Dyson Hot+Cold Fan | Useful All Year Long

DesignDyson Hot+Cold Fan | Useful All Year Long 

We’ve all been wondering, what the heck is a Dyson Hot + Cold Fan like. How does it work and is it worth the investment!? I know I have, with Dyson’s unique household items and advanced technology I get really excited when I see them! The Hot + Cold Purifying Dyson Fan has become a special piece in our home for a few reasons. We’ve spent the last few weeks testing it out and playing with the fun features it offers!

A few of my favourites are that it purifies the air while it does it’s job. When you think about all of the nasty pollutants and toxins in the air you feel safe knowing that this little machine sucks it all up in its advanced filter, that you can clean and let it keep doing it’s thing! Removing up to 99.9% of allergen & pollutants. This is especially useful for those of you who have bad allergies or suffer from asthma.

It’s quiet, so quiet. Thank goodness, we are the family that loves the heat on but love hearing the sound of a fan. Not blasting noise just enough to soothe us to sleep. Lucky, that this offers the best of both. Currently little Owen has adjusted it to aim at his face and is deep in sleep with the Dyson blowing cool in his face, and he loves it!


You can seriously use it all year long…That right there is a really important one. Being able to get full time use out of it and getting your moneys worth. Winter you can adjust the heat to how you’d like the temperature in the room and when it’s Summer you can change it to cool and blast it with it’s handy remote control. It also captures smells from any potential harmful odours with it’s activated carbon layer!

BLADE LESS> It’s completely blameless. I never have to worry about the children hurting their hands in blades or risking it at all. I remember being that kid, the things you wanted to do to a blade fan, pretty dangerous! haha Load it on your app and be in control from your portable device!! Check air quality and measure what’s floating in your air. It’s sooo cool to view it all from your phone!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask away! And if your walking by the Dyson section on your next shopping trip and notice one, take a minute and check it out!!





Keisha Lynne, xx


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