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You know the phrase, “Monkey see, monkey do”? When you’re a family with little children, you know how true this can be! They watch us – constantly and everything we do and say is imprinted in their minds. Children so badly want to mimic the things we do as parents and want to be involved. When it comes to habits in my home that display values of home cleaning, responsibility, kindness to others, and recycling, I try really hard to make sure my kids follow my lead. 

Our children are the generation who will take care of our planet, and it’s up to us to pass down positive environmental habits by showing them how and what to recycle, and where to take the recyclable items. I like to keep my little ones in the know so they have a better understanding of why we do what we do, so they develop a deeper appreciation for our planet. 

Product Care Recycling is a federally incorporated not-for-profit organization that manages recycling programs for many household items, making it easier to recycle them. They offer recycling locations all over Canada! To find your nearest location and to learn about the types of products they accept, visit them online at Product Care Recycling. Note that each province has different accepted and not accepted products, so be sure to check the website to learn about your province’s recycling options. 

Product Care makes it super easy to recycle items, so having the kids be a part of this feels natural. Product Care has been providing incredible recycling programs for years, including a program for a really important item that everyone uses: light bulbs! Yes, they recycle light bulbs of all shapes and forms. In BC, every type of light bulb, and even light fixtures like chandeliers, string lights and standing lamps, can be recycled at hundreds of recycling locations across the province. 

When we properly dispose of lights we are doing the planet – and our children! – a great service. Mercury – which is found in some light bulbs – can be harmful to our soil and waterways if not managed safely. When we bring our lights to a recycling location, it ensures they are managed in an environmentally responsible manner and avoids them harming the earth. 

Our kids are very aware of recycling things like juice boxes, cans, and cardboard. This is awesome, but it’s also very important to share with them the recycling habits of other common household items that need to be disposed of properly. Share this knowledge by making it fun; have them be involved when you collect your light bulbs and tell them where and why you are taking them to be recycled. 

My 10 year-old always loves to help out and do his part, so I want to make sure I show him the ropes and give him a clear understanding to why we do what we do. Product Care Recycling’s services are important to our family and should be to yours, so pass this light recycling knowledge on to your little ones! Every light bulb counts, so let’s show them what they can achieve when they recycle – and help work to ensure them a cleaner, vibrant planet to grow up on. 

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Keisha Lynne, xx

Disclosure:  I have partnered with YMC and Product Care and have received compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.


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