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Disclosure: I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with Philips Avent and I received Compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

When I first found out about the Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor, well my babies weren’t babies anymore. I’m really sad that I missed out on having this when they were because I’ve been using it for just a few weeks at home and realized how handy it is to have around. While I would love nothing more than to keep Ella a baby forever I’m realizing more and more each day that I can’t control that and her independence. It’s such a fun thing to experience and watching her blossom into a beautiful little girl. I’m finding that the Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor is becoming more and more useful in our home.  I have found ways to get the most out of it. I only wish that I had it sooner! Having an item that can walk you through infant to toddler years is probably one of the best investments you can make as a parent and just makes life easier!

Since January 2018 I started to work from home, I found that I had to quickly come up with a routine and make it work for both Ella and I. I find that the fist couple of hours of the day miss Ella likes to entertain herself just a little bit by playing in her room. So her room and my office are on separate levels. I put together our Avent Baby Monitor in her room and I can easily watch her without any fuss while I putter in my office getting some work done. In the beginning I felt total guilt for doing this but I soon realized that her creating this independence was good for her and you know what… She loved it!

Us moms just know that a quiet child is never a good sign I can make sure of it by watching her, through this video and hear what she’s up to! I’m really happy with how convenient and handy our monitor is.

Some really great features include…

  • Indoor and outdoor mode
  • High resolution screen
  • Private and secure connection
  • Clear sound and clear screen
  • Comforting night light and lullabies
  • Sound activated light that indicates when baby makes noises
  • Eco mode for battery power
  • Volume and brightness controls
  • Buttons for back talk features
  • Can be wall mounted or sitting on a flat surface
  • Clip on you and walk around!

It’s literally the easiest thing to set up and use, and it’s a lot of fun to have around the house. Even though our space isn’t huge we do have a lot of stairs and it saves us a lot of headaches and stress knowing that we can look down at the screen and see them peacefully sleeping or playing in their room. It secures all connection with your child at all times day or night. Even though Ella is a little older we’re still enjoying the perks and some quiet stress free time.

I could totally relate as well as a new mom and I just remember my hormones and how insane I was about my new baby sleeping at night. I remember waking up every hour just to check on them even though they were soundly sleeping. This would have saved me countless of hours just having the monitor by my bed instead of waking up and interrupting my precious sleep. It doesn’t matter how close or far away they are from you, you always worry and having the Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor will help you worry just a little less. Now that’s worth it right there!!

Below is your chance to WIN some of your own Philips Avent Goodies!! Enter to win and good luck mamas! xoxo


Philips Avent April Giveaway


  1. I was hoping to skip the baby monitor this time around but I’d love to be able to go to the basement and workout while he naps and I wouldn’t be able to hear him so now I’m thinking I do need one. The last time around the one we got died on us in a few months but this one looks a little more robust!

  2. Great that it has an outdoor mode. When I take our current monitor outdoors, you can’t see anything on the video screen at all.

  3. I love the Advent products and didn’t know they had a monitor, even if I don’t win I will definitely look into this monitor

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