The Convenience of Family Healthcare In Your Pocket with Babylon by TELUS Health

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Access to universal healthcare is one thing I love about living in Canada. But for many Canadians, busy schedules and irregular work hours can make it difficult to squeeze health management into everyday life. It’s time we start prioritizing it. 

Babylon by TELUS Health is literally one of the most inspiring apps I have come across. As a mother living in a busy area who has a popular, very overworked family doctor with limited clinic hours, it’s near impossible to get a last-minute appointment with her when we need to see her. Let’s face it, sickness doesn’t wait — it just happens — and in times like that, virtual care is a great solution. 

The Babylon by TELUS Health mobile app provides you with health information and access to a local doctor right on your smartphone. You don’t need to leave your home, you don’t need to take time off work, and you don’t need to worry about emergency room wait times. Nearly 20% of BC residents spend 6 hours a month managing healthcare appointments and prescriptions. That adds up quickly so why not save time where you can?  

Anyone across the country can download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play. Once you install the app, I would recommend following the simple instructions to register your whole family right away. So, the moment someone gets sick and you need it, the upfront part is already taken care of. 

Once that is all set up, you’re able to use the AI-powered Symptom Checker instead of aimlessly searching the internet for answers about your health issue. The Symptom Checker asks you questions about your condition, and provides information on next steps, whether its resting at home or consulting with a doctor. And if you live in British Columbia, we have the added benefit of being able to have a face-to-face virtual call with a BC-licenced doctor. You can also get prescriptions sent to your pharmacy of choice, get a referral for a lab test or specialist, and book appointments with ease. 

What else do I love about Babylon by TELUS Health? Well, you can have access to a local doctor seven days a week, including evenings and holidays. Plus, it’s a great option for BC residents in remote and isolated areas, where resources might be limited. 

Many kids who are sick don’t want to leave home. I know that for my kids, Owen and Ella, having to see a doctor when they’re sick is tough and can be a little scary. And as a parent, when you’re not feeling well, the last thing you want to do is pack everyone up and travel and sit in a waiting room with a bunch of other sick people.

Having this app also means that those healthcare appointments I keep putting on hold for myself because of well, TIME, do not go ignored. I can easily manage my own health and take the time to look after myself in between school activities, kids stuff and everything on the go. 

I can honestly say that with this app our family now has far more convenient access to a doctor whenever we need it. We sleep peacefully knowing that life will be a bit easier if one of us ever becomes sick. And it frees up more time to take care of other family stuff instead of spending time in waiting rooms or running to appointments like a crazy person. We all deserve quality and convenient access to healthcare and now we can thanks to these innovative new digital tools!

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Keisha Lynne, xx

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