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I have been so excited to share this post today because it’s a very big milestone for myself. I’m very happy to announce that I’m officially part of Team TELUS and their Canadian advocate team members until the end of the year! This one is very close to my heart for many different reasons. For one out family has always trusted and turned to TELUS to provide us with the best care. Two, well because it’s a great opportunity to share not only what TELUS has to offer in services and devices but also how much they do and provide in our communities. 

I for one, greatly appreciate everything provided and how amazing it is to us that we get to be connected to our family even when they live so far away from us. Times have changed, since the first time we move to BC 9 years ago we had very little to help us keep in touch with family. But now, it really just blows my mind how close we can still be to our loved ones back east in Nova Scotia everyday.

We really try our hardest to call each other or Facetime each other a few times a week. When it’s a special occasion or holidays we always make sure to organize a time and set up an ipad or iphone and call in so that our parents can watch the kids open presents, see the looks on their faces! It builds bonds between them and we can put faces to names with each facetime or call.

TELUS has really stepped up the game on keeping families connected across the country and making sure they have the best wireless service and internet access. Gone are the days of Skype where every time you moved the screen froze forever and you lost connection. Life has officially been made so much easier. It makes living far away a little easier and the guilt a little less. I love being able to show our family with each Facetime visit how big the kids are getting and the new things they’re learning. It helps our family stay connected and in the loop as well! Which I know they appreciate as well. We miss them all so much!

Not only does TELUS provide us with great service but you would be so happy to hear about all the different ways they help in our communities raising awareness and helping to make a change. All such great changes that more companies should take initiative in. The internet can be a really nice and uplifting spot but for some it can also take a really bad turn for the worst. 

So many children and I should mention adults deal with some sort of Cyberbullying in their internet time. It’s quite scary how people can act and behave behind a screen and think it’s ok. It’s not and TELUS wants to make the internet a safer place for everyone, so they’re helping put a stop to it with their #EndBullying campaign. Making it known that it’s not humble to hurt others and that we should take steps to end it and help others back up. To do our part and #RiseAbove it! You can make a difference and you can start today by taking the TELUS WISE Digital Pledge. It takes two seconds and might make a whirl of difference to someone who may need some encouraging! Plus, TELUS is donating $1 for every pledge to #EndBullying programs across the country. They have a ton of online resources and support tools for kids and their parents, so if you’re worried about your kids online presence or don’t know about all the latest apps, you can learn a ton by checking out the TELUS WISE website. 

Let’s take our stand and #EndBullying 

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Keisha lynne, xx


{Disclosure this post was sponsored post as part of an collaboration program, however all opinions are my own}

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