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Back To School Tradition, Eye Exams At IRIS!

Yup, you read that right. Every year at about this same time of year, our whole family rounds up for our traditional eye exam at IRIS. It’s honestly a fun time of year too, because that’s when I know that school is about to start soon and that everyone is all geared up and prepared for the rest of the school year. Change up glasses or the prescription. Whatever it may be, everything eye related we get covered at IRIS.

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Herschel Gear For Everyday | Dressing Our Family

{Disclosure this post was sponsored post as part of an collaboration program, however all opinions are my own}

The past year has brought to our family many travelling days that we enjoyed so much. It’s been a huge meaningful thing for Drew and I to be able to travel more with our kids. Learn more and appreciate more the area we live in. Paradise doesn’t always have to be a tropical destination, we always find the beauty in our own backyard here in Canada and along our travels we have always had with us in tow… Herschel!

It seems like no matter where we go or how we spend our vacations Herschel has always been there. Gearing up our family and keeping us, warm, dry and stylish. This company has been a long lasting favourite for us and you’ll see why in a few minutes. They are in our lives for travel, school, outings, errands and more.

I’ve always loved the durability of this brand and the quality of this brand. They are affordable and most importantly super trendy with looks and styles. I always seem to find something I love that goes with everything!

Rain Gear

The rain jackets! Very much keep you dry. The three of us have matching black Herschel rain jackets and they were so useful to have when we went away to Tofino… Best item to have when you live in Raincouver!

Winter Gear

The toques are my absolute favourite. The cutest and that pink one is the only one Ella will ever wear for us. We wore all of our toques the whole time we were away in Banff. Any sweater and jackets are also a high quality choice to go with as well.

Back To School

The backpacks & lunch boxes have literally lasted through any school year and quite honestly any travelling because we also use these to pack our gear into when we leave for any trip!

We have been solidly working with Herschel for many years now and it is always one I continuously go too. The line of products is always streaming and the collections of items are always really fun to peek at to. Always something new!

Checking off the Back To School To-Do List with Eye Checkups

Dare I even mention it to loudly, to soon, but parents the countdown is on! The back to school countdown, wahooo! Now I know it’s still vacation mode time but being able to tackle that to-do list before everyone else feels really good. I have to say. This week we started with the kids yearly eye care checkups and making sure they’re all caught up on appointments at our local IRIS and that glasses are good to go for the start of the school year! 

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Back to School Back to Denim | For The Whole Family & GIVEAWAY

Alright parents, let’s get our Back to School thinking caps on. I know it’s so hard to admit that Summer may soon be over. But good news, once it is, it means all those little ones will be heading BACK TO SCHOOL. I’m slightly excited and slightly nervous, just as if it’s my first day back to school. Wondering if I bought everything they need, and thinking did I forget anything……

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5 Ways Sport Chek Helps Owen Get Back Into Sports


5 Ways Sport Chek Helps Owen Get Back Into Sports

Summer is officially over, as of yesterday for us. Today marks Owens first day into Grade 4. Which also means in our house, the official season of Back To Sports. Owens favourite is Soccer! He first started playing two years ago and continues to love this game. Realizing that the bigger he gets the bigger the fields get and other players! But he still strives to do his best and have fun.

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Back To School Shopping With Sevenoaks Shopping Centre



Back To School Shopping With Sevenoaks Shopping Centre .

Parents, it’s soon that time of the year again. BACK TO SCHOOL. I have totally appreciated the time off with my family. But I’ve gotta admit I’m eagerly awaiting the first day of school. With that in mind I’ve been slowly searching for the best deals when it comes to shopping for the kids. I used to think that I could just buy a few items and be good until the next time we needed something, but over the years I’ve learned from that mistake, because this time of the year it truly is best to do it all in one shop. It’s much more cost effective and time efficient. The prices are also smoking good and the styles are sooo cute! I’m very guilty of buying the same thing in different colours if the price is right. …

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