The Ultimate Girls Day Guide Downtown Langley

I love visiting Downtown Langley! It’s a fun place to go that has so much for anyone to do and see. I love bringing friends and sharing some sweet places that I love Downtown Langley with them. Because you could really spend a whole day here having fun. I just recently visited and found some new places that I haven’t had the chance to visit yet! So happy I did and I’m sharing them below. I’m also sharing my list to create an ultimate girls day downtown Langley!

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Welcome Home Ruby Lynne | Macys Baby Girl Puppy

Welcoming home this beautiful girl we collectively named Ruby Lynne!

She’s bright eyed and full of energy. She’s precious! I’ve shared not that long ago that our Golden doodle Macy had her first litter of puppies. She had nine to be exact! So many. We had the opportunity to bring home a puppy if we liked and really took a long time to discuss this as a family. Each of us shared their thoughts and this discussion really lasted about a full year until we fully decided on what we were going to do. Really it was a big decision!

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DIY | How to make your own recipe book stand

This diy was SO easy you guys!

We used everything that we already had laying around in our shop. Scraps of plywood, paint, screws and wood glue. It was one of those projects that seemed so little but to me, had a big meaning!

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Wooden Tree Beaded Garland DIY with Home Hardware

The family fully decorated the home for the Holidays the other day and it’s pretty festive looking. Everyone is loving the cozy feeling of the lights, tree, and warm fireplace going. All while being cuddled up on the couch with our hot chocolates! It’s the best feeling.  

To add a little more Christmas decor to our home, we teamed up with Home Hardware and came up with a fun DIY plan, creating this Wooden Tree Beaded Garland.  

It was a really cute one to see come together and took us an afternoon to complete!  

What You Need:  

● Twine or Yarn  

● Wood Glue  

● BeautiTone Paint  

● Small Paint Brush  

● Wood Beads  

● 1/2″ Small Cuts Plywood (10×10” Square)  

What To Do:  

1. Cutting the trees! We cut the trees smaller, but you could make your cuts any size you’d like. We cut both sides at 4” and the bottom at 3”.  

2. Then drilled a small 3 cm hole at the very top of the tree to string in the twine.  

3. Glued a small bead to the bottom of the tree for the stump! 

4. I then placed the wood beads on a skewer and painted the beads and trees. On one side of the tree I used the bottom of my skewer stick and painted white dots. I left one side plain green too! I can turn them around for a change!  

5. Once everything was dry, I organized the sizes of beads and trees. I decided to leave a few beads plain. I loved the look of the natural wood combined with the colours of the trees.  

6. Then I strung them across and hung them!  

I love them so much! It looks so good all hung up. I’ve been playing around with where I love them the most,. Ffor now I love them hanging off our sideboard in the living room right where I can see them the most.  

Having everything come together for the Holidays is a lot of fun and being able to personally make something for our home with our own hands always hits differently! Something we created together! 

Keisha Lynne, xx

{Disclosure: This post was part of a paid collaboration. All reviews and views are that of my own}

Macy is a MOM Our Girl had 9 Golden Doodle puppies

Well, the start of our breeding journey has been such a cool process!

We had always had it in the back of our minds since Macy first came home to us. We always just played with the idea. Knowing her personality and just the kind hearted pup she is already, we knew she make the most wonderful mom. Plus, how neat of an experience would it be to walk by her side watching it all become.

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Embracing Mount Royal Hotel Downtown Banff

Being able to escape for a little while to explore areas we love is something that we’ll as a family never say no to. We’ve been having so many great trips to Banff lately for work and each trip we learn or see something new that we haven’t before. Getting to explore and get into nature is really fun for us. Staying somewhere new or even exploring stops that we’ve been before but just love enough to go again and again and again. 

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Entry Hall Tree Storage & Bench

Our entryway has been an empty room in our home for a long time now. It was a clutter only zone for jackets, shoes, and bookbags. The dumping ground for everything! I’ve been trying to figure out how we could really utilize this space and organize it to make life just a little easier when coming and going. Especially in the mornings on the way out the door for school. Drew and I were super excited to get started on making this happen with Home Hardware. Our building gurus! It was an easy enough process that I’m  going to share with you today. Everything we used was found at our local Home Hardware!  

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Ice Skating on Frozen Lake Louise | Winter Guide What you need to know

Well, with Winter quickly approaching I thought I would share some things to know in case you’re planning a Winter trip. We couldn’t recommend visiting Lake Louise in the Winter more, because it’s truly just as fun and as beautiful in Summer and Winter!

Ice skating on frozen Lake Louise has been on my bucket list since Owen was a baby. We had watched this commercial and a quick clip of someone ice skating on Lake Louise just caught my attention and I knew one day I was going to make it happen. It was just the most beautiful view and honestly felt like a very “Canadian Tradition” to do.

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My First Pair of Transition Glasses with the help from IRIS

I got my first pair of transition glasses! 

GUYS, they are blowing my mind. I’ve had them for about a month now and they are literally the coolest thing I ownnnnn. I can’t get enough of them! 

Before I got them into my hands I started to research more about transition glasses. I read everything I could online and then immediately made an appointment at my local IRIS to pick out and order my first pair. Leading up I really thought about the colour and design I wanted to go for. Because let’s be honest, it’s such a cool technology for eye wear, to own prescription glasses and have the lenses transition into sunglasses. How easy is that, to just walk out of the house wearing your prescriptions and not even having to worry about changing into sunglasses or even remembering. 

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FlyOver Canada Howlover Halloween Virtual Flight

It’s that time of year again, FlyOver Canada presents their Halloween virtual flight event HowlOver Canada. It’s a blast if you haven’t been before we suggest totally checking it out next time you’re in Vancouver BC Canada Place. We go every year for the Halloween & Christmas virtual flight and it never gets old.

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