5 Easy Easter Craft Ideas For Kids


Here we are bunkering down for the next little while, trying to make things as normal as possible considering what is happening in the world right now. So without school the next best thing is entertaining our kids with Easter Crafts because Easter is on the way!

I know for my sweet little Ella, there are endless amounts of crafts to work on. There is just never enough in a day so I thought I’d take some time and share some of the ones we worked on and hoping you might want to share some of yours with us!

Easter Craft swap basically…

All of these are suppperrr easy and quite possibly you’ll have everything laying around in your home already. A lot of supplies we compromised with different items but it was all the same and it worked. Our house is now fully decked out in Easter decorations thanks to Ella!

1. Clothes Pin Bunnies

So so sweet! These cutie clothespin bunnies were so easy. What we did was take out the metal piece. Heat up our glue gun and glued the two pieces back together. Then we painted the whole thing white. Once they were dry we fill in the details with markers and paint to give them some colour.

2. Cup Cake Liner Flowers

Ella thought this little craft was the cutest! hahaha Cup cake liner flowers. We painted the liners, cut them in a flower shape. Grabbed some green paper for our stem and leaves. Glued them together. And decorated it however she wanted!

3. Hand Print Bunnies

This one was a little trickier to pull off. But our artist thought it was a great idea. We traced her little hand on plain white paper. Started to cut it out, cutting out the middle finger. She got a kick out of that. Then folded down the pinky finger and thumb to connect, like holding hands. After we drew in the details and she decorated how she liked!

4. Easter Egg Window Pictures

Easy peasy you guys! I’ve seen this where some have been putting these eggs in their windows for kids walking by as an egg hunt. So Ella and I decided to put a few together. She painted some and she used markers for others. They really turned out so great! She loved them.

5. Easter Egg Riddle Hunt

This is one of mine that I decided to throw in here and its perfect fun for any kid 4 and up. Ever since Owen could read and understand riddles we had a great idea to start filling his Easter Eggs up with fun riddles on strips of paper and clues to find the next egg. It makes the hunt last way longer and it makes for some great fun. This year we decided to do the same with Ellas eggs, maybe a little less difficult than Owens of course! hahaha

Ella Clue Examples : “I’m big and black and I keep your food cold!”

Answer : The Fridge

Owen Clue Examples : “Look up high, catch me before I fly away in the air!”

Answer : The Ceiling Fan In The Living Room

Have Fun Everyone & Stay Safe From Our Family To Yours!

Keisha Lynne, xx

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