15 White Lies I’ve Told My Kids

Happy Mothers Day to all of you beautiful hard working mothers out there!

I’ve been working on this post for as long as I’ve been blogging. I never really got around to actually posting it until today when I told Ella a white lie and got away with it. It got me thinking… I’m on my very last few years of being able to pull this motherly stunt off until she reaches Owens age and calls me out on it! It won’t be long parents, then I’ll be cut off of my white lies…

It’s been fun and it’s not the ideal way to parent I know! It is all in good fun and totally harmless. I mean, do you remember when you were young. What white lies did your parents tell you?? I spent my whole childhood utterly afraid of watermelons in fear of eating the black seeds and growing a watermelon in my stomach!

I love my children, but yes a white lie can almost save the day on just about anything. I pulled up a few of the ones I could really remember using on them. We’ve all done it, don’t try to deny it. We do it for many different reason. One to defect an argument, two because we really don’t have time, three we really want to protect them and four because eating a snack in quiet makes you feel guilty and so amazing at the same time! Why is that…

Lastly, sometimes we don’t really have the right answer for everything, even though we may look like we do. We don’t! But we try. We’re mothers of course.

15 White Lies I’ve Told My Kids

  1. You don’t like chocolate, remember??
  2. Dad knows, he’s smarter than me. Go ask him
  3. Dads more fun than me, go ask him!
  4. It’s chicken my love, I swear.
  5. It’s closed, it’s Sunday! NO one works Sundays!
  6. I’ll be right back. Just give me a second….
  7. I don’t know how to work the xbox, go ask your dad….
  8. Pulling into the McDonalds drive thru..”We’re not coming back for a very long time!” Next day, pulls into McDonalds drive thru…
  9. The tooth fairy will be back tonight, I swear she probably got stuck doing to many pick ups!
  10. We weren’t talking about you hunny, I promise.
  11. Yup, you totally beat me again. Insert eye roll…
  12. It has caffeine in it!
  13. Beer will give you chest hairs, don’t drink it.
  14. If you colour your belly to many times with permeant marker, it will stay there FOREVER.
  15. Don’t worry I’ll remember tomorrow.

Recently, I read an article on why you shouldn’t tell your kids white lies, it talked about undermining their trust. I totally understand that and agree to a point, but I also think that as parents sometimes it’s something to do to protect them or to help them be a child a little longer. We are all just trying to figure out the right and wrong answers to everything in the world and especially as parents. There is no manual and no way to honestly guide our way through this. It almost feels like a tradition, my mother did it to me, I do it to mine and I’m sure they will do it to their own children one day… it’s the way it goes for parenting sanity!

Photography By Posie and Pine


Keisha lynne, xx


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