• The Best Homemade SnickerDoodle Waffles

    Saturday & Sunday mornings are what my kids live for all week. That morning of sleeping in and waking up to the smell of waffles & strawberry sauce. We've been trying to gather around the ...

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    The Best Homemade SnickerDoodle Waffles
  • 10 Things To Thrift

    You're probably starting off by reading this and thinking, why only 10? Well, to start off, I do look for more than 10 things but to be honest I could be here all day writing off everything I look for ...

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    10 Things To Thrift
  • 5 Fun Things To Do Downtown Langley This Spring Break

    Spring Break 2021 Wahoooooo! Getting this party started with a little girls day Downtown Langley with my baby girl. We roamed the streets and checked out some fun stuff for the both of us girls to ...

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    5 Fun Things To Do Downtown Langley This Spring Break
  • Winter Escape To Emerald Lake

    Escaping for a few days has been on our mind for awhile lately. We've been doing our best at self isolating and restricting our visits out. But I've gotta say our mental health needed some clarity. We ...

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    Winter Escape To Emerald Lake
  • Tubing Park at Sasquatch Mountain Resort

    A couple weekends ago, we really needed a family day out. With things slowly opening we've been also slowly going to these things that are slowly opening. Starting with the tubing park at Sasquatch ...

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    Tubing Park at Sasquatch Mountain Resort

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Vitamins Just For Kids | All Kidz

Wanting my kids to feel good from the inside out is literally every parents goal and mission. We recently received these just for kids vitamins from All Kidz and they’ve been a crucial part of our daily routine. My kids actually love vitamins, and these ones I don’t even need to ask them to take them, they ask me if…

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Mini Blueberry Heart Pies

I started this little fun one the other week I had full intentions of it actually not working out because a lot of what I try to do just doesn’t work out as planned sometimes. This one though threw me for a curve ball and not only turned out great but also tasted so good to. See, I’m one of…

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My Favourites | Throw Pillow Round Up

I made this kinda funny, well I thought it was funny tik tok the other day. You can find it on my Instagram also. The “sorry not sorry” for buying MORE throw pillows! hahaha I seriously love them and have an addiction. But not to just any I have a specific taste and style. When it comes down to it…

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Snow Shoeing With My Little Ones

Yesterday we tried something new. Snow shoeing! We took the kids to Manning Park and rented some snow shoes. Going into this I knew that I would just be taking it one minute at a time with two kids. We settled outside together and strapped on our snow shoes and off we went. Again, keeping in mind I knew what…

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Before & After Painted Vintage Dresser

Look at this fabulous job my husband did painting this vintage dresser! Yup, I give him credit. I went into this project knowing darn well it was mine to do and my guy stepped right in. He loved the look of this dresser just as much as I did. The uniqueness of this dresser totally caught my eye. It was…

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Eternity Modern | Creating a cozy mid-modern space

My family likes to joke with me, I’m always the one re-arranging furniture and finding new pieces to bring into our home to try out. It’s a lot of fun and keeps things interesting. Needless to say, I enjoy a little feng shui if you will. This is where Eternity Modern comes into play. For me, I really enjoy beinging…

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Peppy Lu Rainbow Wall Decals

Wall decals are literally my best friend in the kids rooms. They’re so easy to apply and gives that bland wall a little pop of colour and fun. I’ve had them ever since we moved into our new home and loving them ever since. They’re also very easy to remove with no sticky residue after or yucky marks of where…

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Camelus Home A Sleep Your Whole Family Will Love!

The four of us understand the value and importance of quality bedding when it comes to making our nights sleep the best it can be. There is literally no stopping us on making sure we all have comfy beds! With pillows, fresh sheets, comfy beds and yes Camelus 100% Camel Hair Duvet! You’re probably thinking the same thing I was…

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No Bake Peanut Butter Confetti Squares

We started the Christmas baking or in this case, no bake! hahaha These are both mine and Drews favourite. This recipe turned out way better than we both anticipated and so thankful for that! hahaha In the past I’ve tried with a few other recipes and failed big time. So this is a no fail recipe to.

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