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Fairmont Vancouver for the Santa Claus Parade

Our family visit to the Fairmont Vancouver to watch our first ever Vancouver Santa Claus Parade was by far one of our most memorable family weekends away. To start off I’m not going to get into detail the stress we endured to make it there with rush hour traffic. So lets skip that part! The boys had decided that they…

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Little Laundry Room Refresh with Canadian Tire | 5 Budget Friendly Tips

Styling little spaces scare the heck out of me. With not much space and so many ideas, it can totally feel overwhelming and leave you unsure about your ideas. Let’s be real Pinterest is really no help, sometimes it just makes the struggle even more real. For our LITTLE laundry room we knew we had to make a change. Our…

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Healthy Habits with Renew Life

Habits and routine! It’s usually so hard to get them going but once you do, it’s hard to remember a time when you didn’t do them. It’s December, the Christmas month. It’s a given we eat whatever, whenever. It’s so tough to avoid when theres so much to munch on. But at the end of the day when you add…

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Sweet Braided Blueberry Pie

We’ve officially entered that baking time of the year. Have you started?? I’m not as quite caught up as I would like to be but soon I’ll be getting my butt into gear. I started with this really simple sweet blueberry pie. Thanks to Klassen Farms in Chilliwack, I was able to recently load up on some of their really…

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Fresh Perspective | Fuji Film X-A3

Fresh Perspective | Fuji Film X-A3 Not speaking on behalf of being a pro, I will just announce that now! I’m speaking as a mom and beginner photographer. As a blogger photos are key, they are basically everything. Having something nearby thats reliable and trust worthy to take good photos is pretty much the number one thing. I was recently…

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OH CHRISTMAS TREE Our family tree went up today! It’s big, flocked and gorgeous. This is our second time with a flocked tree from Minter Gardens and I’ve have to admit that it’s been my favourite to have set up. It’s easy to pick up and bring home, tree stand is already attached, no needles falling to the ground, no…

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Happy 3rd Birthday Ella | Swan So Sweet

Happy 3rd Birthday Ella | Swan So Sweet Our little girl is three today, it’s amazing and quite depressing how fast time flies and how grown up our children are becoming. I’m so incredibly proud of our young lady and so happy that we share a common interest, all things pink, sweet and pretty! 

Holiday Gift Guide + Giveaway

 Holiday Gift Guide + Giveaway Every year, the scrambling begins what do I get, what do they need, what do they want for Christmas!? I love finding some sweet gems, some loca,l some a little more of a splurge just for the heck of it. This year with some really amazing help from some awesome creatives, I put together one…

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Favourite Captured Memories | 10 Photographers

Favourite Captured Memories | 10 Photographers  I have been very fortunate since blogging, to have worked with so many talented photographers, I could name soo many. Today I really wanted to show some appreciation for a few of them and all their hard work in helping me create the best captured memories. I know myself, that its not always an easy…

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The Pink Jacket | Tuesday Trend

The Pink Jacket | Tuesday Trend Sometimes when you find that one piece that you love so much, it makes you remember why you love dressing up in the first place! Recently, I had the pleasure of working with H&M on a campaign. With that I had the opportunity to go on a sweet little shopping spree kidless! Yes, alone….

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