TELUS Wise Impacting a Healthier and Happier Presence Online

This past Summer I had the opportunity to hang out with the TELUS Ambassadors in Vancouver. We all gathered from across Canada to hang out and share 4 days together getting to know one another and really connect. Not just on social media! One of our mornings was spent learning about the TELUS Wise happiness workshop, which is designed to help you deal with digital stress and keep digital well-being top of mind. 

Let’s face it we all deal with it, you don’t need to only be a blogger to experience digital stress. 

The happiness workshop is a very educational one with lots of resources available online! This workshop is really for anyone that’s feeling drained, comparing oneself to others, or just interested in learning how to break that digital habit and disconnect. Because again we all have those days! But it’s easy to maintain a healthy digital habit after getting to know some basics and reading through TELUS Wise. 

It’s okay to put it down for a day or two. It’s okay that you might not have any likes. It’s okay to not reply to text messages or swarm the internet. To give your mind a healthy break! 

Some easy steps to help relieve and stress online… 

Don’t compare yourself to others! You are everything. People only like to share the good, not always bad. It’s good to show both sides. Because that’s real life. 

Be where you are. When gathering with friends put the phone away. And be present. 

Make time for rest and reflection. 

Schedule time to connect. 

Wear a watch, write in a journal. 

Accept that you can’t be everywhere and you can’t do it all! 

It’s really important for us to all know that everyone goes through the same struggles online, it’s the way we handle it and share that matters. The way that we break and put it aside only makes us breathe easier each day. 

Knowing myself that being online isn’t always the most glamorous thing even though it looks it. When I put it all away and have a break I feel so much more refreshed and rejuvenated. I also try to challenge my “Phone Hours” now that our iPhones track how long we are on it on each site or app. It’s fun to challenge myself to lessen the time on my phone. Even to just bring it down an hour or so. It helps me feel more in power! 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed then take advantage of these free Wise workshops and resources offered over on, there’s a workshop for everyone!

Photos | Julie Christine Photography

{Disclosure this post was sponsored post as part of an collaboration program, however all opinions are my own}

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