A Foggy Visit Peggy’s Cove Nova Scotia

When we were kids I remember piling up in our family van and heading on route, the lighthouse route. In my head, as a young kid, this ride felt like an eternity. When in reality we were very lucky to live so close to this Nova Scotia landmark, Peggy’s Cove. I’ve always loved our visits here, even if the road trip felt longer than usual. By the time we arrived, got out and stretch our legs it was the beauty part of it all to see the lighthouse just standing there surrounded my monstrous rocks and sea.

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Easy DIY Blanket Ladder

Fall is around the corner and we are gearing up for cooler & cozier evenings inside. Every Fall and Winter we bring out the blankets we have stored away awaiting these cooler seasons. A lot of the time we run out of storage and I’ve always loved the concept of blanket ladders around a living room or bedroom. Easy to spot in a room and to snag one off for the kids and ourselves.  

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A Day Visiting Lunenburg Nova Scotia

To be quite honest to visit Lunenburg, I would have to suggest more than just a day. But growing up around here I spent a lot of time touring this beautiful and charming little Nova Scotia town of Lunenburg. I spent many of field trips as a kid visiting the Lunenburg Fisheries and the Bluenose II when it was docked. This time visiting I really wanted to open up my inner tourist and show my little guy around and teach him the history of this fishing town.

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5 Benefits to Yearly Back to School Eye Exams at IRIS

Another Summer has come and gone!

As we gear up for Back to School, this time of the year, it is our routinely ritual to get our little ones eye exam appointments at our local IRIS. This was Owen’s 8th yearly visit and Ella’s 3rd yearly visit at IRIS to have their eyes examined. Each year it gets easier and easier for the kids to get into the routine of going.

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Go Play Outside at Mount Engadine Lodge Glamping Tents

We just came home from a really peaceful & relaxing stay at Mount Engadine. Way out into the backcountry in Kananaskis is a lodge in the middle of nowhere that is a must to visit at any season of the year. Mount Engadine was built in 1987 just in time for the Winter 1988 Calgary Olympics. Alpine and Nordic ski areas are just nearby. At the start it was just the lodge then eventually cabins were built then glamping tents & a yurt! 

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Finding Our Dream Sofa with GP Home Furniture & 7 Things To Keep in Mind when choosing

Upgrading our living room sofa was no joke. Drew and I had went back and forth debating it for a very long time. Not so much what we liked, because we both have very similar style in what we like. It was really the issue of finding one we liked or could find the right measurements for. You see, we live in a townhome and as most townhome residents know trying to fit a sofa up the stairs can be a challenge not to mention it not fitting through the sliding door (another fear of ours). So it took us a long time to decide on the perfect fit for our family in our living room space.

We had browsed many different options and a considerable amount of them just wouldn’t fit into our home. Until we got in touch with GP Home Furniture and chatted with them on ordering the perfect sofa for us. The time had come where there just wasn’t much more discussing. Our current sofa had literally been falling apart at the seams. The past year and a half isolated at home meant a lot more family hangs in our living room. A lot more sitting on our sofas. We really deserved to splurge on ourselves and treat our living room a little more special.

When we first moved it, we mad rushed for anything not thinking about what sofa we were buying. It wasn’t even an option we needed the furniture quick. So shamefully Drew and I found a cheap set at a discount place and said done at the time. Fast forward 6 years later that cheap and lower quality had proven itself to be a terrible idea. The springs were busting (yes, spring sofa) Seams were coming undone. The sofa was nearly impossible to clean because the casings didn’t come off. Yup, just think of those years of dirt with two kids and a dog clinging to this gross set.

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Easy Steps To Safety Proofing Your Home with Door Guardian

Since our babies have been born we’ve been safety proofing our home & it feels necessary to now keep on with this tradition. Because you see, we have a little flight risk for a little one who loves to open doors to help herself or even try to flee. Which for many parents that’s a really scary thing, to kids they think it’s hilarious. We have a few doors in our home that are still scary for us to think if the kids opened and got into. One would be our garage door. Behind that door is a whole whack load of things for our kids to get into that aren’t all that safe.

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Stay & Play This Summer at Revelstoke

If you ever get an opportunity to visit Revelstoke our family would all agree and say “Do it!”. Go visit. Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring. It’s all beautiful and lovely. We enjoy visiting Revelstoke so much at any time of the year, this was our first visit during Summer. The drive from our place to Revelstoke is about 6 hours. It’s a drive that we love to take. The kids bring their headphones and special bag full of goodies. We also brought Miss Macy with us on this trip and she did so well. 

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10 Healthy Habits for When You’re Working From Home | IRIS

Working from home is something that I never thought would happen but something I always dreamed of. I have been working from home for 5 years now and with this past year and the card that has been dealt for many of us, more and more of us are also working from home and although it can get a little tedious it is also a lot of fun. But there are always times where we have to remind ourselves to take those breaks and keep a healthy routine even when we;re working from home.

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