5 Benefits to Yearly Back to School Eye Exams at IRIS

Another Summer has come and gone!

As we gear up for Back to School, this time of the year, it is our routinely ritual to get our little ones eye exam appointments at our local IRIS. This was Owen’s 8th yearly visit and Ella’s 3rd yearly visit at IRIS to have their eyes examined. Each year it gets easier and easier for the kids to get into the routine of going.

It’s always fun for me to watch each year pass and how they do. Both kids started with naming objects they’d see above. and then the older they got they started to name off letters and numbers. With every year we feel reassured that they are protected and we feel good knowing that if there was any change to their vision we would catch it just before school started!

This visit we did learn that Owen’s vision changed just a little bit. His prescription went from +6 down to a 5.75. So he was very happy to learn that just a little bit his vision did improve. Which was always said to us, that the older he became that the chances of his vision improving would to be expected. But for a while we hadn’t heard of any changes until this year. So we grabbed a new prescription and once we left Dr Jean we ordered new lenses for him to start the new year at school!

Ella’s eye exam was very straight forward and she had no changes but lucky to hear that everything is still looking great. Even though she would love to hear she needs glasses because that is her dream right now! Hahaha

Either way whether you think it’s needed or not, it’s always a good idea to have your little ones get their yearly eye exams because you really just never know what may happen! There are also many other benefits to having your kids eye examined every year and I’m sharing them below!

5 Benefits to Yearly Back to School Eye Exams at IRIS

  1. Getting into Routine | This one is my number one, at first our kids would have the worst anxiety not knowing what to expect when they get their eyes examined. But now after many years of putting this into our Back to School routine. They totally get it and know what to expect!
  2. Kids are Covered | In British Columbia children up to the age of 18 do get yearly check ups covered!
  3. Vision Changes | Just after our experience today, and when Owen first needed glasses. We realize now that kids’ vision can change every so often, so it’s nice knowing every year just in case you do see a change.
  4. Preparation | This is perfect as well because if you do happen to need prescription glasses for your kids, it’s best to know as soon as possible in order to have your glasses ready for when school does start.
  5. Reassurance | Either way, Drew and I are always feeling reassured after each eye exam that the kids are checked out and we know their eye health. Call it peace of mind!

After Owen started Kindergarten, that was when we found out Owen needed a prescription lens and it honestly had us feeling so bad realizing that he was going around up to the age of 5 without having great vision.

That was our mistake not doing it sooner. We are always getting our kids in to get their yearly eye exams. Which always leaves us feeling so reassured when we finish and leave knowing we are good for another year!

Keisha Lynne, xx

{Disclosure this post was sponsored post as part of an collaboration program, however all opinions are my own}

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