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Creating A Cozy Office Space

As soon as our Holiday vacation was over it was really hard to get back into the work routine. Every morning heading to my office downstairs was a little tricky. I wanted to escape this room and lounge on the couch watching tv. One thing that I knew that I needed to do was transform my office into a room…

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Support Your Local Chilliwack Caffeine Dealer!

It’s honestly no secret my love and drive for coffee. It’s the first thing that greets me in the morning. But I have to tell you a funny little fact, I actually didn’t have my first cup of coffee until the age of 22. Thats when it first tasted like the heavens opened up and I could see the light….

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Macy’s First Time Exploring Snow

To say that we’ve become obsessed dog parents wouldn’t be a lie. We’ve been spoiling this sweet girl since the day she’s come home with us. And since it’s become Winter and snowing we’ve been itching to get her into the snow. But sort of hesitated also because well we were frankly afraid of her running off on us and…

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Creating a vision board with your kids

This morning, I woke up with this feeling of inspiration. It was awesome after the Holiday break and worried of coming back into work not having any motivation. The only problem was that I woke up with a million ideas and really not sure how to handle them all. I wanted to dig deep first with all of these ideas…

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10 Reasons Why Goldendoodles Make For a Great Family Pet

You all have seen our Macy girl and have been watching her grow. If you follow me on Instagram you’re probably know how much we love her with all the IG stories and posts. But guys, this dog is our dream dog. She’s amazing. She’s all kinds of goodness. This girl is a handful, yes. I’m not going to deny…

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Amazon Home Decor Under $100

This is not a sponsored post. I have been surging through creative ways finding deals on home decor because lets face it, we are all broke after the Holidays. But it’s been fun imaging different pieces together and I never really realized how awesome Amazon home decor is. I merely thought of Amazon for baby gear, electronics and random finds….

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Highlights From 2019 | A Year In Review

Have you ever had a year that you just didn’t want to end? The year was just so good to us that I’m really sad to see it go. We’ve had some amazing times and grew so much over 2019, all of us.

Our Growing Golden Doodle Macy Lynne | 5 Months Old

TIME FLIES! Crazy to think that our little fur ball baby girl Macy is hitting 5 months. We are still and more than ever in love with her. She has all those good qualities of a golden retriever and all the stubbornness of a poodle. Snacks are her best friend along with a lot and I mean A LOT of…

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10 Hilarious Holiday Letter Board Quotes

Letter boards. haha Well, I love them and I feel like we all need a good one laying around our home so when you walk by that cheeky quote makes you smile. I mean there’s nothing wrong with that right?? Sure, they’re overplayed. But of course they are. They make us laugh, they’re relatable and half of them speak to…

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Herschel Gear For Everyday | Dressing Our Family

{Disclosure this post was sponsored post as part of an collaboration program, however all opinions are my own} The past year has brought to our family many travelling days that we enjoyed so much. It’s been a huge meaningful thing for Drew and I to be able to travel more with our kids. Learn more and appreciate more the area…

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