15 Ways That Help Keep You Focused While Working From Home

Welcome to the world of working from home. It isn’t always the prettiest or the most ideal way to be productive but it has it’s perks. For any parent with kids who are home right now, I feel the hardships it can bring. It can make you feel crazy on your sanest days. I have been working from home now for about two years and it honestly feels like a roller coaster ride of ups and downs.

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Laundry Room Renovation with GP Furniture and Home Hardware | Before & After

Today is an exciting day. Today I get to share with you our laundry room. The before, the after, the products we used and the efficient help we received from GP Home Furniture in picking out the best washer and dryer for our family! From start to finish this room gave me butterflies the whole time seeing the process slowly come together.  

Yes, it’s not a huge room to worry about but for myself, designing something with some functionality was a big part of it. Creating something with a fun and modern farmhouse look was important to me. Making sure everything is properly installed and in working condition was a major key to getting this laundry room in order. I feel very lucky to have a walk-in room to work in because let’s be honest, the laundry room is the room where I spend a lot of time at the end of the day.  

It’s also the main focal point you see when you’re first walking up our home stairs to our second floor. To me this room is just as important as any of the other rooms we use daily.  

Our first step in making this transformation happen was finding all of our building materials and paint supplies at Home Hardware. Everything we used to make this room happen is from Home Hardware. They have the best selection of products and really fun, creative and budget friendly ways to spruce up any space.  

Then we connected with our local furniture and appliance family owned store GP Home Furniture. Home Furniture is a division of Home Hardware. Meeting with Brandy and Matt was such a fun connection to make. Both owners are husband and wife and they tag teamed helping us in big ways. Making the choice an easy one. They gave us a full education on how and what we truly needed when it comes to a washer and dryer for our family’s needs. I have to mention as well, the store is gorgeous, and I’ll never need to look at another home store again when it comes to appliances and furniture! 

We decided to go with the Electrolux 627 Series Laundry Set in shiny silver/grey! It’s beautiful and the quality of this set is amazing.  

Steps In Creating This Laundry Room Transformation 

  1. First we had to prep this room. I don’t think it’s been touched in; I want to say at least 6 years. So yes, lots of prepping and cleaning was done and lots of lost socks were found! 
  2. We painted the walls using Beauti-Tone Designer Series paint. The colour we chose is called Here Comes the Bride (WB001-0).  Here Comes the Bride WB001-1 

As a bride on her wedding day, this beautiful white is breathtaking in any room you choose. Perfect for trim or a whole room; this white will be a perfect marriage with any colour. Undertone: This colour does have a touch of warm comfort value thanks to a whisper of yellow. 

3. By this stage, we were ready to install our flooring. Using FloorPops was a treat. There was no removing of any floor underneath. It strictly goes over any flooring and it’s very quick and easy to apply. It sticks nicely without any overlapping or loose corners. The design we went with was Medina. Peel and stick vinyl flooring!  

4. Flooring was down and the walls were painted. We then went ahead and added brand new trim which we then touched that up with paint.  

5. Delivery Day!! GP Home Furniture came and helped us bring in our new Electrolux washer and dryer set. All while taking away our old set and recycling them for us properly. They can even install as well! This whole process on delivery day I kid you not took maybe 25 minutes. Their delivery team was a huge part of making this process on this day so easy. They were awesome and worked so well together.  

6. Shelvesssss. This is where we had our biggest stress. Measuring, fitting and finding the right colour for our folding table shelf. Drew figured it out! He fit it all together and we painted them using the same paint we used on the walls.

7. Next step was cleaning everything up. The FloorPops are really great to clean.  

8. The last step was decorating. and Pulling in some colour along with some essential laundry room details we all need on a daily basis to get our clothes clean! 

One thing Drew and I really hone in on when it comes to home renovations and sprucing up spaces is that with Home Hardware, it really doesn’t have to cost a huge dime. The renovations can be done quickly and easily. As well as having these small changes to make a room feel brand new again just feels good in our home! We spend a lot of time here with our kids and always thinking about new ways to manifest a calm space with all the things we need every day to make our life just a little bit easier. Plus, a pretty space never hurts anyone, right! 

I loved that we went with GP Home Furniture in choosing our washer and dryer. The Electrolux set is the perfect set for us.  

Some really awesome features about this series are… 

  • The folding lint trap that captures all the lint in an easy to pull out and open compartment.  
  • PODS. This set has a pod button feature that helps properly release the action-packed detergent pod to help clean your clothes better. Getting the full effect of what pods really do! 
  • Less is more when it comes to detergent and these babies don’t need a ton of laundry detergent to really get the job done.  
  • The doors are switchable. It’s the only set that has the feature of moving the doors to position properly in your laundry room. Drew did have to switch ours around and he did it super quick! 
  • 15 minute wash!! I love this. Most of the time when it comes to my clothes, they don’t get that dirty or if I’m in a rush. This 15 minute wash feature is so convenient! 
  • Eco Friendly! 

This project was another really fun one for us. I’m pretty proud that even though this room is little it makes for a great transformation. Giving some function and folding makes our lives a little easier and brings beauty to a laundry room where most of the time it gets neglected. It’s a laundry room so yah, maybe it’s not the funnest room in the home but bringing the fun into the room makes it even more enjoyable getting laundry done right! 

Be sure to take advantage of Home Hardware’s Paint and Renovation Sale on now until March 11. Pop in and be sure to ask any questions you might have. They are always helpful and willing to chat! 

Before Laundry Room

After Laundry Room

Home Hardware 

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GP Furniture  

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{Disclosure this post was sponsored post as part of an collaboration program, however all opinions are my own}

Love Your Beaute-ful Skin with Beaute Pacifique

Finding the right skincare line can sometimes be a daunting thing, there are just so many to choose from how do you pick just one? Well, I’m here today to share with you a new line (to me) of skincare products that not only suite just about any skin type but also to share with you that it’s now in Canada.

Facial care to me is a big part of my morning and nightly routine. Especially since the ripe age of 25. Thats when I first started to take fast measures into fighting those fine lines and aging. Beaute Pacifique and their Submersive Serum has help radically slow signs of aging. It has helped my skin look smoother than ever. It’s a light, soft application serum that can be applied on skin or even added into make-up or creams.

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Manning Park Resort | Family Winter Vacation & Things To Do

We just spent the past two days exploring Manning Park Resort. Now, our family already visits this beautiful local gem quite often but I don’t think we really took into the full effect of everything there is to do and explore there. Most of the time we do a day drive and take the scenic tour around and check out the hill from time to time. But this time, we really dug our feet deep into this place and took full advantage of everything they have to offer at this family friendly resort!

I’m going to dive into everything right off the bat here. And I just have to also say how much fun we all had as a family. The kids loved the cozy, family feeling of the atmosphere and never quit when we wanted to try it all. They were just as eager and excited as we were! Two days and one night just didn’t feel enough, I think we could quite literally live there! haha

Family Friendly Things To Do At Manning Park Resort

Premium Cabins

These brand new and I’m talking brand new premium cabins are amazing. Full of beds and loads of space that fits 11 people. Full kitchen, lots of bathrooms and living space with a loft. Walking distance to a lot around the resort. I mean these cabins couldn’t get any better! We always love a full kitchen. The fireplace lit at night was just the cherry! Oh, and they’re pet friendly!!

Nordic Centre | Ice Skating Snowshoeing & Cross Country Skiing

We visited the Nordic once we got back to our cabin and felt settled. Renting skates, helmets, sticks and a puck to play ice hockey. The skate rentals did have a fee but if you have your own set to bring that’s perfect, to actually skate is free. Kids loved the bright lights and the dark evening skating around! The boys played a game of hockey. Not only can you rent for skating but there are also options to rent for snowshoeing and cross county skiing. There are tons of snowy trails around

Polar Coasting Tube Park & Tobogganing

Open weekends and holidays, this is one of the kids favourite things to do. They go down alone and love it. There are all kinds of different runs to choose from and at the bottom of the hill a lift ride back up!

And if the kids are also feeling like bringing their own sleds there is a hill just off the polar coaster where they can go down with their own.

Loon Lagoon & Game Center

Just when you thought there was nothing left to doo… The Loon Lagoon and game centre are located just near the cabins. Walking distance. Inside the main building below on the bottom floor you’ll find a huge game room full of fun games like ping pong, mega jenga, mega connect 4 and air hockey table plus more just waiting for some fun action to be played on them.

Across from the main building right next to the Nordic building is the Loon Lagoon. Inside here you’ll enjoy the hot tub, one for adults and one for kids. The big pool as well! Full locker rooms and showers all inside as well!

Manning Country Store & Eatery’s

For any last minute treats or snacks while visiting the Manning Country store is located in the building across from the Main Lodge. You’ll also find a couple warm restaurants to grab a bite to eat! The Main Lodge at the ski hill has the best and cheapest food to grab. Bears Den Pub for the adults and then there is also the Pinewoods Dining Room for the whole family!

Snowboarding & Skiing

This year was Ellas first time being on ski’s. We rented gear for her and then also took advantage of a 45 minute lesson for her to get the handle of things. She did great. Of course there was some whining and lost hope in her eyes. But she gave it a go!

Drew had a blast on his snowboard up the lift and away he went. Owen challenged on his board for the third year. Every year he keeps getting better and better. Then myself after 10 years of not getting on skis, I did it. Rented the gear and it was like riding a bike. Kids had a blast! We stuck to the smaller hill for them to practice a little more and using the lift to get back up the hill. Stopping for lunch and a bathroom break to get warm and off they went again.

Lightening Lake Strawberry Flats & Alpine Meadows

These are also some really beautiful spots to check out if they’re open when you visit. Great spots for picnics or just walking around taking it all in. We visited these places in the Summer and Winter. Kids love to stop and build snowmen or make snow angels! Great for stretching your legs and a bathroom break. In the Summer you can rent canoes on Lightening Lake!

We love this place and love to visit. This place is just a great cozy, family and chill atmosphere and it feels like home here. The employees are awesome and renting was a breeze. So helpful! Hours are so accommodating to! So much to do to keep everyone busy, making memories and having fun!

For more information please check out their website. Everything from pricing to opening hours are located on their website. Check out their social media pages to get more of an idea of weather conditions as well and updates are always listed on their website. Plan and book your families visit online for Summer or Winter. Either season is sure to be full of fun family adventures!

Manning Park Resort

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To Cute Not To Share The Fairy Experience


Ella and I had the chance to meet with one of our photographer friends, Jennifer Roessler. She’s created the ultimate experience for Spring creating these precious FairyTale photos. With handmade dresses, hairpieces and best of all imagination.

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This is 33.

Today I turned 33.

I gotta say how much I actually love my 30’s. For some reason I really thought that once I left my 20’s I’d be entering a new realm of old age and a complete downhill, nightmare of who knows. I guess just getting old scares me in general. But turns out I’m a complete dramatic nightmare, and scared myself for literally no reason. I wanna say it’s the build up that gets us the most.

My 30’s are helping me find me again and realize I’m getting to old to give a shit about the small stuff and focus on the good stuff. I’m more willing to open my perspective and remind myself that I can still act like a kid again and thats okay.

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Creating A Cozy Office Space

As soon as our Holiday vacation was over it was really hard to get back into the work routine. Every morning heading to my office downstairs was a little tricky. I wanted to escape this room and lounge on the couch watching tv. One thing that I knew that I needed to do was transform my office into a room that I wanted to get to everyday. A room that excited me and made me feel good.

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Support Your Local Chilliwack Caffeine Dealer!

It’s honestly no secret my love and drive for coffee. It’s the first thing that greets me in the morning. But I have to tell you a funny little fact, I actually didn’t have my first cup of coffee until the age of 22. Thats when it first tasted like the heavens opened up and I could see the light. It was also the same time that I became a mom for the first time, with our little Owen. I hated coffee up until the year I became a mom! It helped me survive many sleepless nights with my babes. And it’s still continuing too help with my survival most days.

To celebrate some new recent coffee shop openings and the cuteness it holds. I decided to share some local Chilliwack coffee shops you HAVE to visit. These spots are perfect to chill out with a group of friends or even solo. I will be that person working in a coffee shop drinking my caffeine solo. Ain’t no shame in the solo coffee drinking game!

They all give that same sense of cozy home feeling, that feeling of knowing whatever caffeine drink you order, they’ll make it just as good or even better than anything else you could make at home. I love the feel of also just getting out of the house and feeling some new fresh air visiting a new spot. Meeting new treats to eat and to take home.

I love the feeling of supporting local coffee shops and giving them the love they deserve for giving us quality, good tasting coffee. It’s great to have our little/big city expanding and with it also expanding it’s places to grab a warm drink. These coffee shops I’m sharing today are in no order of how much I like them, it’s in a random order. Because I love them all the same. Each one carries a different and calming feel when you visit. Each one offers just something different that I love. So yes, I do recommend visiting each one!

And I thank my first born for getting me hooked on liquid gold, we all call coffee! hahaha

Amble Coffee

Cultivate Cafe

Anitas Bread & Coffee

Harvest Cafe on Mill

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