Paws Up For Raw Food Diet | Transitioning with Big Country Raw

Today I’m here to share with you a fun & natural way to feed your pups!
Drummm rolllll….
Big Country Raw provides families with pets; a healthy, all natural, all raw dog food. It is such a great way to give your animals a delicious and well balanced meal. It’s stress free and mess free.

We recently started to learn more and slowly introduced and transitioned Macy’s diet from a dry food blend to Big Country Raw food diet. I wanted to share a little more about Big Country Raw too because I had a really fun time learning more about them and the process. Which, the more I learnt the more excited I got about the quality of food I was able to give Macy. It really put my mind at ease knowing all of the benefits and how it’s made.

Big Country Raw is a Canadian based company, with fast home delivery distribution from Ontario. They use all pasture-raised meat, foraged grass and nutrients like Omega 3 & Vitamin B. Fish are wild caught from Canadian fisheries, vegetables are all organically grown. Free range poultry! It literally can’t get any better than that.

The transition was so quick and easy. No real problems at all. We really couldn’t believe how easy it was. And how much she LOVED it. We basically everyday would slowly start adding more into her diet and slowly taking away her previous food by exchanging it for this. And she liked her new raw food diet like WAY more by the excitement she got every time we gave it to her!

The benefits of a Big Country Raw diet are really endless, but just to start off, it maintains a softer & shiner coat, decreases pets food allergies, no more tearing, no more ear infections, kills stinky breath, stops those expensive vet visits, gives your animals full of healthy energy and stops those late night potty breaks. Treats liver and kidney disorders. Strengthens their immune system.

I also think that the funnest part of starting this new journey was all the different ways we could create fun and all natural treats right from home. I really started to get creative. Because it’s not only just about the diet but it’s also about the texture and her ability to explore her food a little more.

We came up with some really fun treat ideas below using everything found at Big Country Raw. From Quail Eggs, Raw Goats Milk and Beef feed. Also introducing Sardines and Meaty Bones. Which you can find at any 900+ pet food retailers across Canada, find a store in your area online and visit the one that is closest to you!

It’s been really fun to explore Big Country Raw’s meals and treats for our little goldendoodle!

Frozen Heart Treats

These were so fun to make! I found the heart shape mould at our local store, any shape would work perfectly.

In a few separate bowls I mashed bananas, mixed the Big Country Raw Beef Dinner, crushed Big Country Raw Quail Eggs and poured Big Country Raw Goats Milk into these moulds. A few I mixed with the Goats Milk also. And let them freeze overnight! Macy woke up to some tasty frozen treats!

Beef & Quail Egg Popsicles

Another fun & easy healthy treat for you pup. Popsicles! Ella helped me make these, a little more time consuming because I let each layer freeze first before pouring in the next.

Puree blueberries and crush up Big Country Raw Quail Eggs. Mix on top Big Country Raw Beef Dinner and top with a bone. Something that’s edible and easy to mould for a popsicle stick so they can munch on it too.

Big Country Raw Dish Ideas

Like I said there are really just so many amazing ideas and ways to naturally feed our animals. I had a ton of fun finding all the ideas to mix with Big Country Raw. I purchased the Raw Beef, letting it thaw out. I then mixed it in her dog dish. On top I added things I knew she loved like Blueberries, Frozen Bananas, Frozen Goats Milk and Whole Quail Eggs. I also crushed up whole quail eggs and placed them in a mould to freeze. Another really great option is adding in Big Country Raw Sardines.

Big Country Raw 

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{Disclosure this post was sponsored post as part of an collaboration program, however all opinions are my own}

Keisha Lynne, xx

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