Camelus Home A Sleep Your Whole Family Will Love!

The four of us understand the value and importance of quality bedding when it comes to making our nights sleep the best it can be. There is literally no stopping us on making sure we all have comfy beds! With pillows, fresh sheets, comfy beds and yes Camelus 100% Camel Hair Duvet!

You’re probably thinking the same thing I was at the time, how is it even possible, Camel Hair?? I had never heard of this before and started to research the whole concept and Camelus. It’s actually a really interesting thing. It’s organic and natural, the wool has never been coloured and no synthetic fibers are added. It’s full and preserved to give yearssss of endless fluffiness and comfort. Camelus is the first brand to introduce 100% natural camel hair wool duvets to North American market. Camelus Duvets are lightweight and soft. It helps regulate temperatures but also keeps you really warm in the Winter season. Some more interesting facts, did you know that camel hair does not hold static electricity and it absorbs moisture while quickly drying. Crazy!

Washing is encouraged but not too often, as well as dry clean and to never bleach, iron or tumble dry. 

Another really nice thing is that it’s hypoallergenic and perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. Even with healing powers to restoring the skin after wearing cosmetics and calms the nervous system after a long stressful day.

Sooo, want to know how it’s done… 

Camels have certain shedding times, just like dogs, once their shedding schedules are in late spring while happening they gather up all the shedding camel hair and use it for Camelus. Gently combing, no shredding or colouring. It’s an ethical way of sourcing the material without any harm to camels. Camel hair is self-renewable and biodegradable. These duvets are eco-friendly and no toxins are used in the making of their duvets like regular polyester. Again no camels are harmed in the making of these duvets! 

The duvets come in three sizes: king, full/queen & twin. But they do offer customizing as well, that is a really fun option! They are carefully produced and brought to your home without any harm to the environment and animals. 

Camelus also makes for a really thoughtful gift to anyone who loves a good night sleep, having a good night sleep is so important to our health and stress-levels. We really do believe that sleep is a very important part of our day and is crucial in our overall health. Take time to invest into that! 

To find out more about Camelus visit their website and use CAMELUS10 for 10% off your order!

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Keisha Lynne, xx

Amazon Home Decor Under $100

This is not a sponsored post. I have been surging through creative ways finding deals on home decor because lets face it, we are all broke after the Holidays. But it’s been fun imaging different pieces together and I never really realized how awesome Amazon home decor is. I merely thought of Amazon for baby gear, electronics and random finds. Never would I think that I would find all of these goodies for $100 and under.

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6 Things To Look For When Buying Your Home | Ferguson Place

Well, it’s something we all say to ourselves or think inside our heads. All the things we want when we buy our home. Yah, know, the dream things… like white kitchens and sound proof walls. How windows overlook certain areas. I remember when we used to rent and we would dream all the things homeowners get to enjoy. The little things that make life just a little easier at home. 

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Home Security Anytime, Anywhere with August Lock | Best Buy Canada

I’m not sure if it’s just Drew and I but we get overly excited when we find new gadgets that we get to learn more about and play with. Especially when it comes to our home! Best Buy is always surprising us with fun things like this. We recently had the chance to learn more about the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect. I mean this smart lock is the smartest thing we have installed. It’s full of bells and whistles to keep your family safe and your home safe.  

First things first, we got out the manual and started to read all about August Locks and how to install. All the cool things it can do and how simple it can really make life for a busy family always on the go. You’d be super surprised to learn that installation only took us at the most 20 minutes. No locksmith was needed at all. It was just as simple as screwing off your old lock inside and placing the August Lock up and screwing that in. Only the interior lock gets changed while the outside stays exactly the same.  

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Finding That Perfect Dining Room Light | Before & After

It’s super crazy to think that we’ve been in our home now for just over three years. To watch it slowly and progressively change day by day is insane. I mean all of these changes have been made by us and with a small budget. So when we finally refresh something even just a little it feels like a million dollars in this place!

With each new project we get prouder and prouder of each other for accomplishing. We just recently started to search for some new dining room fixtures and found tons on Troy Lighting. I mean tons! It was really hard to decided but we found one.

Don’t get me wrong I loved the one we did have but in the space it just didnt seem like the best fit. It was chunky and long. It seemed that it was squeezed into a small space on our table instead of being spread out with more room and less bulkiness. Drew figured out how to install all by himself with only minor help from me. He did such an amazing job!

I’m so proud of him!

Measurements were perfect and the look is way better in our dining room. I love the look of it and love to look back over the years to where it was to where it is now! Love our home and the way we are making it our own in our own ways!



Add POPS OF PINK To Any Room

We are in the midst of refreshing up our master bedroom! Cue the happy tears!! We are upgrading our queen to a king and fully transforming the style of our adult room. Which means the floral print is gone. And adding pops of pink to my room is always a must. It really is a colour that breathes fresh air into any room.

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Bright Ideas about Recycling Your Light Bulbs. Q&A

If there is one thing blatantly obvious in our home, it’s the fact that I love lamps. I’m a sucker for that dim cozy light in every room you walk into. Soft and soothing, it’s just so relaxing to me. Every room in our home has a lamp. With that comes a large amount of light bulbs. Every light bulb in our home does get recycled properly thanks to learning more about light recycling. But like myself, I’m sure you have some questions and need a little help in the right direction when it comes to recycling light bulbs. Where to take them? Why we do it? The benefits?  

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Making A Small Space Functional with Woodwaves Decor | GIVEAWAY


About two years ago now, when we were first scattered on the real estate market. First time buyers searching for a home. We ran into so many dilemmas. So many places just didn’t feel like us. Sure we could create it to make it feel like us. But you always want the ahh feeling. SOmething in your home has to give you that ahh feeling. That feeling of being safe, cozy, kinda quiet. The feeling where your whole body sinks into a space and you feel ease.

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How To Install | Nest Learning Thermostat

Winter is coming!! Time to start warming up inside and cozying up!

Drew and I have been noticing lately that our thermostat that originally came with the home we purchased two years ago was kind of falling apart. Slowly day by day things just started to fall off or not work. Not good! haha We have Winter approaching and cold snowy weather. We needed to do something quick, soooo Drew started his manly research and stumbled upon the NEST Learning Thermostat. Literally, the coolest thing we’ve both have ever seen when it comes to home technology.Not only is it extremely stylish and modern for your home theres so many different selections to choose from on it and how to set it up. Best part how incredibly easy it is to install!

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For Your Home | This Weeks Favourite Finds

Today I’m sitting here and for the past two days our entry ways in the process of being renovated. THANK YOU DREW. It’s a very joyful time for us, it’s been a project long coming! New flooring, paint, furniture.. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! And because of this I’ve been searching and sourcing out home decor stores that offer quality pieces that I love. I often feel I go through a roller coaster of trends but lately I’m feeling the more modern farmhouse look. 

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