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This past weekend Owen and I had the opportunity to volunteer our afternoon and give back in our community with the TELUS team. It was rainy and cloudy but it was the most real genuine fun we’ve had together. It wasn’t about schedules or doing good or not. It was simply helping cleaning up trash in the area we live in. And knowing that with each single piece picked up we were helping the environment also had us feeling so good. 

Being able to share an experience so good as this with Owen was one of those days that I dream of as a parent. Planting that “giving” seed and showing hm what it’s like when we give back. Hoping that one day it will sit in there and impact hm and his life and future.

Being apart of TELUS and learning about how much they give in communities like ours is such an unreal honour. Each team member and volunteer takes time out of their busy schedules to give back. In a day where schedules, timelines and our hectic lives eat away most of our days I think it super cool to be able to witness a company do their part in making the world go round just a little bit each day. 

TELUS is proudly one of Canada’s most giving companies. Since 2000 TELUS team members have contributed $1.2 billion through $690 million in financial support and 1.3 million days of volunteerism. Insane!! This past year alone TELUS has given $150 million to Canadian charities creating a more stronger and healthier community. Impacting millions of people. 

It also had me thinking about other things, like in other ways that we can give back. Because it can start here… and then grow into so much more

How You Can Help Give Back In Your Community

  • Organize your own clean up crew! Super easy to do. Pick a spot in your area, maybe a park or river. Start a Facebook group inviting friends and family to join you one day cleaning up trash in the area.
  • Volunteer at a shelter… There are always ways to fill in and support a shelter in your area. Call your local spot and see how you can give some time to support those in need. 
  • School Support Staff! One thing that I always found was the the local schools always are looking for a lending hand. So on days that I know I’m free I email my sons school and let them know I can help out. 
  • Animal Shelters are always looking for dog walkers or charitable donations to feed the pets that arrive. 
  • Start Your Own Fundraiser! Find something that speaks to your heart that you’d like to raise money for and donate your proceeds. 
  • Volunteer At Events… There are always events happening in our community heritage building and every year they look for volunteers to handle cash at the door or help assist visitors. 
  • Mother & Kid Shelters. Dropping of clothes, toys or toiletries while visiting there. 
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters are in most communities find the phone number for your local spot and see how you can help out there!
  • Seniors Visiting… Many of your local senior citizen homes will have a volunteer program organized where you can go in and visit seniors keep them company and have fun with them!
  • Food Donations are in almost every grocery store as well as the local food bank. Popping a few items in there every so often is huge!

It’s always nice knowing that you can do a little piece of what you can in your community to help where you can and impact in little ways but also big ways to!

I encourage you to see where your interests are and go from there. Bring your little ones and show them the domino effect and power of what giving back can do!

Keisha lynne, xx

{Disclosure this post was sponsored post as part of an collaboration program, however all opinions are my own}

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