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Hey Friends!!

If you haven’t already watched it, myself and 5 other Canadian Bloggers put together a fun series of Insta-Stories to showcase our Holiday Decor in our home. Decorated and all themed CHRISTMAS!! How fun! You can still watch it for a little bit longer (24hour rule on stories!) But if your to late, thats ok, because we are basically sharing everything on there here today. Along with links and tags to shops and pieces we own!

As well as I’m tagging a couple DIY’s and very inexpensive ideas to decorate your home. Because it doesn’t need to cost a lot of money to turn your home into a dreamy Holiday Home.

First off we will start in the entry room… Newly renovated. I haven’t even posted before photos yet. You’ll be seeing those soon..

Entry Room 

After this room we snuck upstairs to our Living Room/Play Area. Where the main event stands tall and pretty. Our flocked Christmas Tree from Minter Gardens. It’s beautiful!

Play Area

In the living space we have all of our stockings hung on the mantel and some fresh greenery along the top. 

Living Space

For the kitchen the light was just to dark for me to even snap any photos. The biggest piece we added there was garland around the very top of our shelves along the whole one side of the kitchen. 

Then across the room we have the dining room. I set the table so that it’s usable at any moment. Something thats simple but fancy! Greenery, candles, wine, brass ornaments. Very woodsy and outdoor feel which I love, it makes it feel so cozy in this space!

Dining Room

Along the one side of the wall in the dining room we have this antique hutch I found years ago. There I placed our Google Home Max for Christmas music, candles, a few other little decorations I have picked up along the way including some DIY’S!

Re-Purposed Candle Jars DIY

Home Decor Finds 

Ornaments | Canadian Tire, Superstore, Minter Gardens, The Button Box Boutique

Baby Its Cold Sign | AllyBeth Design Co

White Entry Bench | Wayfair Canada 

Wicker Basket | Walmart 

Pillows | Pillow Fight Factory 

Candles | Canvas Candle Co, Vancouver Candle Co, The Button Box Boutique

Stockings Blanket & Pillow Case | 607 Davie & Choy

Stocking Hangers | Superstore

Flocked Christmas Tree Ribbon Ornaments | Minter Garden 

Wire Trees | Dollar Store

Brass Reindeer | Thrift store. Spray painted gold 

Dishes & Placemats | Bed Bath & Beyond 

Ornaments & Silver Garland | The Button Box Boutique

Door Wreath | Vintage Meadow

Tall Wire Shelf | Woodwaves Furniture 

Follow along with our Canadian Blogger Friends below to view their homes as well… Happy Decorating!

White Picket FarmHouse

Karin U Living

Petite Prairie Family 

Kelsi Kendel 

Kristina Lynne

Happy 4th Birthday Sweet Ella

To our sweet little Ella Lynne on her 4th Birthday…

Girl, you are the light in this family that shines every single day. Your heart is pure gold and you have a smile that pierces us inside deep. Your kind words and sassy attitude can’t help but make us smile. Your more personality than I ever thought could be and everyday we are so thankful for that. You help remind us that girly things like princess’s and pink are an everyday thing and it’s never to much. You help keep us in check with what is cool for toys and whats not.

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Celebrate Your Galentine {Brunch Party}

One of my biggest goals for this new year, after leaving my job was to make more of an effort to visit my friends. To have more coffee dates, play dates and just good old fashion hang out time. Reconnecting and enjoying the friendships that are closest to me. Somewhere down the line, between the house, full time work, kids etc. It was one thing that I sometimes slacked, not on purpose but just because life gets way to busy and out of control!…

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Our Master Bedroom Refresh | JYSK


Our Master Bedroom Refresh | JYSK

Eeeeekk!! It’s finished! April will be marking our first year living in this home of ours. We love it so much and have learned how fun it can be making a space a home & all ours. Finally, at 30, I can say that I have my very own grown up room! Feels good! …

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Holiday Gifts For The Family


Holiday Gifts For The Family

It’s that time of the year again. Where we all ask our loved ones what they would like for Christmas! Over the years I’ve been trying my best to find some top items that everyone enjoys and are also supporting small buisness’s. I’m a little bit tired of buying ‘ok’ items just to put under the tree! That being said I have done a little digging up and resourcing great shops that offer nice, thoughtful gifts that the whole family will love! …

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Play Room & Play Dates


I’ve always said to myself when I first started to blog, that if the only thing I gain out of this experience is creating new friendships then that’s all that matters. I was lucky enough to gain lots of new friends for myself as well as for my littles!

This little friend of Ella’s is Lexi. Lexi and Ella are a month apart in age and are very similar in a lot of ways! Her mom Vanessa and I have become really good friends and we as well have a lot in common. I first met Vanessa through of course social media and after learning how talented she was, how sweet she was and how we had the same interests it felt very natural to just be friends!

Once getting everything moved in and unpacked, I realized I don’t like being bored and I have to keep busy so I started off the home renovations & decorating with Ella’s room. In all honesty there wasn’t much to change but the wall colour, which was a very ugly brown/beige. I added pieces to make it her own. The last few days she’s been in and out of her room playing and having fun!















Photography by Vanessa Marie Studios // Instagram

Tee Pee – Tee Pee Tot

Dream Sign & Book Shelf – AllyBeth Design Co.

Oreo Teether – Glitter & Spice

‘Beautiful Girl’ Writing – Genicca Whitney

Gold Dots – Wow Home Decor

‘Why Hello’ Sign & Voluspa Candle – The Button Box Boutique

Dream Catcher – VMD Jewelry

Pink, White & Gold Yarn Garland – Jae To The Wall

Ella’s Sweater – VonBon

Ella’s Leggings – Kewe Clothing

Sweet Dreams Darling Spritz – Happy Spritz

Sprout Diaper Salve – Haven Living

‘Ella’ Print Card – Kardz Kouture

Bebe Deluxe Coconut Bath – Bebe Deluxe

Unicorn Bracelet – Rachel Rainbow

Crib Side Blanket – Plaj Towel


Keisha lynne, xx






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I HEART YOU Valentines Kids Party

It’s all about the little ones this year, and sharing the love on Valentines Day. Celebrating something sweet and meaningful. I love to show the kids some fun and treats on this day and leading up to it. I love that it doesn’t have to be about presents and all about treats. To me it’s about showing them the fun in the day, to celebrate people we love everyday. Appreciation for relationships that matter in our life. And while doing that making it fun and creative!

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Ella’s Nursery


Around this same time last year I was on the path to creating the perfect nursery for baby #2. When we had our first born (owen) we didn’t have a huge selection of items to choose from. We lived in a teeny tiny community and we had a lower budget. Back then to us it didn’t matter if it matched or not it worked.

I did know that this time around I was going to do it a little bigger and better. My colours I planned for were white, gold and of course pink! I added new, DIY and vintage. The crib was bought brand new. The dresser/change table was a bit of a DIY. I found it in great condition at a local thrift store for $50, which I thought was a steal. We spent a couple of nights sanding, priming, painting and sealing. Well worth the work!

The wooden bookshelf was given to me as a shower gift from my cousin who made it. Worth checking out her stuff by the way….

The “nic nacs” and small items I put together were a mix of new and old. Frames I found at local thrift stores and re-painted them. Vintage Peter Rabbit books are so pretty put together. Tea cup candles which were done by moi,  with some left over candle wax. Paper decorations also done by myself on a rainy day!

In the end I was always taking things out and bringing new things in. Constantly moving things around and rearranging. Until one day I forced myself to stop, and I’m happy I did. I’m thrilled with the way it looks overtime I enter the room!

image-12 image-15

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