White Spot Brings Back Legendary Blueberry Bundle | They Are BC’s Biggest Local Buying & Supporting Restaurant

A couple weeks ago, Codi and I were kindly invited to visit the White Spot & Triple O’s head building. Where they create, make and contribute to the many restaurants in British Columbia. It was really amazing to see how it all comes together. You don’t really think about what goes on behind the menu while your sitting making your order at a restaurant. I ended up learning so much!

The dedication that White Spot puts into their menu is incredible and the thought of how much they support local growers in BC is truly amazing! Did you know that they are BC’s biggest supporter of local sourced items to complete recipes at a restaurant! 

That’s amazing on so many levels. Not only do they serve us quality ingredients but also supporting local growers and agriculture in our province is huge. Giving us so much and providing tons of opportunities for local farmers & workers. 

We went to visit for a fun teamwork cooking fundraiser. We had a set amount of ingredients of course sourced locally. We were then timed for 45 minutes to create a dish that included BC Blueberries. It was the most fun we’ve ever had! Together we made a tasty chicken, goat cheese and blueberry sauce with roasted veggies and a side of fruit. It was really uplifting to see all the groups around us supporting local charities. While raising some proceeds and having fun.

So let’s get to the good stuff! 

Like I mentioned, White Spot has brought back the very popular BC Blueberries Blueberry Bundle. Starting today July 15th until September 1st, 2019 you can visit your local White Spot and be treated with a Legendary Burger, Spot Salad and of course Blueberry Pie! 

The pie is made with of course local BC Blueberries glazed and piled high topped with whipped cream. You can totally order it with a combo or try it as a dessert on it’s own. Serving enough for one or even possibly two, depending on how hungry you are! They also are serving other blueberry treats including the BC Blueberry Milkshake made with premium rich, vanilla bean ice cream from Island Farms and you guessed it Blueberries.

Wanna talk about BC Blueberry supporters… Did you know that White Spot & Triple O’s serve more than 49,000 pounds of fresh blueberries on their menu? Insane! My children love blueberries so this is totally their place to be! If you have the opportunity to visit and support these locally sourced and curated menu items you wont be disappointed!! Okay, now whos hungry!!

Keisha Lynne, xx

Klaassen Farms Blueberry U-Pick Season Officially Open | GIVEAWAY

This has got to be Owens favourite time of the year, when Klaassen Farms officially opens its U-Pick Blueberry season. It also really officially opens Summer to us! This is our 3rd season visiting for blueberries. We u-pick and we just grab and go in their cute little shop. Which now sells all kinds of goodies. From baked goods, flavoured lemonade, blueberries boxed & bagged. Ice cream and a assortment of take home goodies!

The store is the cutest little spot to take a break mid-picking or even after to treat the whole family after all their hard work! I love how organized and detailed and clean this u-pick farm really is. And the blueberries sprouting already this season is incredible. Thankfully they provide pull wagons to for your berries so that if it gets too much instead of carrying everything you can tow it in the wagon. So handy!

We had the chance to sneak out just before opening to visit and see what was there. My mind was blown. It’s an easy layout for all families. Lots of parking and easy to manage. It will keep your little ones entertained for hours. If you’re also not really in a picking mood and would much rather pick up there are two locations of stands at Prest Road North, Luckakuck and Prest Road South. Both are really easy to access in a rush as well. They are such full, juicy and tasty berries right now. I would recommend getting two boxes or more!

Another favourite date for us is their Family U-Pick event. We have been every year for the last three years and it’s always such a blast for the kids. All event information is listed below! We will be there this year as well so if you see us come say hi!!

Things To Know!

U-Pick Open Hours 8am-5pm Monday-Saturday July-August (roughly 5 weeks)

Hours of Store 9am-6pm

Location 51211 Central Chilliwack Road

U-Pick $1.50 per pound

We-Pick $2.50 per pound

Family U-Pick Day Things To Know!

Saturday August 3rd 8am-2pm

Free Face Painting (9:30 am – 1:00 pm) & Petting Zoo ( 8 am – 2 pm)

Blueberry themed eats and treats
Blueberry & Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream
Blueberry Muffins & Blueberry Lemon Loaf
Blueberry Vegan Ice Cream
Blueberry Vegan Cookies
Blueberry jelly, jam, and syrup

Blueberry Pancakes from 8 am – 11 am
Blueberry Grilled Cheese from 11 am – 2 pm

Local Market Vendors:
Waxwing Florals
Fawn Jewelry

*The first 25 pounds of U-Pick Blueberries will be on sale for $1.25 per pound per person. Some restrictions apply*


– Ice Cream for 4 people 

-40 pounds of fresh blueberries 

– Blueberry Lemonade for 4

 – Blueberry Muffins for 4 

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Keisha Lynne, xx

SummerLand WaterFront Resort & Spa, Heck Yes!

A couple weekends ago we set our sights on Summerland Waterfront & Resort. We packed into the Honda Clarity and off we went! A scenic and easy ride it was. Kids got along in the back, it was awesome. This was our first time visiting Summerland and won’t be our last. We’ve come to grow quite fond of Okanagan Lake and the whole area throughout this beautiful place.

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Greendale Lavender Field Tradition

We made it back for another year of this beautiful lavender bloom. As soon as soon as we got there, I said to Ella “Do you remember this place?” Almost instantly she started to run through the lavender rows with her hands out looking back at me smiling. It’s almost impossible not to walk through the rows without brushing your hands out to slightly touch it’s blooms.

The smell and rows of purple and green is just beautiful. We love visiting Greendale Lavender Field. It’s now our yearly tradition. This year we grabbed our own camera and snapped some fun photos to share. Although I’m having a hard time choosing which edit I love more, it’s a hodgepodge of beauty. It was a fun evening!

If you haven’t had the chance to visit I suggest doing so. Make it a tradition for yourself! If you plan on visiting make sure you reach out to Greendale Lavender and message them to coordinate a day and time!

Keisha Lynne, xx

Eco-Friendly Family Trip To Harrison Hot Springs

The idea of a family road trip being eco-friendly is seriously music to any of our ears. When you add up all the costs and pit stops it can be a lot to wrap your head around. And let’s face it a family road trip is sometimes not the most relaxing thing in the world so why not cut off some of the stress! Right?

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Summer Sun & Protecting Your Eyes with IRIS Stylish Sunwear

Summer season is upon us. Can you feel it? The hot days that lead into warm evenings. The sun seems to be lasting longer for us throughout the day and with that we’ve been reminding ourselves to protect our eyes. I mean it definitely doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be something really, really fun when you include Sunglasses and IRIS. When it’s nice out we generally feel the want to spend our whole day outside soaking in all the suns beauty. It’s super important to not only stylize our eyes but to also take care of our eye health. 

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Things To Do. Places To See | Kelowna

Hello Summer vacations and setting free. Freedom that loving word that is attached to Summer for our little ones. That carefree no stress Summer that they long await for. Ohhhh to be a kid again… We want our little ones to remain little for as long as they can. To enjoy that kid freeing feel that we adults all miss so much.

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Fathers Day Favourites | Giveaway | Cultus Lake Golf Club Nine Kitchen and Lounge & Fraser Valley Meats

Giveaway Closed Congratulations Jaime Hughes!!

Happy Fathers Day Month! Dads deserve a whole month of celebrating to because they also work really hard! They are always working their butts off and they too need to be given lots of love.

Fathers Day to me, is an important one. Because I love being able to show our little ones how special it is to really give a whole day appreciating the person that is also raising them. To really make sure they know how much they need to give their love to him all the time.

At 24 years old Drew became a Dad for the first time and it was one of the most amazing times in his and my life. Not only did we have a new baby to take care of but I was able to see this brand new, special side of Drew. It was the most meaningful moments for the both of us.

It was like he opened his eyes for the first time and could breathe. He loves being a dad. He loves sharing his love with us. And I can say, that I know this man would do anything for his family. So the least we could do is celebrate him and share this amazing giveaway of his favourites to a special dad that you know!

All dads deserve to be spoiled to!

Cultus Lake Golf Course.

Drew loves golfing here. Mind you time isn’t always there, but when he does he loves these greens and the beautiful views. Not to mention the brand new Top Tracer Lounge you can rent with up to six friends and enjoy a little afternoon hanging out hitting some balls in the driving range! Fully set up with heaters, drinks, music and really just a good time all around!

Fraser Valley Meats.

Drew spends every weekend here. At least once a weekend. He disappears and comes out with all kinds of goodies to make the best BBQ’s. He’s always filling up our bellies with some delicious meals from here. Also, really love the kids shopping carts and play area. And while your in there you can grab all kinds of stuff, everything you need to make an excellent meal with family and friends. Couple of must buys… the chicken pot pie and maui ribs!!!

Nine Kitchen & Lounge.

Did someone say PIZZAA?? This spot just recently opened up in Abbotsford and we had the chance to visit it over the weekend. Such a sweet little gem! Outdoor seating for warm nights and cute little spots to sit at inside. The menu was loaded with food and drinks! I’m pretty sure Drew wanted to marry the pizza served here. It was his absolute favourite he could not stop talking about how much he loved it!

GIVEAWAY | Enter To Win Below

  • Two 18 Hole Green Passes & Two Bucket of FREE Balls | Cultus Lake Golf Course
  • BBQ Gift Basket valued $100 | Fraser Valley Meats
  • Pizza For Four! | Nine Kitchen & Lounge

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Add POPS OF PINK To Any Room

We are in the midst of refreshing up our master bedroom! Cue the happy tears!! We are upgrading our queen to a king and fully transforming the style of our adult room. Which means the floral print is gone. And adding pops of pink to my room is always a must. It really is a colour that breathes fresh air into any room.

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