Johnson Family Self Isolation Diary

Dear Diary,

it’s been 3894 years since being self isolated… oh, that’s not right. Sorry it’s been close to 30 days more like it. Trust me when I say though it feels like it’s been 3894 years. The walls are closing in and I’m going insane. On a softer note, it’s been really awesome having everyone home under the same roof 24/7. We’ve been managing as well as possible considering how much has changed in our daily life and daily routine in such short time.

The kids have taken this week to focus on a better home school routine and figure out what is in store for them for the rest of the school year. Ellas been fairly easy in the fact that she enjoys working on her crafts all day, playing in her room with her toys, snuggling up with the iPad and of course chilling with her bike.

Owen was very excited today because with the help of both of us, we set up his online learning. Where he will find his classmates and teachers on a group chat everyday. He’ll be able to collect assignments, work online and turn everything in. He also gets the chance to do video chat with his teacher and friends. He’s really excited to have been able to connect with everyone and get work accomplished.

For some odd reason to, we’ve been blessed with some amazing weather. Which is so bizarre for our area we live in where it usually rains every day for months in Spring. So we’ve had some good opportunities to get outside clean the back yard and bring out the Summer toys!

Macy cuddles! Everyone loves those. Both kids have been practicing with her and her tricks. Macy has been so awesome listening to them, because she didn’t do it before! Crazy to think that she will be 1 year in July!

Owen also had the craziest hair even before being self isolated. So once we heard the barber shop closed down, we were a little nervous. Never the less Drew brought out his razor kit and went to work. Not really knowing what the heck to do. Just knowing that that kid had to have shorter hair before he started putting it in a ponytail! It’s not perfect but it works.

And FaceTime is non-stop over here. We are getting good use out of face timing family everyday. Ella has just caught on instantly. Owen is our shy boy and a little more embarrassed talking on FaceTime but slowly and surely he’s getting more used to it. Because this is how we see people now! hahah

This whole trip of self isolation and social distancing has been a whirlwind. But our family is slowly starting to sink into the new reality of never leaving our home. We are driving each other crazy that is a given. But when again will we get this opportunity to just lounge at home all day doing the bare minimal with our kids. I’m quite enjoying this. It’s a very simply life and I’m getting used to it.

Movie nights, game nights, reading, playing and fooling around. No schedule or time table needed. The last few weeks I’ve been slowly documenting each day and moment that I want to remember for myself for the kids for Drew. Because I know one day we’ll look back at this chaos and miss it! The nothingness at home with our family.

I encourage you to document everyday, in photos in a journal to look back at one day. I know I’ve seen Time Capsules for kids but I really feel like us adults and parents should also be writing our own!

Take care and be safe!

Keisha lynne, xx

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