My Favourites | Throw Pillow Round Up

I made this kinda funny, well I thought it was funny tik tok the other day. You can find it on my Instagram also. The “sorry not sorry” for buying MORE throw pillows! hahaha I seriously love them and have an addiction. But not to just any I have a specific taste and style. When it comes down to it so do the kids and Drew.

A few things I like looking for are comfiness (if that’s even a word!haha) but how comfy it is and what’s it stuffed with. I think the soft feather fill is the favourite here. At GP Furniture they have so many of these styled pillows with funny cute quotes that put a smile on our faces. They are the perfect size to, not to big and not to small. Just right!

I also found that Article, had some really great styling pillows including Sheepskin Seat Pads, that sound amazing. They have some great colours and textures to. Another favourite place is Loloi Rugs, they also have throw pillows that are drop dead gorgeous!

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Camelus Home A Sleep Your Whole Family Will Love!

The four of us understand the value and importance of quality bedding when it comes to making our nights sleep the best it can be. There is literally no stopping us on making sure we all have comfy beds! With pillows, fresh sheets, comfy beds and yes Camelus 100% Camel Hair Duvet!

You’re probably thinking the same thing I was at the time, how is it even possible, Camel Hair?? I had never heard of this before and started to research the whole concept and Camelus. It’s actually a really interesting thing. It’s organic and natural, the wool has never been coloured and no synthetic fibers are added. It’s full and preserved to give yearssss of endless fluffiness and comfort. Camelus is the first brand to introduce 100% natural camel hair wool duvets to North American market. Camelus Duvets are lightweight and soft. It helps regulate temperatures but also keeps you really warm in the Winter season. Some more interesting facts, did you know that camel hair does not hold static electricity and it absorbs moisture while quickly drying. Crazy!

Washing is encouraged but not too often, as well as dry clean and to never bleach, iron or tumble dry. 

Another really nice thing is that it’s hypoallergenic and perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. Even with healing powers to restoring the skin after wearing cosmetics and calms the nervous system after a long stressful day.

Sooo, want to know how it’s done… 

Camels have certain shedding times, just like dogs, once their shedding schedules are in late spring while happening they gather up all the shedding camel hair and use it for Camelus. Gently combing, no shredding or colouring. It’s an ethical way of sourcing the material without any harm to camels. Camel hair is self-renewable and biodegradable. These duvets are eco-friendly and no toxins are used in the making of their duvets like regular polyester. Again no camels are harmed in the making of these duvets! 

The duvets come in three sizes: king, full/queen & twin. But they do offer customizing as well, that is a really fun option! They are carefully produced and brought to your home without any harm to the environment and animals. 

Camelus also makes for a really thoughtful gift to anyone who loves a good night sleep, having a good night sleep is so important to our health and stress-levels. We really do believe that sleep is a very important part of our day and is crucial in our overall health. Take time to invest into that! 

To find out more about Camelus visit their website and use CAMELUS10 for 10% off your order!

Camelus Home

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Keisha Lynne, xx

Living That King Sized Bed Life | Upgrading with ENDY

It’s been some time now since we decided to make the complete upgrade from Queen sized bed to a King. It was sort of a scary thought to completely change our room. But with many nights of kids crawling into our bed and squeezing their little buns in, leaving hardly any room for Drew and I, causing us to lose sleep or even worse worrying that Ella would fall off our bed because of the lack of room we decided that making a change was imperative. 

You know those days where in the middle of the night they squeeze to the side of the bed without warning and yah rollover meaning they roll over! It’s not fun! Our plan to action was always with ENDY! We love their Canadian quality mattresses. They are a forever favourite in this house and changing to a different style was not an option for us. We wanted to stick to our ENDY but bump up the size.  

ENDY is actually a family favourite since the kids have grown up sleeping on an ENDY and to them it now feels like home when they sleep on one. We all enjoy the comfort and good sleep we get from sleeping on ours every night. It’s gotten to the point now that the kids bring their ENDY pillows with them when we travel anywhere! 

So yes, when you ask us “Do you like your ENDY?” I will always answer with a positive YES. Upgrading to their King sized mattress was the best decision we’ve made and I thank my lucky stars every night that we did so.  

If you’re curious, they do offer a 100-night trial sleep to test one out, offer a 10-year warranty and also a down payment plan as well. Making it super easy for you to decide. I know you’ll decide YES like we did. The process is extremely easy once you’ve made the decision and purchased one. It ships and arrives at your door in a box, wiggle it to your room and open it up!  

I’m thankful that it is also a really great one-stop shop for everything bedding now giving you selections on mattresses, pillows, sheets, duvet, duvet covers and bed frames now! It’s incredible how this Canadian company has grown into what it is today and I’m proud to stand behind it and everything they offer! 

So if you’re in the same boat we were a few months back and not sure if you should just go ahead with that upgrade. Trust me you won’t regret it! A much easier  process than we thought it would be and our sleep has completely changed for the better. Now when kids roll in with us, we all fit nice and cozy together!  

Better yet, if you use LOVINGLITTLES50 and get yourself $50 off your next mattress! 

Keisha lynne, xx

{Disclosure this post was part of a collaboration program, however all opinions are my own}

Pretty In Pink | Ellas Bedroom Refresh Reveal

We are pink obsessed over here! Well let’s be honest it’s actually Ella, she honestly loves all the colours she has the brightest enthusiasm. But when she saw me roll into her room with paint products and preparing the room her eyes lit up. She was SO excited to see that we painted her wall PINK! Lately, I’ve been feeling that with her bright personality she really needed a room that matched just that. She’s airy, sweet and full of fun! Just like her room….

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