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Buy This Cup, Plant a Plant | 7-Eleven Saving Grace with Coffee

We all know that our love for coffee runs deep and strong (pun intended). We need some sort of caffeine to get through the crazy week ahead with early mornings, school routines and extra activities. We’re always on the go! I solely rely on my coffee at home and travelling… But what if I told you that when you purchase a coffee at 7-Eleven Canada you’re not only caffeinating yourself but you’re also somehow planting a tree!

Cool; right! Well that statement is true. Every time you purchase a hot beverage cup at any 7-Eleven Canada location, you are in fact contributing to a plant being planted at a local restoration site.

This program is dedicated to restoring Canadian areas that need it most, like the lovely landscapes in Fort McMurray, which were damaged by forest fires in 2016. With the help of local restoration groups, they have replanted fire resistant plants, so that when and if any forest fires trail through again, this area will fight against the fires and act as a fire retardant around the city. Very cool stuff!

I mean not only is this program hugely appreciated but I also appreciate the delicious taste of their coffees. I remember often when Owen was a little baby, Drew would run across the street for my sleep deprived morning coffees and it almost became routine and felt good to have in my hand. It was his romantic gesture while being a new mom. 7-Eleven Canada’s Exclusive Blend coffee blend won a Golden Bean trophy from the North American leg of the world’s largest coffee roasting competition; The Golden Bean. With their ongoing effort to being more environmentally friendly, you can always try get refills of their Exclusive Blend coffee (or any hot beverage) for 50 cents when you bring your own reusable mug!


On my way out or needing a quick caffeine fix at home it’s always nice knowing that what little I do contribute is going towards something really amazing for futures to come. That with one single recyclable cup, you’re making a difference on our planet, helping restore regions of growth for generations to come. I encourage you to give back to your communities and even though you may think that forests are full of plants, it takes many years for these plants to grow and honestly we can never have too many plants!

Good news for you, starting November 19th until November 24th 7-Eleven Canada will be hosting a Canada wide FREE coffee week for 7Rewards members!! Download the 7-Eleven App to participate and fill up a small cup for FREE and take home their Exclusive Blend!

For more information on 7-Eleven Canada’s Buy This Cup, Plant A Plant program, please visit and follow along their journey step by step and all over Canadian landscapes. Keep in check with areas that are blossoming and what ways you’re contributing! It’s nice and reassuring when you find companies like this that give back! #PlantAPlant




Keisha Lynne, xx

{Disclosure this post was sponsored post as part of an collaboration program, however all opinions are my own}

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