15 Ways That Help Keep You Focused While Working From Home

Welcome to the world of working from home. It isn’t always the prettiest or the most ideal way to be productive but it has it’s perks. For any parent with kids who are home right now, I feel the hardships it can bring. It can make you feel crazy on your sanest days. I have been working from home now for about two years and it honestly feels like a roller coaster ride of ups and downs.

By now, I find that I have accumulated a list of ways that really help me stay focused. I mean, I have my off track moments of throwing in the towel and just lounging in front of Netflix all day in my PJ’s but for the most part I try and keep my shit together.

The start of this year was a dream. Having both kids in school full time. Finally getting into the routine of it, only to have March throw us a huge curve ball in life. We will all manage and get through this tough time. There are just some ways that it all can be handle in the good and bad times.

15 Ways To Help You Stay Focused While Working From Home.

  1. Essential Oils & Diffuser // Grab your favourite scents and just let the oils fill up your office! Clear that mind space.
  2. Declutter // I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it feels to have my work space clean. Having my desktop organized. I’m way more productive.
  3. Snacks // I usually make a little plate of snacks and have them hanging out on my desk just to sneak every once in awhile.
  4. Coffee & Water // Caffeine and hydration!
  5. Window Open // If it’s a gorgeous day out there open those blinds let the sun shine in and have your window open to catch that fresh breeze.
  6. Close The Door // If it feels like to much out of the office just close the door, that’s usually when my family knows I mean business!
  7. Podcast // Sometimes I find some really inspiring, uplifting podcasts and I just have them on in the background to listen to.
  8. Craft Space For Kids // The kids always loved hanging out with me in the office. So I put together a little desk of their own in my office and geared it up with art supplies. They could work with me and hang out while being entertained.
  9. Make Lists // I know for myself my head gets very over crowded with things. So I keep constant lists of things so that I have a bit of clarity. While trying to be organized.
  10. Meditate // I take a little time out of each day and just mediate. Most of the time I sit in quiet and just stare at my wall doing my breathing techniques and that works just as great! haha
  11. Dress For Work // I could easily wear jogging pants to work everyday, but I find myself feeling so sloppy and unmotivated when I do it too much. So I defiantly at least three times a week get up and get ready as if I’m leaving the house to go to work. It helps SO much!
  12. Walk Breaks // I take constant short walk breaks outside just to get some fresh air and clear my head a little.
  13. Music // If I feel like it’s to quiet or if I just have this sense of needing an uplifting get up, I put on my Google and listen to a playlist. Not loud just enough to hear it a little bit…
  14. Pinterest // This is where my creative vibes channel. Sometimes we all could benefit from a little Pinterest scrolling. It helps get back to focusing. It helps inspire and gain no refreshing ideas!
  15. Focus // Focus on the tasks you love the most and accomplish those. Eventually get to the other things. You’ll feel way more motivated seeing your finish pile!

Working from home has it challenges and a lot of distractions. But knowing that sometimes those distractions are okay to cave too will help you be a little more motivated to work on the tasks ahead of the day. Don’t forget to stay balanced!

Keisha lynne, xx

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