How You Can Give Back In Your Community | TELUS #MostGivingCompany

This past weekend Owen and I had the opportunity to volunteer our afternoon and give back in our community with the TELUS team. It was rainy and cloudy but it was the most real genuine fun we’ve had together. It wasn’t about schedules or doing good or not. It was simply helping cleaning up trash in the area we live in. And knowing that with each single piece picked up we were helping the environment also had us feeling so good. 

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Vancouver Christmas Tradition | Santa Claus Parade

This is becoming quite the family tradition we can agree on! This was our second year visiting Vancouver this time of the year to stay the night and watch the Vancouver Santa Claus parade with the thanks to TELUS. Our family always has such a great time. It’s not to often we get a night away together or get Drew into the city at all. So when we do it’s always extra special to us!

We stayed at the Fairmont Vancouver once again, always such a nice and fun stay here. Around Christmas it always gives me that Home Alone 2 feel, The Plaza. Something about it all decorated and beautiful! The kids faces always lightup when we come here to stay.

We toured around the city late at night finding food and looking at all the lights on Robson Square. Then we just slowly walked back to the hotel. A very easy going and chill evening. The kids have a blast in the pool and their late night cookies with milk. Watching movies in bed until passing out. In the morning we woke up nice and early and hit my favourite spot. Crepe! So delicious and so close. It was awesome! And as good as always.

By the mid-afternoon the kids were ready to get some fun started. We met down by the Vancouver Art Gallery and there they had the chance to play games, face painting, crafts and listened to carols! By 1pm the parade started and we were sitting waiting patiently. 

Always so in love with the excitement and festive vibes while watching this parade. I’ve never been to a Santa Claus parade before last year. So now when I get the chance to go, always take it! The kids just have a blast to. With their hot chocolates and treats. Waiting for Santa’s float to arrive!

Every time it gets my little heart melting watching them watch the parade. Something always to look forward to with my little family! 

Photography | Nadine Hanson Photography 

Thank you to TELUS, Fairmont Vancouver & Vancouver Santa Claus Parade for everything you do for our family!!

Keisha Lynne, xx

Holiday Gifts For The Techy Family

Getting together with the family means that a lot of the time we need to have a similar interest in something. Well, we have started to become a very techy family! There’s something about it, we all love learning about new devices and learning how to use them together. We all get super excited when we actually get them figured out and the joy in everyone’s face when we watch it in action! Sharing it together is literally the cherry on top of a morning full of memories made on Christmas Day.

It’s super fun and interesting what is available to us now from the Fitbit fitness tracker to a Google Max that you literally just ask it to play anything and it will. We’ve come a long way since I was little and everyday I’m impressed with the Techy options for the family.

These devices can help in our everyday and every age. From Owens age to Drew we all eventually end up sharing each device with each other and they can be used in so many different ways! Getting used the proper amount that all these gadgets are made for. If you love tech gifts as much as we do then you will enjoy this list. I’m honestly not one for setting up to many I leave that for Drew and Owen. But surprisingly I was able to set the Google Max up on my own and it was way easier than I thought it would be. One thing I love about these new pieces, made for an easy set-up.

We had the perfect opportunity to test out some of TELUS gift guide picks at home all found here…  ! The three of us have rounded up our favourites and how each of us use the same piece for our everyday!

Thankfully no one minds sharing!

Holiday Gifts For Your Techy Family

1. Fitbit Alta. When we first spotted this device we kind of had a feeling it would be a perfect fit for Drew. With his crazy shift work schedule, we were so interested in seeing his results for his heart rate, calories.. And most importantly tracking his sleep! He works ever changing night shift and sleeps whenever he can grab the chance. He was able to set this up with his phone which can track his sleep patterns restlessness & how long he actually sleeps for. It’s nice knowing and that we can have an idea of what’s going on for him everyday!

2. Belkin Charging Pad Sooo charging things in our home is constant!! Please tell me I’m not alone here. This charging pad suites everyone but most importantly for Owen. It charges wireless or corded. It can travel with you for when your in a pinch! Light and easy to move. Perfect stocking stuffer for anyone and a great price.. find it here

3. Google Home Max Well it feels like all four of us have taken claim of this. Even Ella tries to do “Hey, Google..” If you haven’t tried or seen it, I would totally add it to your wish list. At first I wasn’t sure but once programmed I was in shock. Google home is setup to ask it any question play the best sounding music I’ve ever heard. You can set this up to your phone, Netflix etc. The possibilities are endless with this Max. Simply say Hey Google.. and ask a question play a song and it just does it’s thing!!

4. Beats Headphones We are a very busy family, literally always on the go and lots of driving. Winter we love to ski/snowboard so the beats have found a nice home with all of us. We each use it separate for different things. Boys on the hill, me for my walks & when we want to watch something without bothering the person next to us. The sound quality lives up to its name and highly recommend getting these, they’re the best like we’ve been told! It comes with a cord or can be wireless as well!

To find the full list of these and more from TELUS Holiday Gifts follow the link here … Perfect for gift ideas and even putting some on your own Holiday wish list!!

{Disclosure this post was sponsored post as part of an collaboration program, however all opinions are my own}


Keisha lynne, xx

TELUS is giving kids across Canada a brighter future with the Friendly Future Foundation

The more I learn about TELUS and the more I spend time celebrating this company I realize more and more just how outstanding they are. Not only as a service provider for our families but also helping our families, youth in need and different charities across Canada. It’s not every day that we can be amazed at companies that put back into the communities where they operate as much as TELUS does. For that I’m so proud to stand behind them!

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Top 5 Family Movie Rentals | TELUS

Raise your hands if you’re tired of all of the smoky air? It’s been tough these last few weeks. We can all relate. Trying to plan ideas to stay in with the kids is starting to get a little tricky. We’ve been coming up with all kinds of stuff to keep the littles entertained and we’ve been taking full advantage at the fact that we can easily rent movies from home on our TELUS Optik TV On Demand.

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Changes I Made While Working From Home | TELUS PureFibre

It’s no secret at this point in time that you all know that I’m currently working full time straight from home. I have to say that having this Summer with a little more freedom is the best thing I could ever ask for. All that playing does come with some work time too though. Once Drew and I decided that it was time for me to stay home and dedicate a little more time to the kids and to the blog we knew that we had to do some changes. Changes to the office and how I work. How my setup rolls and most importantly the Internet.

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TELUS, Helping Us Stay Connected To Family

I have been so excited to share this post today because it’s a very big milestone for myself. I’m very happy to announce that I’m officially part of Team TELUS and their Canadian advocate team members until the end of the year! This one is very close to my heart for many different reasons. For one out family has always trusted and turned to TELUS to provide us with the best care. Two, well because it’s a great opportunity to share not only what TELUS has to offer in services and devices but also how much they do and provide in our communities. …

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Fairmont Vancouver for the Santa Claus Parade

Our family visit to the Fairmont Vancouver to watch our first ever Vancouver Santa Claus Parade was by far one of our most memorable family weekends away. To start off I’m not going to get into detail the stress we endured to make it there with rush hour traffic. So lets skip that part! The boys had decided that they also wanted to watch the hockey game at Rogers Arena before hand. The Toronto Maple Leafs (Drew’s favourite team) were in Vancouver for the only time this year to play the Canucks. They had the best time together! It was one of their first games together as well so it was extra special….

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