Pretty In Pink | Ellas Bedroom Refresh Reveal

We are pink obsessed over here! Well let’s be honest it’s actually Ella, she honestly loves all the colours she has the brightest enthusiasm. But when she saw me roll into her room with paint products and preparing the room her eyes lit up. She was SO excited to see that we painted her wall PINK! Lately, I’ve been feeling that with her bright personality she really needed a room that matched just that. She’s airy, sweet and full of fun! Just like her room….

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Everyone, Meet Alice

We welcomed a new member to the Johnson clan over the weekend. Everyone, meet Alice!

Ella, is a die hard animal lover and it has been on our hearts. Anyone that knows her just knows how much she LOVES them. She’s so sweet with them and goes crazy for any animal she sees. Both kids have been asking for a pet and we’ve been racking our brains trying to find a pet that’s easy and low maintenance for us. Life is just to busy! So when we noticed a local lady had a post up about 8 week old bunnies we saw our opportunity and took it….

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Knowing What To Do When You Smell Natural Gas with FortisBC

It’s very important to understand what to do if you small natural gas in your home. Making sure you make all that right steps and precautions so this doesn’t happen in your home is right here for you. If by some chance it doesn’t happen to you, can you fully admit that you are prepared, you know what to look out for and what to do?? I’m very thankful for a handy husband and for the education that FortisBC has given us about Gas Safety.

As a family we’re always making sure we’re up to date and know what to look for when it comes to natural gas leaks. My husband is always on top of things, which had me thinking… Do I know what to look for or know what to do if I smelled natural gas when he wasn’t home? I really started to make sure that I read and researched everything I could to help myself. I followed him around our home and made sure I knew of the possibilities of where a leak could come from.

I think that it’s really important and handy to know what to do when you smell natural gas. Just having that peace of mind helps our family feel safe. Thankfully FortisBC has given and provided a lot of information and resources to help us out! Natural gas is a sneaky one as it’s odourless and colourless, trace amounts of a chemical called mercaptan that smells like rotten eggs is added to help you detect a potential natural gas leak.

So let’s get started on a few things. Now that you kind of have an understanding of natural gas safety, let’s talk more on what to do if you smell rotten eggs, and some precautions to help you before you smell it!

Know What To Do If You Smell Natural Gas:

  • Before anything right now what your sitting on the computer research and watch some great videos courtesy of FortisBC they have been a huge resource for our family.
  • If you or a loved one smells rotten eggs, stop what you’re doing
  • Leave your home
  • Call FortisBC’s 24 hour emergency line 1-800-663-9911 or 911

Taking measures before you detect natural gas is the best idea for all homeowners. Our family has gone through all the steps and listed what we have done below just to be sure.

Things To Do Before You Smell Natural Gas:

  • Do your research make sure you read articles like this one or watch videos just to help educate yourself and your family.
  • Get annual maintenance on all your natural gas appliances and equipment
  • Write up “what to do” and emergency contact numbers for when you’re not home and a babysitter may be home or the kids are alone.

As long as you’re keeping up to date with your home inspections, resources and know what to do you’ll feel better as a parent. It can happen to anyone, knowing you’ve taken the right measurements and used the resources available from FortisBC will give you peace of mind!

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Keisha Lynne, xx

7 Podcasts For Bloggers That Will Inspire You

Lately, I’ve been feeling like a quick pick me up. A late night splurge on some inspiration and while reading and writing and working all at once just can’t be pulled off. I figured out a way to try and of course, multi-task it all! So while I write I listen and lately I’ve been researching and finding podcasts that really resonate with me as a influencer, buisness gal and just simply on life. Perspective and reminders of what really matters!…

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15 White Lies I’ve Told My Kids

Happy Mothers Day to all of you beautiful hard working mothers out there!

I’ve been working on this post for as long as I’ve been blogging. I never really got around to actually posting it until today when I told Ella a white lie and got away with it. It got me thinking… I’m on my very last few years of being able to pull this motherly stunt off until she reaches Owens age and calls me out on it! It won’t be long parents, then I’ll be cut off of my white lies……

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5 Things We Love About Avent Bottles

Disclosure: I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with Philips Avent and I received Compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Our littlest girl is trying so hard to grow up walking at 8 months, climbing stairs shortly after, talking full sentences so little. At the same time she reverts just a little to her baby stage. It’s bittersweet for all of us. But for the most part she’s been able to kick a lot of her baby routines like breastfeeding, her soother, her sookie blankie. It’s all starting to come together except her love for carrying around a bottle. Honestly enough this new thing only started a few months ago and I’m starting to see a reason for her new love. …

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Gifts For The Ladies | Mothers Day

Are you or your kids, family and loved ones feeling stuck on gifts for her this year. Have you been listening to that sweet mama who does so much for all of you? Well, I’ve been putting together a list of really awesome gifts that any mom or lady would love. Like I’m talking you CAN NOT loose on these ones! …

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Into The Woods We Shall Go…

You all know how much I love photo sessions, it’s one of my favourite parts of blogging. But when you say to your family “We’re doing family photos” the joy gets a little sucked out of it with their reaction of pure crying. haha The kids cry and complain, outfits always get dirty right before photos, everyone looks in opposite directions or picking their nose (cough cough Ella!) It’s usually a battle that I’m always willing to fight for, because common…I fight for these photos so that our family will get to enjoy them for years!…

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Improving Our Families Health with These Four Vitamins | MegaFood

Do you ever full tired and just off.. health wise?? I know I have been lately. So much so that I have been a little worried. The last few months I’ve started feeling tired and weak. Not really sure what was happening until I remembered my iron is always very low and the puzzle pieces just seemed to come together. With the rest of my family I felt it was right to get us all into a proper routine taking vitamins with Mega Food. They are a whole food vitamin and supplement company that offer a range of products for the whole family….

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Planning This Year’s Family Reunion? Easy Tips to Stay Sane and Create an Event Everyone Will Remember

Planning This Year’s Family Reunion? Easy Tips to Stay Sane and Create an Event Everyone Will Remember

Written By Kathryn Frazer

Summer is only a few short months away and for many of us that means it’s time for a family reunion! Reunions are a great opportunity to connect with seldom-seen family members, meet new ones, and celebrate your family’s heritage.

But if you’re the person put in charge of organizing the festivities, it can feel a little bit like herding cats – overwhelming, exhausting and potentially painful!

Below are some quick tips to help make the planning process less stressful and make it easier for family members to stay in touch after the reunion:

Mark your calendar, early! Generally, it makes sense to set the date approximately six months to a year in advance for a family reunion. That said, if most of the fam is relatively local – say, an hour or two’s drive away – it’s easier to be more spontaneous and opt for a long weekend somewhere that’s convenient for everyone. Three-day holiday weekends are often a good idea, as are summer weekends, when working hours are often can be relaxed.

survey from found that more than 57 percent of family reunions have between 50 and 149 attendees. With these large numbers, it may make sense to create a family reunion website so that everyone can access information and can take part in the planning process together. HowStuffWorks has a great tutorial available here for how to set up a website, including how to create a family blog, upload and store photo albums, and offer polls on reunion activities and games for family members to vote on.

Build out that mailing list. Determine the size of your reunion – start with your immediate family and then branch out to the cousins, second cousins and everyone that falls under that umbrella. After getting a sense of who will be invited, it’s time dig out your address book and see what kind of information is incomplete or missing.

If you have a really large family it can sometimes be difficult to remember who all is associated with whom. That’s okay! If you can’t remember your cousin’s new spouse’s name or your mother-in-law’s parents’ names, there are easy ways online to track down that information. Online tools like Whitepages can help you search for family members’ contact info such as current addresses, phone numbers and more.

After the invite list is determined and your mailing list is shaping up, it’s a good idea to create a family phone tree and email list and enlist a member of each nuclear family to help with outreach to their respective family members. This will help ease the burden on you as you try to plan out the rest of the reunion.

Get professional help. While it’s easy to cast yourself as the CEO (Chief Event Officer) of the reunion, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to do everything yourself. Consider hiring a caterer to

manage some of the cooking for the event, or just a few individuals that could assist with set-up, serving and clean-up after meals.

Another option is to hire a professional photographer or videographer, especially if your family is rarely all in one location.

Save and share contact information. Consider a fun way to share contact information so that family members can keep in touch after the event. Creating a family address book or photo scrap book (including a phone, email and mailing address list) as a gift makes it easy the next time you want to plan a get-together or just call Aunt Mary for a chat. Having easy access to your family’s contact information means you’re never really out of touch, and it also makes holidays and birthdays a lot easier when sending cards and presents out.

We can’t guarantee that a family reunion will be 100 percent problem-free, but being prepared and gathering important contact information early means that you have more time to be excited, not stressed, about the upcoming event.

About the author Kathryn Frazer is the Events Marketing Manager at Whitepages, an identity verification provider and people search engine.

Whitepages was founded in 1997, and helps you contact, research and verify people in your world. More than 30 million people per month use its people search engine to get in touch with extended friends and family, conduct background checks and verify that people are who they say they are.

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