to visit for all of our eye care needs. With our hectic schedules and busy lifestyle we have neglected to have our own appointments made. So thankfully, with this, it had reminded us and put our butts into gear in making them and going!

From the first call to even make an appointment you are always greeted on the phone with a caring voice ready to help you with whatever you need. And from the moment you walk into the store you always see or hear someone close by willing to help you and get you started. I had the chance to go, finally after many years of not having my eyes checked. My appointment was quite honestly the best and most thorough I’ve ever had. I completely trusted Dr. Law and felt in such good hands. She was so patient, kind and gentle when helping me. Making sure I was comfortable and understood what was going to happen. 

The exam itself was overall an easy experience and I left feeling reassured that my eye health was seriously being looked after. Next came the fun part… choosing the frames!

I can’t say that I started off thinking it was an easy selection to make. I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t find a match for me. I mostly felt this because I never really knew what I liked or what would fit my face well.. So once I really dove into trying them on and realizing what I really liked it came so easily that when I put on my tortoise pink neutral frames I was instantly sold and in love. Light weight and fitted perfectly to my face and shape. I had lots of honest help and care to when I was choosing. The staff at IRIS were super helpful in that area as well, knowing what would look good and gave me honest opinions! 

A few things I reminded myself everytime I tried on a pair…

  • Do they feel light?
  • Are they comfortable?
  • Do I love the colour and does it match my eye colour?
  • Are they the right shape for my face?
  • How will they incorporate into your everyday lifestyle?
  • Do I LOVE them?

It’s really important to make sure that when you try on that pair of frames that your eyes literally light up with joy because you LOVE them. It’s everything to find that one pair that you know you’ll always want to wear. Thankfully with IRIS you will not run out of options. There is something there that will fit perfectly for anyone! 

Another really great resource in helping is visiting this link IRIS Face Shape Guide It will help you decide what type of frame you really like and how it might shape your face. And what would look more suitable on! Gives you a fun idea beforehand and helps walk you through the process.

Once I managed to find mine, it was everyone else’s turn in our family to also have the same experience Owen and I were lucky enough to have! Thankfully our sweet little Ella has perfect eyesight even though she still wants frames.. And Drew is currently  in the process of getting his frames!

It is really a great feeling knowing that we can all go and have the same great, friendly care and never have to worry! This year will bring us lots of helpful tips, advice, deals and information to share with your friends and family. It means a lot to our family knowing and having eye care professionals on our side and looking out for us!

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