10 Lessons I’ve Learnt In My Three Years Of Blogging

Soooo exciting news guys!!! This month marks my third year blogging. I say month because I created it and slowly started to dip my feet in ever so lightly. This all started for me as a way to escape. Escape the anxiety and thoughts that frightened me. Escape the never ending housework with a newborn baby and a 6 year old. Maternity leave was without a doubt bliss but for someone who loves to work and stay active in a creative way it was really tough.

I remember feeling alone even though I wasn’t and having the worst anxiety of my life. I remember just wanting to write down all of my thoughts and feelings in what started as a journal. It really helped. Then as some time went on, Drew came home with a computer and told me to write/type there. So I did. But instead of just writing I challenged myself just a little more and created my own blog, Loving Littles Blog became my path to find the light.

I started sharing my own thoughts and stories, products and reviews. Than it was like a light switch went off and I entered a whole new realm of blogging. It was surreal. I went back to work from maternity leave and suddenly the blog lifted off at the same time. I kept up juggling everything for two years until recently calling it quits at my full time job in December 2017. Best decision I’ve ever made! It’s not always about the money but being able to make enough income that I can quit my day job, take my family on fun trips and explore items I never knew existed is something that I’ll never take for granted. 

I’m not saying that it has been all but easy. It has been hard and endless hours of working, endless hours of free work to finally start making an income. Plus side of things, doing what I love and being as creative as I want to be. Making my own hours! I see my kids all the time and actually get to live in the moment with them everyday, instead of passing by and getting no sleep from working around the clock. Life has changed, I never thought I’d get the chance to experience being a stay at home mom. I feel very lucky!

So back to the not so easy part, I didn’t just smooth sail my way into blogging and making an income. It came with a lot of bumps and bruises. Lessons learnt and trials tribulated. That’s why I’m digging deep and sharing my own lessons that I’ve learnt since my first day sharing to the world my very vulnerable space my new brand and business Loving Littles Blog…

10 Lessons I’ve Learnt From Blogging

  1. Collaborating and Supporting will always be number 1 for me. It’s what has helped jump me up there. Working with others and networking with others. Supporting and creating together. I could never do it all alone. Thats a given. I’ve met some of my best friends today all from collaborating!
  2. Numbers aren’t everything. You can’t sit around worrying about numbers. You’ll waste so much energy stressing out when what you should really worry about is your content and what your creating. Just focus on you! Don’t stress. Don’t stress about your following numbers, likes etc. What matters is your impressions and engagement numbers! Those will mean more than anything to you. 
  3. Choose your close friends wisely. This one is a sensitive one for me. I feel like in my 30’s it’s still hard finding those close and dear friends. So please don’t let them steal your light away from you and your success. If someone can’t be proud and happy for you than it’s probably better to set that friendship aside.
  4. DO NOT undervalue yourself. Your work and your time is super precious. Don’t ever undervalue you and what you do and what you work on. You are worth everything you feel your worth!
  5. FOMO is real and leave it by the door. Or the back of your mind. Because saying NO is ok. Not making that event to hang out with your family is ok. It hurts it sucks but there are more important things to say yes to sometimes!
  6. Comparison is the thief of joy. I remember a time in my blogging career where I did this all the time. It sucked the life out of me. And you know what, I just stopped it. I got to a point where I was so exhausted of getting so upset over silly little things that others had or getting that I didn’t. I’m so thankful for what I do have. Please don’t compare lives, followers, likes, etc. When you find yourself doing this, just remind yourself of all of the accomplishments you’ve succeeded and be proud of those! Relish your thoughts and feelings in those…
  7. Step out of the box and don’t be scared to do this. Be different. Be creative and try something new to you. Explore different areas and find a new avenue that you love.
  8. Be real & be authentic in every way that you can be. Whether it be followers, your life, your realness. Share that and be humble. Whether you find yourself growing fast please remember to leave the ego behind you. Be real and remember everyone starts somewhere. Everyone starts from the beginning!
  9. Unplug for the inspiration, you might need one day or a whole week. It’s up to you to decide. I always take the weekends off if I feel the need to just decompress! It works and it helps mind body and soul!
  10. Write for you. Writing your inner feelings and thoughts is a big one to share. And even if you think no one will read it, you might be surprised, someone will, but also think of the feeling you’ll get by releasing those thoughts. It will feel wonderful for you and most importantly you might help make someone’s day as well!  
  11. Extra Lesson… It’s Ok! It’s ok to have bad days, it’s ok to make mistakes, it’s ok to be yourself, it’s ok to be less than perfect. It’s ok to do whats best for YOU!

If you ever feel in doubt or have questions about anything please feel free to reach out and just ask!

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Keisha Lynne, xx

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