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Today I really wanted to introduce to you a very sweet and very successful local Vancouver B.C based business lady, Izabela! The owner and creator of The Plant Junkie. She has quickly became apart of my life not only for her wonderful plants that seriously amaze me. But most of all, of course for her big and beautiful personality. Most of us understand the idea of running a home business all while creating a life behind closed doors is a hard one, it’s not easy, with 2 kids, a dog and a hubby, Izabela nails it! All with a gorgeous smile on her face and happy vibes!

The Plant Junkie came to be one year ago and has quickly gained acknowledgement for becoming Vancouver’s first and biggest online plant retail shop that offers the luxury of shopping from the comfort of your home and get your plants delivered right at your door step. She has a passion for all things plants and basically can help you learn the basics and get you started, even if your a plant killer like myself. She’s an expert and knows all the tricks of the trades and places to find plant accessories!

Plants mean so much to our well being and our everyday life. From purifying the air to creating mood changers simply by placing a plant in your home. 

I really wanted you guys to learn more about this smart, sassy, fun lady which is why she’s answering some of my own personal questions below… If you have any you would like to ask her please feel free to email or message! 

       1.What was your inspiration to start an online plant shop??

“First and foremost I wanted to start a home based business that would allow me to stay at home with my two kids. Plants were always a big part of my life growing up in Brazil. They are everywhere down there. I suffer from asthma and after having a severe attack back in 2010 I started collecting plants to clean and purify my indoor air. Friends would come to my home and compliment me on my plants and ask where I could get them… so I saw this huge opportunity to offer an unique service of bringing the plants straight to the clients homes. I love doing it  because the service I provide put me in a very personal 

Position. I get to know my clients very well going to their homes and some of them are my friends now. I love that.”

2.  Which plants are your favourites??

“I don’t play favourites with my plants. Lol. But in all honesty I have the plants that I always suggest for plant beginners. My 2 favourites are the snake plant and ZZ plant. They are very hardy and they do well even in lower light conditions. Good plants to have while building up your “ plant confidence”.  

         3. Any tips you recommend on keeping plants alive longer/forever!

“Keeping plants alive and happy is easier than you think.  First you have to get healthy plants from trustable sources and pick the right plant for the environmental conditions that you offer in your home. My plants are all hand picked and inspected by me so I know I am offering my clients only the best.  Plants that like a lot of bright light won’t do well in a dark home for example. We should listen do the plant’s lead, always.”

         4. How do you juggle being a mom/wife & full time business lady??

“I am very intense in everything I do. I think is a big part of being Latin too. I am a full time mom and that is my #1 priority. I don’t have any help besides my hubby and all my family is in Brazil so it is intense at times. Sometimes I feel like I need a day with 1.000 hours. Lol. That being said I love what I do. My kids, my plants, my hubby and my dog are the loves of my life and I just feel incredibly blessed for being able to have it all at the same time. What else can a girl ask for?! I am so incredibly grateful. “   

I loved getting to know more about her and how she came to be. Stories always bring me in to learn more about a person’s beginning, struggles and accomplishments. To me it’s something to praise every mom for. This lady deserves it and she is where to go for all things indoor tropical plants! You can simply message her online and not only will she help you find your perfect match she’ll even deliver it to you! Within reason! 


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Keisha Lynne, xx

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