A Foggy Visit Peggy’s Cove Nova Scotia

When we were kids I remember piling up in our family van and heading on route, the lighthouse route. In my head, as a young kid, this ride felt like an eternity. When in reality we were very lucky to live so close to this Nova Scotia landmark, Peggy’s Cove. I’ve always loved our visits here, even if the road trip felt longer than usual. By the time we arrived, got out and stretch our legs it was the beauty part of it all to see the lighthouse just standing there surrounded my monstrous rocks and sea.

I haven’t been back since I was a young kid. This trip home made me miss the sights of Peggy’s Cove and it’s quaint tiny town. I put it on my bucket list to share the moment with my kids so that they could also see it for themselves. If you haven’t been but making a trip to Nova Scotia you should put it on your road trip check list. You won’t be disappointed. One thing I will suggest if you’ve never been before as well, is checking the weather beforehand. Quite often the fog rolls in, it’s also a very beautiful spot in the fog for if you’re looking to capture clear photos and to dress for the weather maybe just keep that in mind!

The only day we had for Peggy’s Cove it turned out to be quite foggy and rainy. Which I may warn you in this area it is quite common so don’t get discouraged. It’s still a beauty sight to see no matter what the weather may be. Just dress for the weather. Before we got there it downpour and by the time we stepped out it stopped raining and only fog rolled in.

Just like I imagined it, same as when I was a kid. Only difference is my excitement to climb those rocks faded. Which I should also mention can be quite dangerous, especially in the rain. Please use caution. The bonus part about the fog is that it’s not as busy. It can really pile up fast here so I would suggest also early morning visits or off season visits. For the best photos arrive around or before 10am and after 5pm.


How did Peggy’s Cove get her name? Well, hearsay is that it’s named after William Rodgers, an Irish immigrant from 1770. His wife’s name became the areas name. Another version of course is more exciting. When a shipwreck took all passengers but one who was named Margaret. She was rescued then the area became known as Peggy’s of the Cove.


Fishing is one of the most dangerous jobs and to tribute those lost at sea. William E. Degarthe carved a monument to the Nova Scotia fisherman. On a 30 metre long rock it’s carved with 32 fisherman, their wives and children with the Nova Scotia seascape.

Swiss Air 111 Crash

Some of you might remember Swiss Air 111 crash in 1998 just off St. Margarets Bay. Swiss Air 111 left John F Kennedy airport in NY heading to Switzerland. This would be in the area of this crash. Located just a short distance away from Peggy’s Cove lighthouse is a special monument dedicated to the souls lost. It was quite an extensive search and rescue. It brought sadness to Nova Scotia still to this day. As a kid, we used to live just off the water and I still remember hearing the sound of the plane crashing into the water. It stopped you in your tracks. They did such a beautiful job creating this trail and viewpoint. I highly recommend also visiting.

Things To Do

We slowly found ourselves while in Peggy’s Cove, making our way to local shops and small buisness’s gathering trinkets to remember our trip. Sweet Ella grabbed herself a mega slinky determined to pack it in her suitcase and bring it home. Which she did. A shop favourite of ours is always Amos Pewter. Us girls went in and found a couple goodies for ourselves to bring home and cherish. Remembering our day visit here with our family.

It was a special day for me to be able to bring my kids here with my parents, my sister, my niece and nephew. There’s a lot of beauty to be seen in this fishing village that holds a lot of Nova Scotia history. Along the way you’ll notice some spots to eat and check out so I highly encourage visiting the local small shops and buisness’s. They’re friendly East Coast personalities will have you happy you did!

This destination trip is very budget friendly with no admission. No limit to stay and visit either. It’s the best place to uncover while visiting Nova Scotia. To get the sense of a small village of colourful homes and unique landscapes. It is the most photographed lighthouse in the world. Which I believe because once you see it for yourself it’s kind of hard not to take a million photos of it!

Keisha Lynne, xx


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