Macy’s First Time Exploring Snow

To say that we’ve become obsessed dog parents wouldn’t be a lie. We’ve been spoiling this sweet girl since the day she’s come home with us. And since it’s become Winter and snowing we’ve been itching to get her into the snow. But sort of hesitated also because well we were frankly afraid of her running off on us and saying “See yah later” while we watch her bolt out of sight forever…

That was our number one fear but also we were really itching to let her have the chance to run free without a leash and totally explore like dogs should. With no fear of being held back and giving her a little more trust. Defiantly like children, if you’re thinking I remember this stage with my kids then yes, you are right. That’s how we felt!

Well, today we noticed a glimpse of snow of the mountain just above our mountain so needless to say it was snow that was super close to us. Like a 15 minute drive. So Drew and I jumped into the truck. Grabbed Macy’s towel and our coffee. We headed straight for that snow. It was gorgeous. It was this misty, cloudy sky with snow falling and covering the ground.

Honestly, I already knew she’d be full of excitement so we snapped just a couple of photos before she tore up a strip in the snow. I let her down and off she went. I was still very scared she’d run away but thankfully she’s such a loyal dog that she really just sprinted circles around us without getting an inch of tiredness.

It was really fun to watch her. She had a great time just like we knew she would. Our little snow dog exploring the snow for the first time and first time ever off the leash! It was a pretty cool afternoon!

Keisha Lynne, xx

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