Highlights From 2019 | A Year In Review

Have you ever had a year that you just didn’t want to end? The year was just so good to us that I’m really sad to see it go. We’ve had some amazing times and grew so much over 2019, all of us.

We’ve managed to excel in ways we didnt think were possible and growing this blogging buisness into a family affair continues to grow. It was just such an amazing year for us we really hope this rolls right into 2020 tonight when that clock strikes midnight.

Today I really wanted to stretch my memory and share all of our 2019 highlights. Things that were goals, special memories, trips and just down right fun for us.

We are hugely thankful everyday for everything we have and it’s just another reason to be so happy with this past year. We couldn’t have asked for a better time together!

  1. Tofino | Kelowna | Whistler | Summerland | Victoria | Comox

Last year we started a goal for us and that was to take and explore more trips. Travel more and add more of that to our blogging content. It turned out to be such a huge hit for the blog. It helped grow and engage in so many ways. Not only that but our family had the best time exploring these places for the first time and trying something new.

2. Ella Started School

Our baby grew out of her baby stage and into big girl stages when she started her first year of kindergarten. It’s been a really important year for her and she’s been nailing it everyday. So proud of her.

3. Owen Moved To Juinor High

Our Owen had a big school year to, in moving to different schools to start his first year of junior high. He’s been hugely responsible and grew into a teenager overnight basically. He’s been doing such a great job!

4. Social Media Workshop

This was a big step for me, I was very much afraid to start this. But after much debate I just sunk my feet into my own social media workshop which turned out to be a big hit. I plan on hosting more in the new year and making them more of a women’s club in business and really diving more into teaching!

5. The Camera!

The camera came into our lives around this same time last year. And it is literally like our third child. It’s been helping me grow in what I do and it’s helped me to relearn a childhood love I left behind many years ago in photography. I’ve been having a blast learning and playing around with photos and editing!

6. Alberta

This trip was another goal, or I should say getting my family on a flight trip was a goal of mine. We nailed it and it was literally a highlight of the year. We had such a great time and organized and nicely put together. The four of us couldn’t have done it any other way it was that good.

7. Speaking At Women’s Events

I had the pleasure of speaking at three different women’s events this year and nominated for the Mompreuner award. Every time I do something like this is totally pushes me out of my introverted comfort zone and I’m so glad I do it!

8. Feature in VITA Daily | Progress & Abbotsford News |BC Living

Now, these are a very proud moment. I mean it’s not a huge milestone but every time something like this happens it’s defiantly a little exciting!

9. Bringing Home Macy

We opened our doors and hearts to a new puppy this year. Macy our loyal and loving Golden Doodle who has completely stolen our hearts. We love her so much and so happy we took that leap to a family pet!

10. Thriving & Happy

And while we conquer on our journey together the best part of 2019 was knowing that our family was thriving and happy along the way. Because that’s the best part is knowing we have each other. It’s been a great year, work and personal. I’m getting so excited to start this new year and get all those goals out!


  1. Would love to hear more about your social media workshops!

    And… your instagram editing filter choice:) love it!

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