Our Entry Room Makeover | Before & After

It’s finished!! Feels like it’s been taking some time, but once you see how much we had to do you will understand why. Everything that was here when we moved in was original. We loved that we could learn and change some things to personalize our home a little more for ourselves.

Drew had SO much help from one of his friends, taking apart the floor and installing new floors. Once they finished all that hard work. We decided to give the walls a fresh new coat of paint. Along with a new railing and furniture to give this little space new life. We have never done floors before. So Drew learnt a lot during this process. Excited to try and tackle others in the home now!

Turned out just the way I wanted it to. Loving every bit of it. The after part that is! Take a peek below…


Installing New Floors


A big thank you to the help from

Wayfair Canada

General Paint

Keisha Lynne, xx

Memorable 2018 Moments |Happy New Year

The end of the year wouldn’t be complete without a look  back right?? 
These past couple of weeks marked one year of quitting my full time job and pursuing Blogging as my full time gig instead. Trust me when I say it was stressful. I was tested over and over. I doubted the whole idea numerous of times. I made some HUGE mistakes. Mistakes that were actually learning lessons. Trusted to much. Didn’t trust enough. Felt defeated. 

But at the same time all of this lead me to other emotions and feelings.Like being blown away by all of your support and sweet caring thoughtful messages cheering me on from the sideline. Being my friend and making connections with me and my family. Trusting me with your brand/buisness. Feeling a huge urge of being creative. Which fuels me! No better feeling in the world for myself than to be creative and do things I love. I have learnt to trust my gut, intuition, how to say no when needed and balance it all over again in a different light. 

I’ve been so lucky by this last year. and I’m incredibly grateful for things I’ve achieved, small and big. I’m constantly learning and challenging myself. I’ve learnt A LOT about myself that I never really knew before…
Crazy to think you know yourself, when you really don’t! I reminded myself to cheer on the good times even when I felt like I should hide them or not to boast or brag. I learnt thatnumbers are really just a number. Quality of work, relationships & engagement are truly important!

I’ve taken a quick moment to remember all the good 2018 provided for us. Most importantly our health and happiness. Those are the things I strive for with our family. These are the moments we live for and are awaken with. I’m very excited to start 2019 and a little sad to be leaving a great year behind!

The Bunny Alice

Family Trips | Pacific Sands

Galentines Brunch

Dining Table Collaboration

Owen Started Grade 5

Lavender Field & Sunflower Fest


Family Session with Kaila Wren Photography

Summer Trips |Cultus Lake, Lakes, Adventure Park, Boats.. etc

Milk Bath

Home Renovations

Flourish Motherhood Magazine

Ella Turning 4

Robson Street

This Tree


Julie Christine

Rebecca Lynn

Kaila Wren

Breanna Bradley

Vanessa Marie

Jennifer Roessler

Four Winter Outfits | Dressy & Causal with Kersh Style

Winter is here, and we all know it can be so tricky to make that switch in wardrobe. To finally add the layers and then some evenings not have as much as we dress up and go out on the town! I was lucky enough to find this very cute ladies apparel line Kersh Style and they have literally everything under the sun. From dressing up your look to really bringing it a little more casual for those cozy days inside staying warm!

The really awesome part about Kersh Style is that you can either host styled parties yourself at home with your girlfriends orrr you can even become a stylist yourself and earn some income as well! All you have to do is visit this page Become A Stylist and sign up! Super easy!

If you use code KEISHAB you can receive discounts off items you purchase and becoming a stylist to! Kind of nice knowing you could make a little bit of extra cash sitting home and possibly going out and meeting new people. The perks of becoming your own boss!

Today I’m sharing four great looks that I love from the line, a little bit of everything dressy to casual for this Winter season. 

Look 1 | Contrast Dress

I love this piece it’s super comfy, has pockets!! It’s a perfect dress for around the home or even dressing up for a night out. Theres really so much you can do with this piece!

Look 2 | Chunky Knit Cardigan 

I literally fell in love with this chunky thing the moment I saw it. I wear it alll the time. I even wear it on cold evenings in my PJ’s. It’s a staple in my closet for sure this Winter. The colour is a perfect light pink!

Look 3 | Wrap Skirt & Black Tee

A little more dressier than I normally go. But this look just had me feeling to push myself to something a little different. Once I tried it on, it just fit perfectly and knew it would make a great outfit for date night, my favourite night!

Look 4 | Cropped Leg Pant & Puff Sleeve Pullover

Kind of saving the best for last here, I’m not going to lie!! This outfit has been my favourite pieced together. Defiantly can dress it up and down. I love having both to work with. The pants look super dressy but very comfy so it makes them feel more casual. Sweater has a very sweet subtle pink colour and just as comfy as the pants!

I might add that I also have my hands on a few other pieces from Kersh Style that I’m very excited to share as well. But for now I will give you this little taste! Be sure to go check them out, and if you host a party invite me!!!

Photography | Julie Christine Photography 

Kersh Style | Website  Instagram  Facebook

Keisha Lynne, xx

Spiced Mulled Wine Recipe with Maan Farms | GIVEAWAY

The countdown is on my friends! Only have one more working day left until CHRISTMAS BREAK. We are soo excited over here so I’m sure you guys are to. So to kick off all the festive activities and down time with family and friends. I’ve teamed up with Maan Farms and sharing a nice giveaway along with a tasty, easy & quick recipe for Spiced Mulled Wine!

Using their berry homemade wines, and a couple other ingredients mixed together makes for the perfect cozy night in drink! We love their homemade wines so much that we’re giving one lucky reader the chance to win ONE WHOLE CASE from them! How amazing is that… Keep reading on how to entry and write down this recipe. It’s been on repeat for me!

Spiced Mulled Wine 


  • 1 Bottle Maan Farm Berry Wine
  • 2 Cups Apple Cider
  • 1/2 Cup Honey
  • Cranberries
  • Oranges (Garnish) 
  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • Star of Anise

Mix everything together in a slow cooker, or a large pot and let it simmer on low heat. I mixed a little more of some things and less than for others. Totally depends on how strong you like it and what more of ingredients you like! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Keisha Lynne, xx

Photography | Jennifer Roessler Photography 

Vancouver Christmas Tradition | Santa Claus Parade

This is becoming quite the family tradition we can agree on! This was our second year visiting Vancouver this time of the year to stay the night and watch the Vancouver Santa Claus parade with the thanks to TELUS. Our family always has such a great time. It’s not to often we get a night away together or get Drew into the city at all. So when we do it’s always extra special to us!

We stayed at the Fairmont Vancouver once again, always such a nice and fun stay here. Around Christmas it always gives me that Home Alone 2 feel, The Plaza. Something about it all decorated and beautiful! The kids faces always lightup when we come here to stay.

We toured around the city late at night finding food and looking at all the lights on Robson Square. Then we just slowly walked back to the hotel. A very easy going and chill evening. The kids have a blast in the pool and their late night cookies with milk. Watching movies in bed until passing out. In the morning we woke up nice and early and hit my favourite spot. Crepe! So delicious and so close. It was awesome! And as good as always.

By the mid-afternoon the kids were ready to get some fun started. We met down by the Vancouver Art Gallery and there they had the chance to play games, face painting, crafts and listened to carols! By 1pm the parade started and we were sitting waiting patiently. 

Always so in love with the excitement and festive vibes while watching this parade. I’ve never been to a Santa Claus parade before last year. So now when I get the chance to go, always take it! The kids just have a blast to. With their hot chocolates and treats. Waiting for Santa’s float to arrive!

Every time it gets my little heart melting watching them watch the parade. Something always to look forward to with my little family! 

Photography | Nadine Hanson Photography 

Thank you to TELUS, Fairmont Vancouver & Vancouver Santa Claus Parade for everything you do for our family!!

Keisha Lynne, xx

Holiday Hosting Table Setting | DIY’S, Ideas and More…

Not that long ago I was asked to be apart of a wonderful festive collaboration with a few of my close friends We managed to create some fun Holiday ideas & DIY’s to bring together this beautiful Holiday Table Setting. I love nothing more than to create, host and feed friends with drinks and food. So this was a definite yes for me…

Seeing everything pieced together in these photos was just so awesome to see. I mean, sometimes it’s refreshing to have new ideas and new ways to do things. So if your feeling like you may need some help or some inspiration keep scrolling!

Today Creative Wife Joyful Worker, Julie Christine, Gold n Grasses   and I are sharing some of these ideas below along with my Cranberry Coconut Bliss Drink. If your not in the mood to host right now then I assure you by the end of this you will be! xx

DIY Spiced Rum Hot Chocolate 

Perfect for hosting gifts, teachers gifts. You name it! A beautiful little DIY made by Julie Christine!

Details Here…

Charcuterie Board & Lemon Ginger Sparkling Cocktail 

A delicious little mix of cocktails and tasty treats. Deserts and more… Table setting and appetizers organized by Creative Wife Joyful Worker. 

Details Here...

DIY Art & Silk Garland 

Such a beautiful duo of decor put together by Gold n Grasses. Chalie is always so wonderfully creative at anything she does and always puts together some beautiful pieces to work around. 

Details Here…

Coconut Cranberry Bliss Cocktail 

This one I put together a few weeks back. It’s so good and easy to make that I’m adding it again to this post! It’s a must drink for sure, even as a mocktail!

Details Here…

The kids have been counting down, getting ready and it’s very scary and fun. But not that many more days left. So cheers to a wonderful Christmas and creating fun filled memories with family and friends! 

Photography | Julie Christine 

Keisha Lynne, xx

Canadian Blogger Holiday Home Tour | Loving Littles Blog

Hey Friends!!

If you haven’t already watched it, myself and 5 other Canadian Bloggers put together a fun series of Insta-Stories to showcase our Holiday Decor in our home. Decorated and all themed CHRISTMAS!! How fun! You can still watch it for a little bit longer (24hour rule on stories!) But if your to late, thats ok, because we are basically sharing everything on there here today. Along with links and tags to shops and pieces we own!

As well as I’m tagging a couple DIY’s and very inexpensive ideas to decorate your home. Because it doesn’t need to cost a lot of money to turn your home into a dreamy Holiday Home.

First off we will start in the entry room… Newly renovated. I haven’t even posted before photos yet. You’ll be seeing those soon..

Entry Room 

After this room we snuck upstairs to our Living Room/Play Area. Where the main event stands tall and pretty. Our flocked Christmas Tree from Minter Gardens. It’s beautiful!

Play Area

In the living space we have all of our stockings hung on the mantel and some fresh greenery along the top. 

Living Space

For the kitchen the light was just to dark for me to even snap any photos. The biggest piece we added there was garland around the very top of our shelves along the whole one side of the kitchen. 

Then across the room we have the dining room. I set the table so that it’s usable at any moment. Something thats simple but fancy! Greenery, candles, wine, brass ornaments. Very woodsy and outdoor feel which I love, it makes it feel so cozy in this space!

Dining Room

Along the one side of the wall in the dining room we have this antique hutch I found years ago. There I placed our Google Home Max for Christmas music, candles, a few other little decorations I have picked up along the way including some DIY’S!

Re-Purposed Candle Jars DIY

Home Decor Finds 

Ornaments | Canadian Tire, Superstore, Minter Gardens, The Button Box Boutique

Baby Its Cold Sign | AllyBeth Design Co

White Entry Bench | Wayfair Canada 

Wicker Basket | Walmart 

Pillows | Pillow Fight Factory 

Candles | Canvas Candle Co, Vancouver Candle Co, The Button Box Boutique

Stockings Blanket & Pillow Case | 607 Davie & Choy

Stocking Hangers | Superstore

Flocked Christmas Tree Ribbon Ornaments | Minter Garden 

Wire Trees | Dollar Store

Brass Reindeer | Thrift store. Spray painted gold 

Dishes & Placemats | Bed Bath & Beyond 

Ornaments & Silver Garland | The Button Box Boutique

Door Wreath | Vintage Meadow

Tall Wire Shelf | Woodwaves Furniture 

Follow along with our Canadian Blogger Friends below to view their homes as well… Happy Decorating!

White Picket FarmHouse

Karin U Living

Petite Prairie Family 

Kelsi Kendel 

Kristina Lynne

10 Family Holiday Movies on Netflix & TELUS On Demand

‘Tis the season to turn the heat on and snuggle around the Christmas tree with the family while watching all the Christmas movies you can. Our family loves to watch them all and then over again. We will quite honestly watch any Holiday themed movie we can find. We break out the snacks and hot chocolate and just laze around enjoying each other’s company. While having a few giggles! 

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Holiday Giveaway with Klaassen Farms

As you probably already know our family is obsessed with Klaassen Farms blueberries. Located in our little/big area of Chilliwack. Thankfully we can enjoy them all year long! Summer time fresh off the bush and at Winter time we love getting their frozen blueberries. Picking them up is very easy thanks to their cute and cozy little shop they have with fun gifts inside. 

We recently took a little trip out to visit the shop and it’s full of Holiday Cheer. Tons of blueberries, thoughtful local gifts to get your loved one and best part is that anything edible is blueberry related. Blueberry chocolates, blueberry jam! It’s blueberry heaven to my family. Starting December 1st you can visit the store and stock up on your favourites from Canvas Candle, New Moon, NEU Botanicals, Meadow Vista and many many more.

I love the quaint feel of this shop and how much love they have for our community and their family farm. It’s always such a wonderful feeling visiting this gem. To celebrate their newly renovated in store shop we have teamed up to give you some special giveaways to enter and win a piece of them this Holiday Season!!

Each prize will come with a 20 pound of blueberries and you’ll get the chance yourself to visit! 

December Hours

1st-22nd & 27th 

Monday – Saturday 



51211 Chilliwack Central Rd

Follow Along….

Facebook  | Website | Instagram

Prize | 

  • Two Jars of Homemade Blueberry Jam
  • 1 Bag Blueberry Covered Chocolates
  • 20 Pounds Frozen Blueberries
  • 2 Canvas Candles
  • 3 Bags New Moon Tea
  • 4 Jars Meadow Vista Honey

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Photography | Kaila Wren Photography

Keisha lynne, xx

Happy 4th Birthday Sweet Ella

To our sweet little Ella Lynne on her 4th Birthday…

Girl, you are the light in this family that shines every single day. Your heart is pure gold and you have a smile that pierces us inside deep. Your kind words and sassy attitude can’t help but make us smile. Your more personality than I ever thought could be and everyday we are so thankful for that. You help remind us that girly things like princess’s and pink are an everyday thing and it’s never to much. You help keep us in check with what is cool for toys and whats not.

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