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True story, two years ago when I first started to blog I kept everything either in my memory or I wrote down short little sticky notes. I remember thinking to myself how little I have to stay track of and how a day planner or any other organized planner for that matter really made a difference. I had it totally under control, until…..

Within the last year. I have so much on the go 24/7 and so much to keep track of and managing to plan my days around things that work best for our family. I basically have two jobs and being a full time mom is a lot. So yes, my mom brain exploded and I tracked down some helpful planners and useful organizers that first I LOVED and that were set up just right to my preference. Not that I’m picky but they hold a lot of valuable information to keep our family organized and on track. So yes, I’ve gotta LOVE it.

I always make sure I write everything down. I’m talking everything. I write sometimes multiple notes about the same thing. I also utilize the days in both sections of my planner. I write notes in the day on the month page and then I flip through the pages where I find individual days and mark down everything in depth. I’ve gotta keep track of everything I work on mostly it’s everything blog related!

I’m already a major fan of Victoria Senges work, I’ve blogged about her beautiful pieces before. Well, this girl keeps nailing them out of the park with wonderful, stylish & useful organizers! My new day planner from her line is currently keeping my life in check. It’s been super helpful with crisp clean lines and individual areas for days & months. I’m able to mark in as I go with no direct start or finish.

It has monthly & weekly calendar pages with notes & to dos also to jot down those kick little things in the back of your head! On her website you’ll also see her note pads & meal planners, which I do have both and make life really easy!! And pretty!!

Check out her work here… Victoria Senges Website | Instagram | Facebook



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Keisha Lynne, xx

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