How To | Mini Cookie Hot Chocolate Homes

Gahhhh, you have no idea how long it took me to finally try this and figure it out. I’ve been eyeing them up since last Christmas. Miniature Cookie Homes for the edge of your mugs for Hot Chocolate. I was looking for the right place that sells them, or even get my hands on the actual cookie cutter itself. It was a tough one, so over the weekend I just decided that I was going to create the cookie stencil and try it out for myself.

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DIY Letter Ledge

Hey you guys!

I’m so excited about this DIY and it’s taken me a little while to share it on the blog. After weeks and weeks of gushing over letter ledges online, I seriously had the hardest time finding shops in Canada that made these. So Drew and I decided to try it out for ourselves.

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Pink Heart Cardigan | Chic Wish

You guys!!!

This Pink Heart Cardigan was sitting in my Chic Wish cart for what felt like a million years. I sat pondering and debating actually purchasing it for a really long time before I clicked “pay”. Like many of you probably would have felt. I was SO nervous of what might actually come, would I like it? would it fit? would I get dinged for duties?? SO many things came to mind beforehand.

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Fairmont Banff Springs Family Destination Home Away From Home

Daydreaming about the Fairmont Banff Springs has been happening to me since Drew and I took our very first road trip to Banff, years ago, pre-kids! It’s always caught our eye, the beauty, how grand it is. A castle nestled in the landscape surrounding Banff. Last year when we brought the kids for the first time we took them to drive by it and Ella swore she saw Elsa living there! Haha Not only is every kid’s dream to stay here but it’s every adult’s as well. 

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Sneaking Away To Osoyoos Watermark Beach Resort Family Fun!


Checking off another bucket list place for us to visit this past weekend, Osoyoos! We’ve always heard so much about this place and finally got the chance to visit with Watermark Beach Resort. It was a quick three hour drive from our home and it always amazes me the different kinds of terrain we come across travelling around British Columbia. We entered into a very desert like community filled with wineries and Okanagan Lake. There is just so much surrounding this cute little town!

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Lake Louise & Lake Moraine

Two favourite and very popular places to visit in Banff National Park. We’ve been to Lake Louise a few times now and each time we go it never gets old. It’s a classic spot that we love to visit every time we’re in Banff. Now Lake Moraine on the other hand, this was our first time visiting here. Once before it was wayyyy to busy for us to even try and another time was mid-Winter so the road was closed off.

Both of these beautiful lakes are pretty near each other so if you get the chance to visit one chances are you have enough time to get to the other. Once you arrive to Lake Louise there are so many signs pointing you in the right direction that you can’t miss either!

Lake Louise

Yes, we’ve been here about 5 times now. It never gets old. We’ve been in the Summer, Fall and Winter. Winter is my absolute favourite time in Banff so this is another reason why. But I found that this year visiting in Fall it was a sight to see with all the Fall colours taking over.

It’s busy, all the time. I feel like Fall you may be hitting a better time to visit because it’s a smidge less busy. You can rent canoes and in Winter time when the lake is frozen over you can rent skates. It’s open basically all year round!

Lake Louise Fairmont is also located right on the grounds. Visitor’s can look around grab a bite to eat and explore a little bit. There are also a few hiking trails nearby if you’re an eager hiking.

Lake Moraine

Alright, so just down the road from Lake Louise is Lake Moraines road to travel. It takes a solid 15-20 minutes to travel. Not an overly crazy road but I will mention that parking fills up pretty quickly so either decide early morning or late afternoon on your visit. We went late afternoon and snagged a close spot to walk.

We also suggest packing clothes in your car for all kinds of weather. We left and it was a beautiful sunny day by the time we arrived to Lake Moraine it was pouring rain! Which is why we opted out of climbing the rocks for the view. There is more to see than just on the beach here but with two little ones in the rain, we decided it probably wasn’t the best of ideas!

Either way we managed to mark this location off our bucket list and enjoy the views just as they were. Such a gorgeous spot to be!

Keisha Lynne, xx

Our 4 Day Itinerary With Pursuit Collection Banff Jasper

Exploring Banff & Jasper could keep you busy for days, literally with the off grid spots to check out, the must see tourist spots and then filling up an itinerary with cool locations with Pursuit Collection Banff and Jasper.

Last year we had the chance to visit the Banff Gondola and it was a lot of fun and incredible views of Banff. This year we managed to sneak in everything and check it all off of our bucket list. The trick is to make sure you visit while the season is still mostly open and we totally recommend visiting in the Fall. It made it so much more peaceful. We didn’t run into huge crowds and taking photos everywhere was much more easier to do while it was quiet.

Our first day we took our time and drove a few hours from Emerald Lake Lodge to the Columbia Icefields Skywalk.

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The Perfect Fall Getaway Emerald Lake Lodge

Well we snuck away for about 5 days on our very first longgg road trip with the kids. A total of 6 hours to our first stop visiting Emerald Lake Lodge. We all made it there in one piece thankfully! This was also our first family trip since self isolation and the announcement of COVID. We’ve been very cautious with travelling and felt like things had all been put into place to make things safer now.

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