5 FREE Photo Edit Apps


5 FREE Photo Editing Apps That I LOVE

I often get asked what camera I own and take photos with,  truth be told I actually don’t own a camera! I own a iPhone 6 with a shattered screen, haha. Kind of embarrassing. But I find that with that right lightening the perfect space and a little help from something other than an instagram filter you can create amazing photos.

I do get some special help from photographers who are friends so that is defiantly a bonus! and I love them to death. I’m not one to use apps to reconstruct a photo completely I like to keep them as natural as possible. But it is totally fun to play around with whats out there and finding the right one that you love. I’ve made up a list of some of my secret tools, some I use on a regular basis and some I only use for fun once in awhile. I hope that some of these apps help you. I hope that this helps diminish lost hours scouring the net researching apps that aren’t so great!
  1. Lightroom //
LOVE! This app is my lifesaver on those cloudy days. It’s great to brighten up those dark photos and get rid of shadows. It’s a perfect little photoshop tool on your phone.
  1. VSCO //
Most people have used this app. It’s great for creating a different type of filter. It creates more life for photos and playing around with lightening helps you really make your own type of filter.
  1. MOLDIV //
Just recently discovered this app, so happy I did because it’s a lot of different tools all into one app. Lots of different editing tools, collage, beauty, & a neat magazine tool to mix up your photos!
  1. Easy Eraser //
I barely ever use this app, but it is so fun to just play on! If theres anything that you don’t want visible in your photo you can easily erase it with this app. Sometimes it may not come out the way you totally want it to, so it may be a sign to just keep it there!
  1. Adobe Photo Shop Express //
I could be on this app exploring all day. You can create a drop box for your photos to receive & send, gather images from your phone or take a picture on the app. This app offers tons of filters, red eye, cropping, border, lightening plus! So much to do with one little app.



If you have any that you LOVE, please feel free to share!! I’d love to hear..


Keisha Lynne, xx


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