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Well, it’s something we all say to ourselves or think inside our heads. All the things we want when we buy our home. Yah, know, the dream things… like white kitchens and sound proof walls. How windows overlook certain areas. I remember when we used to rent and we would dream all the things homeowners get to enjoy. The little things that make life just a little easier at home. 

There will always be things we are looking for and things that we want in our homes. But being able to pinpoint the important things when looking to buy is super important. Being able to step inside a home and just know that it has everything you need is the best. These might be things that you don’t even think about when looking. So that is why I’m helping you to keep in mind of all the important things to look out for. 

I recently had the chance to visit the brand new Ferguson Place Homes in Abbotsford. Within 5 minutes of walking in I could already find many things that appealed to me and home owning. These beautiful homes are a dream and I kept drooling over the inside. The residents of these new homes will be so excited to move in and enjoy all the awesome amenities!

6 Things To Look For When Buying Your Home

Sound Proof Walls. 

Always make sure you find out and test out just how soundproof the walls are. Especially if you live near a busy street and worry about noise and traffic. Ferguson Place had zero traffic noise and I loved how quiet it was and felt. 

Laundry Room Upstairs.

This may be debated but for myself I need a laundry room upstairs. The majority of laundry comes from our bedrooms so it just makes sense right?? I was very jealous of these big beautiful laundry rooms with storage space and sink! I mean how smart is that. 

Big Garage Space.

It’s the little things, storage space in a garage is a must for us. We are always outdoors and have our outdoor things stored in our garage along with tools and everything else. So having a nice clean organized spacious space means a lot to us. 

Bathrooms On Each Level. 

When we first moved into our home, I thought that we’d be fine with bathrooms only on two out of three floors. But man was I wrong. We had a potty training toddler and did most of our living middle floor. Not always easy trying to make it upstairs or downstairs for the potty. I think it’s really important to have one on each level just like Ferguson Place did. 

Layout. Be In Love With It. 

You have to enjoy the layout of your home and if you don’t then it just flow with your energy. You need to walk in and feel the placement of each room feels right to you. I loved the layout at Ferguson it felt right and ran so smoothly through the home. 


I loved that Ferguson Place was close to Abbotsford busy downtown core. Being able to quickly get to many shops and boutiques I love to visit and enjoy was a big perk to this location of home. 

Depending on your preference, finding a home that you love and speaks to you and your family is the most important thing of all! Enjoy open house or private showing at Ferguson Place today!

Keisha Lynne, xx

{Disclosure this post was sponsored post as part of an collaboration program, however all opinions are my own}

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