Fresh Perspective | Fuji Film X-A3

Fresh Perspective | Fuji Film X-A3

Not speaking on behalf of being a pro, I will just announce that now! I’m speaking as a mom and beginner photographer. As a blogger photos are key, they are basically everything. Having something nearby thats reliable and trust worthy to take good photos is pretty much the number one thing. I was recently gifted the Fuji Film X-A3 to do just that with. Take photos for the blog and give my thoughts on it! Pretty much a dream being able to work with Fuji Film. This camera has for sure blown me away more so then I thought it would!

I’m about two or three weeks into playing with it and learning more about it. I guess what you could say is that I’m still getting to know it! My favourites so far would be either shooting in Auto or Manual. Which I’m still trying to figure out and play with. Manual is my favourite, but depending on the natural light I sometimes need to just stick with what I know best. Auto!


  • Selfie mode. With the screen it’s able to flip up and rotate to see your self, perfect for selfies or youtube videos
  • Touch LCD Screen
  • Wireless. Best part, being able to touch a few buttons and have the photos sent straight to my phone with no computer or uploading.
  • Filter options are endless
  • Point and shoot
  • Vintage Look, I love the retro look
  • Image Quality is amazing
  • Portable battery powered, plug into outlet.
  • Auto-Focus
  • Mirror less
  • Light weight and compact
  • Pop up Flash

For me and what I’m looking for the Fuji Film X-A3 shoots perfectly. I get good quality images and it’s small and light enough to pack with me. One thing I do find is that it’s taking me a little longer to get use to the screen and photo ops. But I’m slowly catching on! Next on my to-do list will be practicing with the video to try posting some more on my YouTube channel. All in good time though!

I’ll be posting a round up of photos over on my Instagram @lovinglittlesblog to give you more of an idea on what camera I used for each photo. All the photos included in this post below (minus the ones of me) are used with the Fuji Film.

If you have any questions for me about the Fuji Film X-A3 please feel free and ask away!!

Photos By | Julie Christine Photography


Photos Taken with Fuji Film X-A3

Self Mode

Keisha Lynne, xx

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