Babybel® and TerraCycle have joined forces in the recycling world.

In line with the #jointhegoodness campaign  you can now recycle all of, and I’m talking about all of Babybel packaging. Everything it’s wrapped in and comes in. The net, metal clasps, cellophane, plastic wraps and wax. All you need to do is join online over at and create your profile. 

Then you collect all of your Babybel® packaging, print your free shipping label and send it in! It’s that easy. For every shipment, it’s weighed out and for every pound you earn 100 points. 

TerraCycle believes that just about anything can be recycled. They tackle this issue in 21 countries doing their part in eliminating waste as much as they possibly can. They are really figuring out ways to make sure everything can be recycled in some sort of way! 

Babybel® and TerraCycle are dedicating their energy into making sure this is a better place and that we are taking care of our planet by recycling everything that we can! They’re creating a positive impact and change and hoping that others will also follow their lead. Because who doesn’t want a clean and healthy planet for future generations! 

We do a lot of different things in our home to make sure we are also making an impact and recycle as much as possible. 

Ways To Impact Our Planet 

1. Re-purpose old furniture 

2. Shop thrift stores 

3. Re-use kids clothes 

4. Find empty items around the home to make into crafts 

5. Painting old vases to give new life 

6. Recycle 

7. Composting 

8. Using fabric bags 

9. Carpool 

10. Carry reusable water containers 

Another thing that we really like to do is when we eat out or head to the park, we always pack our picnic basket that is fully equipped with re-usable plates, cups and utensils. It makes a breeze to clean up and very little to no waste. It makes for a great date day with the little ones! 

I would love to hear the many things you and your family do to help make little changes to the planet and your day to day life by being environmentally friendly!? 

{Disclosure this post was sponsored post as part of an collaboration program, however all opinions are my own}

Keisha Lynne, xx

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