Things To Know Before You Take Your Kids Blueberry Picking!

Things To Know Before You Take Your Kids Blueberry Picking!

Sure it may seem easy to just go and grab a box of blueberries from the store and call it a day. But with this gorgeous Summer weather we need to take advantage of just soaking in the sun and teaching our kids the beautiful ways of providing and working for what we get! I’m not talking about child slave labour, I’m just saying that it shows kids so much more pleasure when they pick what they eat!

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Taking Care of Your Skin Naturally with Naturalene

For many year growing up and part of my adulthood I remember using just about whatever on my face and body. Products that were cheap and easy to grab. I never looked into labels or ingredients. I simply just read what it did and bought it. Then I attended aesthetics school. There would be my altering decision to stop all of that. That’s where I truly understood and learnt the idea of natural products and the effects that using other toxic ones would do to our skin. 

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For The LOVE Of Lavender

Lavender year two! Last year we had such a great time that we decided to visit again. Only this year we managed to change up locations and visit this little beauty in the heart of Greendale/Chilliwack. Welcome to Greendale Lavender Company! How gorgeous is this place! 

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10 Lessons I’ve Learnt In My Three Years Of Blogging

Soooo exciting news guys!!! This month marks my third year blogging. I say month because I created it and slowly started to dip my feet in ever so lightly. This all started for me as a way to escape. Escape the anxiety and thoughts that frightened me. Escape the never ending housework with a newborn baby and a 6 year old. Maternity leave was without a doubt bliss but for someone who loves to work and stay active in a creative way it was really tough.

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My Minimalist Makeup Top Picks

Well ladies, I’ve decided to add more beauty to the blog. In a sense of makeup & beauty products. I have lots of titles but one other than blogger, wife, mother is that I’m also a trained and qualified aesthetician. So don’t ask me why now after three years of blogging I’ve only started to want to chat more about this kind of stuff. I guess I was very leave your work at work type. But since I’m not full time working as an aesthetician anymore I thought it might be fun to start chatting more. I’ll be adding my favourite beauty products and real tips and advice for you once a week!…

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TELUS, Helping Us Stay Connected To Family

I have been so excited to share this post today because it’s a very big milestone for myself. I’m very happy to announce that I’m officially part of Team TELUS and their Canadian advocate team members until the end of the year! This one is very close to my heart for many different reasons. For one out family has always trusted and turned to TELUS to provide us with the best care. Two, well because it’s a great opportunity to share not only what TELUS has to offer in services and devices but also how much they do and provide in our communities. …

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Packing A Summer Picnic

My children love to be mini hostesses. I mean I totally understand where they get it from. Watching me set up for parties, get togethers or just helping me set up for dinner. They totally watch and lead by example, so when it comes to movie nights they love to help set up and get the party started. They love getting out the fancy dishes for their treats and drinks, lay out everything so nicely for us to enjoy!…

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Celebrating Canada Day in Chilliwack

It feels like yesterday we were eagerly anticipating last years Canada Day 150th and already just like that Canada’s 151st Birthday is around the corner! Who’s ready to celebrate Canada Day this year?? We are totally that family that dives into all the celebrations and really makes it fun. From morning to night we really try to gain everything we can out of the one day, that one day where we can really give thanks to this beautiful country we live in. To all team together and support our love for Canada! It’s so much fun

We have our shirts ready and our good vibes flowing, ready to get started in Chilliwack. Every year we love to go, we start off with the pancake breakfast, food trucks, entertainment, games for the kids and end it with music and the best fireworks we’ve ever been to for Canada Day! The location is always so perfectly near a park for the kids to and close to everything that we really need for the day. We just park the car and off we go!

The crowds always bring good vibes and everyone is always in such an awesome upbeat good mood. We love our little/big city of Chilliwack which is why we called it home so many years ago! If your interested in going you should visit their website here…

Things To Do… 

8am-11am Pancake Breakfast Evergreen Hall $5 with the Kiwanis Club

11am-4pm Family & Children Entertainment. Townsend Park 

  • Free face painting 
  • Balloon twisting 
  • Bouncy Castles 
  • Food trucks
  • Acitivites

5pm Live Band & Fireworks 

New Activities Include

·       Axe Throwing

·       Yellow Bird Moms Lounge

·       Frankie’s & Molson Coors Beer Garden

·       Prizes

·       Free Canada Day Swag & other items

·       Princess & Star Warriors on stage during the daytime

·       Comedian Cliff Prang as our evening emcee making us laugh

·       Face in the hole artist display

Tons of live performances will be happening all day as well, all listed below! And a big thank you to all of the very kind sponsors, volunteers and committees that take part in helping out our community to celebrate in a way we should be! Stay tuned for some fun giveaways over on Facebook coming your way…


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Keisha Lynne, xx


See The Possibilities

Many of us adults have had a routine eye exam with our optometrist. All great, but there’s so much more to great eye health so lately I’ve been researching and learning more about the Canadian Ophthalmological Society (COS) and the benefits that come from medical expert consultations with an ophthalmologist….

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Our New Modern Design Kitchen Sink + BLANCO Canada

Our kitchen sink was in need of an update. To the wandering eye you probably wouldn’t think so, but as a busy family, the more and more we used our sad little faucet we knew it was time to freshen it up just a bit. We turned to a very trusted brand that I had the pleasure of meeting back in September at Blog Podium, BLANCO Canada.

It was literally love at first sight for me. The design, colours, looks and not to forget the quality and craftsmanship just exceeds expectations. I love the dark look and sleek feel in our already darker kitchen. Which in the future if we decide to upgrade to a brighter and fresher area the sink will be very versatile and be long lasting with the flow with a newly updated kitchen. Future goals! Don’t tell Drew;)

Our proviso sink and faucet were built in by the previous owners of our townhouse, so we’re not really sure how old it was or the brand they had used. Drew did this little/big project all on his own with no previous experience at all. I’m actually so impressed with how quick it was to change up and install. All of the pieces were in tact, measurements were perfect and everything literally just fell into place for us.

We went with the ALTA Dual Finish faucet in Chrome and Cinder. Pulls out to a very nice length with two different spray features. All very powerful! For the sink we went with a very elegant VISION Dual Sink in Cinder as well. It’s a very easy sink to clean and any left-over residue hides nicely within the colour even if you might have totally forgotten to clean it up!


  • Made out of composite materials

– Does not discolour

– Heat, scratch, stain and chip resistant

  • Sinks are engineered in Germany and manufactured in Toronto Canada

– Very hygienic and safe to use with food

-Lifetime warranty

-Offers a design centre that helps you personally find the best suited sink for your kitchen

All in all, we are blown away with BLANCO Canada and it’s awesome look, customer service and easy installations. This one made the books in “Drew’s Proud Home Reno’s” so trust me, anyone can figure this baby out and love it!

If you have any questions regarding our BLANCO Canada sink and faucet please feel free to ask! Happy sink shopping!

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Installation Process



Keisha Lynne, xx

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