Spring TableScape with Bed Bath & Beyond

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post with Bed Bath & Beyond all opinions are of my own and align with our lifestyle.

So sad this weekend is over! Our weekend was very busy like all the others, so busy in fact that this cold came back again and completely wiped me of any energy to spare this evening! Drew and I spent all yesterday browsing Bed Bath & Beyond preparing for our new dining room look. We were able to do a full shop and include lots of favourites shown here to get ready for Spring. Both of us get so excited when we get to fully browse for the home is this huge store, like kids in an adult candy shop!…

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Behind The Scenes | Truths About Blogging

When you hear the word “Blogger” what comes to mind for you? Is it influencer? Social Media Guru? The so called “Free Stuff” (not actually free stuff though)? Those are just a few of them that might. There is a lot more behind blogging then those terms. There’s a lot more behind the scenes that you might not really know. I know I didn’t when I first started and I’m still learning. Some like to say to me “You have a Dream Job” yes it is a dream job but it’s not a perfect dream job. No job is always perfect with sunshine and rainbows greeting you every morning!…

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Master Bathroom Refresh Reveal | Before & After

This home project feels like it’s been taking us forever, in reality it really hasn’t. But because it was on our “list to do” since finishing our bedroom it feels over due. Either way with our hectic schedules we managed to do a little something just to freshen it up a little bit and have it flow nicely with our master bedroom. Our hearts are longing to re-do the floors and vanity but with our rookie moves we’ll slowly start to learn the process there and eventually change those up to….

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Our Family Stay At Pacific Sands Beach Front Resort | Tofino

It’s not very often that our family finds the time to go on vacation. With Drew’s hectic work schedule and Owen in school right now it’s almost impossible to find time to sneak away. Somehow the stars aligned and we managed to do it. All thanks to BC Ferries and Pacific Sands Resort. We had the best time the four of us hanging out and just relaxing taking in all the quietness. It truly was exactly what this family needed!…

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Seven Indoor Plants Even You Can’t Kill

For something like this it only seemed natural that Codi and I touch base on some SUPER easy to care for indoor plants. You know the ones that you can’t kill no matter how hard you try. Or not try! Needless to say we may not have the greenest thumb but we still really love house plants and greenery. We still try no matter what and there are plants out there for those of you who can’t keep any plants living for to long!…

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There’s SNOW Time Like The Present

I feel like that’s been life’s motto lately, there’s no time like the present. Recently, I’ve been doing much more of that. With quitting my job and being home with the kids and Drew. Working from home has been somewhat of a new balance for me. One that I’m still trying to get use to. When I think about it for the last 15 years (minus maternity leaves) I’ve always worked, I’ve always worked outside of the home. That has been my forever routine. …

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Buying & Selling with ReShopper

I have a challenge for you. Look around your home, your kids rooms, your garage…and tell me, how many boxes of unused or outgrown items you have that belong to your children? If your like us over here, then your answer will probably be A LOT. We accumulate so many children’s items over the years, that they have either stopped loving or have outgrown OR just stop needing. Until recently we would stare at it trying to figure out what to do with it. Debating selling it or keeping it just in case? In reality, we most likely won’t use. …

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Heart Churro Waffles | Recipe

Good Morning!!

Now these might look like some normal yummy tasting waffles to you, but I added something a little more special to make them taste even better. I made these for the Valentines Day we had last week, and as a failed mother I made them after Owen went to school so when he came home after and there was only one left for him… Let’s just say I got into some BIG trouble! So I defiantly need to make these again they were that good. Easy to!…

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Celebrate Your Galentine {Brunch Party}

One of my biggest goals for this new year, after leaving my job was to make more of an effort to visit my friends. To have more coffee dates, play dates and just good old fashion hang out time. Reconnecting and enjoying the friendships that are closest to me. Somewhere down the line, between the house, full time work, kids etc. It was one thing that I sometimes slacked, not on purpose but just because life gets way to busy and out of control!…

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Make That Media Kit | Tips On Making Yours

So before I get started, defiantly not an expert, I’m writing this as someone who has gone through many hours of research and creating. Starting little and then working my way up. This just gives you an idea on how I’m directing mine and making more of an effort to create one. Still not exactly how I would like it but I feel like many things it will constantly be a work in progress. I love the idea of a media kit. When I first started I for sure thought it was a bit extreme but the more and more I started to do the more I realized that having one is key to getting more!…

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