Memorable 2018 Moments |Happy New Year

The end of the year wouldn’t be complete without a look  back right?? 
These past couple of weeks marked one year of quitting my full time job and pursuing Blogging as my full time gig instead. Trust me when I say it was stressful. I was tested over and over. I doubted the whole idea numerous of times. I made some HUGE mistakes. Mistakes that were actually learning lessons. Trusted to much. Didn’t trust enough. Felt defeated. 

But at the same time all of this lead me to other emotions and feelings.Like being blown away by all of your support and sweet caring thoughtful messages cheering me on from the sideline. Being my friend and making connections with me and my family. Trusting me with your brand/buisness. Feeling a huge urge of being creative. Which fuels me! No better feeling in the world for myself than to be creative and do things I love. I have learnt to trust my gut, intuition, how to say no when needed and balance it all over again in a different light. 

I’ve been so lucky by this last year. and I’m incredibly grateful for things I’ve achieved, small and big. I’m constantly learning and challenging myself. I’ve learnt A LOT about myself that I never really knew before…
Crazy to think you know yourself, when you really don’t! I reminded myself to cheer on the good times even when I felt like I should hide them or not to boast or brag. I learnt thatnumbers are really just a number. Quality of work, relationships & engagement are truly important!

I’ve taken a quick moment to remember all the good 2018 provided for us. Most importantly our health and happiness. Those are the things I strive for with our family. These are the moments we live for and are awaken with. I’m very excited to start 2019 and a little sad to be leaving a great year behind!

The Bunny Alice

Family Trips | Pacific Sands

Galentines Brunch

Dining Table Collaboration

Owen Started Grade 5

Lavender Field & Sunflower Fest


Family Session with Kaila Wren Photography

Summer Trips |Cultus Lake, Lakes, Adventure Park, Boats.. etc

Milk Bath

Home Renovations

Flourish Motherhood Magazine

Ella Turning 4

Robson Street

This Tree


Julie Christine

Rebecca Lynn

Kaila Wren

Breanna Bradley

Vanessa Marie

Jennifer Roessler

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