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There’s SNOW Time Like The Present

I feel like that’s been life’s motto lately, there’s no time like the present. Recently, I’ve been doing much more of that. With quitting my job and being home with the kids and Drew. Working from home has been somewhat of a new balance for me. One that I’m still trying to get use to. When I think about it…

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Buying & Selling with ReShopper

I have a challenge for you. Look around your home, your kids rooms, your garage…and tell me, how many boxes of unused or outgrown items you have that belong to your children? If your like us over here, then your answer will probably be A LOT. We accumulate so many children’s items over the years, that they have either stopped…

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Heart Churro Waffles | Recipe

Good Morning!! Now these might look like some normal yummy tasting waffles to you, but I added something a little more special to make them taste even better. I made these for the Valentines Day we had last week, and as a failed mother I made them after Owen went to school so when he came home after and there…

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Toddler Yoga at Studio B with Namaste Hiking {GIVEAWAY}

Exercising and keeping healthy habits has defiantly changed for me over the years. From no kids to having kids, it’s hard to maintain those habits. I’ve always really enjoyed practising yoga, since I was 16 years old. My mother had volunteered me to sign up for a evening class with I was in high school. Stressed to my max I…

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Celebrate Your Galentine {Brunch Party}

One of my biggest goals for this new year, after leaving my job was to make more of an effort to visit my friends. To have more coffee dates, play dates and just good old fashion hang out time. Reconnecting and enjoying the friendships that are closest to me. Somewhere down the line, between the house, full time work, kids…

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Make That Media Kit | Tips On Making Yours

So before I get started, defiantly not an expert, I’m writing this as someone who has gone through many hours of research and creating. Starting little and then working my way up. This just gives you an idea on how I’m directing mine and making more of an effort to create one. Still not exactly how I would like it…

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Living Room Essentials | WayFair

We have been slowly making our way into finally getting settled in our home, we’ve been living here for about two years now. But owning feels just a little different, we’ve been taking our time figuring out what to buy, where to put it and what looks good where! It feels like we’re starting to find our style in our…

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5 Classic Everyday Wear Pieces // The Penny Coffee

Julie and I finally had the chance to visit this quaint little coffee shop located in Mission, B.C. The Penny Coffee. It is the most unique little spot who’s a cheerleader for the sad lost penny! Full of great treats, quiet space and good smelling coffee!

Memorable 2017 Moments

Seriously, so hard to sit down and only come up with what I did. Looking back over this past year every moment, every photo and every collaboration had a beautiful outcome to be my favourite. I feel so fortunate to have experienced so much with my family and close friends. This past year has taught me a lot from trial…

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STAR LIGHT STAR BRIGHT | New Years with Kids DIY’s

As most of us prepare for an evening dressed up and out kid free for New Years, our little family will be spending it home with kids. Like most years, we don’t really go out and celebrate. It’s really hard to find things to do for New Years outside of the house. Every year we find ourselves in this dilemma…

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