TELUS Wise Impacting a Healthier and Happier Presence Online

This past Summer I had the opportunity to hang out with the TELUS Ambassadors in Vancouver. We all gathered from across Canada to hang out and share 4 days together getting to know one another and really connect. Not just on social media! One of our mornings was spent learning about the TELUS Wise happiness workshop, which is designed to help you deal with digital stress and keep digital well-being top of mind. 

Let’s face it we all deal with it, you don’t need to only be a blogger to experience digital stress. 

The happiness workshop is a very educational one with lots of resources available online! This workshop is really for anyone that’s feeling drained, comparing oneself to others, or just interested in learning how to break that digital habit and disconnect. Because again we all have those days! But it’s easy to maintain a healthy digital habit after getting to know some basics and reading through TELUS Wise. 

It’s okay to put it down for a day or two. It’s okay that you might not have any likes. It’s okay to not reply to text messages or swarm the internet. To give your mind a healthy break! 

Some easy steps to help relieve and stress online… 

Don’t compare yourself to others! You are everything. People only like to share the good, not always bad. It’s good to show both sides. Because that’s real life. 

Be where you are. When gathering with friends put the phone away. And be present. 

Make time for rest and reflection. 

Schedule time to connect. 

Wear a watch, write in a journal. 

Accept that you can’t be everywhere and you can’t do it all! 

It’s really important for us to all know that everyone goes through the same struggles online, it’s the way we handle it and share that matters. The way that we break and put it aside only makes us breathe easier each day. 

Knowing myself that being online isn’t always the most glamorous thing even though it looks it. When I put it all away and have a break I feel so much more refreshed and rejuvenated. I also try to challenge my “Phone Hours” now that our iPhones track how long we are on it on each site or app. It’s fun to challenge myself to lessen the time on my phone. Even to just bring it down an hour or so. It helps me feel more in power! 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed then take advantage of these free Wise workshops and resources offered over on, there’s a workshop for everyone!

Photos | Julie Christine Photography

{Disclosure this post was sponsored post as part of an collaboration program, however all opinions are my own}

Finding That Perfect Dining Room Light | Before & After

It’s super crazy to think that we’ve been in our home now for just over three years. To watch it slowly and progressively change day by day is insane. I mean all of these changes have been made by us and with a small budget. So when we finally refresh something even just a little it feels like a million dollars in this place!

With each new project we get prouder and prouder of each other for accomplishing. We just recently started to search for some new dining room fixtures and found tons on Troy Lighting. I mean tons! It was really hard to decided but we found one.

Don’t get me wrong I loved the one we did have but in the space it just didnt seem like the best fit. It was chunky and long. It seemed that it was squeezed into a small space on our table instead of being spread out with more room and less bulkiness. Drew figured out how to install all by himself with only minor help from me. He did such an amazing job!

I’m so proud of him!

Measurements were perfect and the look is way better in our dining room. I love the look of it and love to look back over the years to where it was to where it is now! Love our home and the way we are making it our own in our own ways!



Welcoming Fall with These Cozy Finds

Falls coming, clearly with the amount of rain we have now and for the foreseeable future! That being said, let’s start the cozy home days with comfort food and all the things we’ve been putting off for cooler days. The need to be home more defiantly gets me into home decorating and sprucing the place up to match our cozy vibes. So this is the time of the year that I itch to buy new home decor and get started!

I’ve been browsing and searching the internet for some fun ideas to help give you some fun Fall inspiration. I’ve pieced together some of my favourites but would love to see some of yours! Starting with Magnolia cook book that has been on my wish list for awhile now. I feel like this Fall I’d get some good use out of it! And mark off some recipes on my bucket list to make.

So let the Fall decorating begin along with the hermits begin cuddling up at home with your loved ones!

Pillow Blanket Candle | Chapters

Pumpkins | Pottery Barn

Wreath | Wayfair

Basket | Walmart

Candle Sticks Wood Storage | WoodWaves

Magnolia Table Book | Magnolia

Oh Victoria, We loved you | Our Quick Trip & Places We Visited While There

Oh Victoria, you’re beautiful! And wish that our trip had been longer. But we certainly did manage to fit a lot in our 24 hour stay. The four of us had been planning this trip for sometime now and finally the stars aligned and we made it happen. Next time making it happen a lot longer.

We squeezed this quick trip into two days because while there we got to meet some new puppies, one which will be coming home with us very soon. So it was our visiting weekend. Lucky for us we got to make it a fun family vacation to Victoria. We absolutely love Vancouver Island and take any chance to go visit. Victoria had been one location that we haven’t been to and thankful we got to absorb it all in.

I mean really, we are quite happy if the only things we do there are explore the trails and beaches. But you know us, we like to keep busy and to us experiences are way more rewarding for our family than stuff and things.

These memories our children will grow up knowing for a lifetime to come! Now, let’s get to the good stuff….

Eagle Wing Whale Watching Tours

For years Drew and I have been desperately wanting to explore the Pacific and go Whale Watching. But every time it seemed like one of our littles were way to little to go aboard. Until now. We found a really awesome, well recommended whale watching tour in Victoria that accommodates all ages. Eagle Wing Tours is the best!

It was perfect. This boat was covered just in case it rained or became too cold. The kids could easily go inside or outside to enjoy the sun and ocean breeze. From afar we got to see a family of 6 killer whales, 2 humpback whales and lots of seals swimming in their natural habitat. Videos over on Instagram

The Rootcellar & The Coffee Project

Randomly, we stumbled into this awesome grocer and coffee place. The Rootcellar and The Coffee Project. Tons of great produce, lunches and just about everything to make a really delicious meal. We ended up going twice! It was great. Grabbing coffee’s on the way out. Our family does love picking up our own stuff before dining out. Totally recommend this place!

Hotel Zed | Victoria

Gahhh, this place has been on our travel bucket list for awhile now Hotel Zed and so happy we got to spend the night here. It is absolutely the coolest retro-vibe hotel ever. The first thing that everyone loved when pulling up was all the bright colours. It was a show stopper. The pool, the waterslide and the hot tub.

Ping pong table and board games. Long boards and laundry room. Free parking & free coffee! I could go onnnn. Everyone is so chill and relaxed. So easy going. We loved the vibes and our stay here. We all slept like babies and some more than others!

Honestly, its in such a perfect location too. Right across from Mayfair Mall, not that far down from downtown Victoria. If you’re looking for a fun eccentric place to stay go here!

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Fishermans’ Wharf

The coolest spot! If you do go to Eagle Wing Tours you will have to go here. It’s such a cool little hidden spot we never knew about. Loaded with tons of parking. The water taxi is located here. So many awesome seaside restaurants to eat at. Ice cream. So much!

Everything is located right on the wharf along with some really pretty colourful houseboats and sail boats. We loved the energy in this cute little spot!

Victoria Scenic Drive

This is basically it, the most beautiful scenic drive ever. It really reminds us of Nova Scotia, back home if you just drive along the coast you end up finding the most beautiful beaches and spots to tour. Thats what we did. Went beach hopping along this scenic drive. Stopping to throw rocks and explore a trail. You just follow the signs…

Parkridge Doodles

Our final stop before heading home, Parkridge Doodles. We have been connected with this sweet golden doodle breeder for sometime now and have completely fell in love with this place. The puppies, the owners, the love and quality. So good! So we decided to add a new family member…more on that coming soon…

We had the opportunity to visit and connect up close with the puppies and while there, of course take photos of puppies… so we did!

We did it all. Packed everything we could into this tiny little visit. And it was all worth it! We already have a million other places we want to visit when we go back….

{ Hotel Zed & Eagle Wing Tours were both gifted experience’s to enjoy}

Checking off the Back To School To-Do List with Eye Checkups

Dare I even mention it to loudly, to soon, but parents the countdown is on! The back to school countdown, wahooo! Now I know it’s still vacation mode time but being able to tackle that to-do list before everyone else feels really good. I have to say. This week we started with the kids yearly eye care checkups and making sure they’re all caught up on appointments at our local IRIS and that glasses are good to go for the start of the school year! 

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Date Night Done Right | DiBeppe The Burrard & FlyOver Canada

Drew and I could hardly remember the last night we had the chance to sneak away overnight alone, with no kids. It’s been at least a couple of years. So when we actually got the chance and lined daycare up to help us , we were beyond excited. Like, countdown excited!

Annnddd the last time we actually went out overnight in Vancouver was defiantly before children so yah, 11 years ago at least.

Needless to say we had a great time. Traffic was great. Timing was perfect. Each little thing we visited was awesome. We couldn’t complain at all. It was the best night away with each other just enjoying our company in peace!

Our first stop…

The Burrard

This was my third time visiting this city’s gem The Burrard Hotel, and of course Drew is always hearing about it. So I was very happy that I could finally take him and show him what it was all about. He loved the vibes and the quietness. The cool retro feel and colours just as much as I do. It’s close enough to downtown and everything around it! Made touring around a breeze.

FlyOver Canada

If there’s one fun thing you visit at Canada Place, well it HAS to be FlyOver Canada. It was one really cool experience. Even kids can enjoy! Owens been and he loved it and honestly was a little jealous he couldn’t come this time. But this trip was just for mom and dad. Inside once you enter, there is a really cool 6 minute light show along the walls of the room. Then you enter into another dark room where you learn all the safety procedures before seating into your seat.

It’s about 10-15 minutes once the ride starts. This specific one takes you through all over Canada (hence flyover Canada) It mists you, and helps you actually feel like you are flying over Canada. With Mountain tops, Canadas beautiful lakes, cities and more.

I can’t even describe it to as beautiful as it really is, it’s defiantly something that you need to go, to really understand the full effect of it. I love it and I’m excited to announce that there will be a new FlyOver Iceland happening in Vancouver August 29th and I’m even more excited that we are giving away two tickets below for you chance to see it!


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DiBeppe Restaurant

Then of course we ATE> This is always something that makes it’s way into date night. And the thing I love most about Drew is his love for food and trying new restaurants with me. He never complains and loves the love put into each dish and place we visit.

DiBeppe is the cutest gem located in GasTown. On young Italian restaurant with an old Italian feel. With a whole Italy feel delivering a restaurant and attached cafe. We dug into our meals so fast. Everything from the appetizers to the full pizza and pasta were excellent. Defiantly had dessert, gelato and lattes.

It had such sweet charm and character to it. The staff was so genuinely nice and so helpful because of course we had lots of questions! We just enjoyed the best dinner here and really recommend anyone out on the town looking for a new place to dine at visit here. And would highly suggest reservations if it’s possible. It did get quite busy and for good reason!

Keisha Lynne, xx

Wildflowers Blooming | Cultus Lake Flower Fest

You guys!!

August 10th this beautiful location opens up to the public to visit and enjoy. So excited we were able to catch a little sneak peek of Cultus Lake Flower Festival and it was beyond beautiful. So many little sweet flower spots surprising us with every turn. Of course, we took photos! A lot of photos! Because with babies and wildflowers that was a given.

Located in Yarrow just driving through to Cultus you will find this gem. Family owned and grown. Tickets are online here… Cultus Lake Flower Festival Tickets open all of August with their last opening day being September 1st.

I defiantly suggest visiting in the evening with the sunsetting in the background makes for a lovely photo opportunity and just simply to enjoy and take it all in!

The three of us stopped by and collaborated together taking photos of our girls. Snapping photos whenever we had the chance of each other. By far one of the most fun collaborative evenings in a long time!

Nothing like playing around in wildflowers getting creative with friends. I’m very lucky to be surrounded by supportive ladies who also love nights like this with me. Below you’ll find images from last night taken by me and if you go ahead and visit @juliechristinephotography & @kailawrenphotography you will I’m sure see some more!

Keisha Lynne, xx

Places To Visit In Whistler With Kids & A Budget | Vallea Lumina Giveaway

Let’s be honest here, travelling with kids is not usually the most relaxing thing in the world. It isn’t always the easiest or the most thrilling. Trust me, we’ve been there! This recent Whistler trip just didn’t exactly go our way the entire time with kids fighting, rain, thunder & lighting, fire ban… etc. But there were a few things that went our way… our visit to the night walk Vallea Lumina, the fun tent experience, the lake just relaxing… 

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Simply Earth | Making Your Home Natural with Essential Oils

Let’s Talk About Essential Oils!!

They are quite literally all the rage right now and for sooo many good reasons. We’ve been hearing all the different ways that essential oils can make their way into our lives. To make us feel better and heal better. I’m an oil believer and constantly have oil flowing through the house at all hours in our diffuser. But I recently started to learn more about a company called Simply Earth. 

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